Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hello! And welcome to the Jubilee Furniture blog where just about every Thursday I show you SOME of our current inventory in the hopes you spy something that makes you take the time to come see it in person (though unless you arrive right when we open on Thursdays at 10 am there's no guarantee it will still be available. Furniture moves FAST at Jubilee!).

I have a lot to show you so let's begin!

this Room & Board four piece sectional can either have one long section of seating on the left side (as shown) or on the right! Either way it's almost 11' of sofa! There is some fading along the top of the back cushions and the back support frame. I can't find this exact configuration but it looks like it's part of their Harding collection and a three piece sectional retails for $3,597. Our price is $895!

gorgeous side chair for $155 

very nice glass and metal coffee table for $40


two identical Walter E. Smithe sofas - both in absolutely excellent condition! 
Lovely gold-ish color! Priced $325 each 

muted green wingback chair for $45. Some fraying on one arm and several spots on the other arm that need to be cleaned - otherwise a very nice chair

sofa by Design House America - in good condition - priced $95

Crate & Barrel oversize chair and ottoman - pretty worn on arms - priced $55 for set 

so sweet dressing table with mirror and small bench (still has stretch wrap around it 
from the guys moving it). Priced 125

the tag says this is an antique display case and it's really cool! Priced $95

wonderful antique secretary for $150

lighted two piece fantastic china cabinet! So pretty with the etched glass doors! Priced $350 

gorgeous Lane one piece china cabinet! Really beautiful (not sure what type of wood). 
Clean this puppy up and it'll be stunning! Priced $295

retro rolling cart - has some rust and imperfections - not sure how well the tray pieces will clean up (but you should be able to remove the little bit of rust on the metal pieces). Priced only $12!

wonderful black TV stand with lots of storage! Pretty piece! Priced $65

I swear I took a photo of the front of this three drawer pine dresser. I love the clean, simple lines and the different colors of the wood. Instead of hardware each drawer has two holes to use for opening them! Very unusual! Priced $45

lovely older (antique?) four drawer dresser for $85

 with a "floating" glass top - these three pieces are contemporary and a little different! There's a long low dresser with two mirrors (folded together behind the dresser in the third photo) for $65; smaller two drawer dresser (nightstand?) for $25; taller chest of drawers for $75. 
All in good condition

these two Mahogany Association, Inc. pieces are genuine mahogany! Both are in very good condition. The taller chest of drawers is priced $125. Lower dresser is $95. Really beautiful pieces!


really fun painted dresser priced $50 (there's one knob missing)

have a futon mattress but no frame? Here's a low sitting wooden futon frame priced $15! Wow! 

there are five of these Lazboy corner pieces! Priced $45 each and all are in excellent condition (I love the gray/blue color/pattern of the fabric!). Buy two and create a loveseat (as shown). Three will make a short "L" sectional! Four pushed together would be a wonderful "fort" only accessible by jumping over the back! Haha! Love all the different options! 

this is a GORGEOUS walnut library table (that's what the donor called it a "library table") - 
priced $125

these two Early American style pieces are in excellent condition. The blue plaid fabric is classic! The sofa is priced $35 and the loveseat $25 (and there's an extra seat cushion with the loveseat)  

lovely corner storage piece. One side is pretty scratched up. Priced $65

two piece glass and wood cabinet - in good condition - priced $85

Ethan Allen sleeper sofa in absolutely pristine condition! Seriously, it's amazing and 
looks like it was never used! Priced only $45! 

had your eye on a piece of artwork but it was out of your budget? Hopefully, 
50% off will bring it within reach! Gotta love a sale like this! 

I must run, dear reader! I hope you're staying cool! Take care! 


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