Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, June 23, 2016

I'll warn you upfront there is MUCH EXCLAIMING and LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS in today's post! It was one of those weeks where everywhere I looked I saw something cool and unusual and fun and fabulous! AND I WANTED TO BUY ALL OF THE THINGS! Since I don't have either the room or the money - I'll have to live vicariously through YOU! Haha!

I can't WAIT to show you - so let's go!

absolutely GORGEOUS curved Drexel Heritage sofa - LOVE the stripes with floral! Priced $245

wonderful desk with leather inserts on top - in good condition - priced $95. Chair shown is $8

there's something about this chunky looking oval coffee table that I find really appealing! Priced $125 and it's in very good condition!

SUPER AMAZING Hoosier cabinet from the 1920's! In very good condition! Priced $425

at first glance - this Rowe sofa looked pristine! But then I noticed some fading? Dirt? There's discoloration along the front of the sofa and the front of the two seat cushions. Not sure 
if it's from sun - but if so, not much you can do about it (so be aware). 
Otherwise, looked to be in excellent condition. 
Priced $175

sweet small tufted loveseat - I noticed one stain and there's general wear - priced $45 (the bottom netting material is hanging down and you can see it - if you look closely - in both photos. FYI) 

OH MY! I am madly in love with this retro set! I took the first photo and then thought the arm cover detracted from the look so removed it (there are two for the sofa but the other one had fallen off) and took the second photo. There's some - very minor - smudging along the top (dirty isn't the right word but the upholstery is SLIGHTLY darker along the top where folks would have put their arm while sitting on the sofa) but otherwise both these pieces are GORGEOUS! Seriously amazing. The wood trim is a rich fabulous color and they're classic, beautiful pieces. ANYWAY - the sofa is priced $175 and the chair is $95. These two will not last the morning! 

lovely Pennsylvania House drop leaf coffee table for $80

really pretty glass and metal desk (glass has THREE bevels!) and matching chair. 
$195 for both pieces!

such a cool old chair! Some of the trim is broken and the upholstery needs to be 
cleaned (or replaced) - but with a $65 price tag it's worth it! 


 this Bernhardt dining set is truly beautiful! There's the table with two leaves and six chairs - priced $265; two piece, lighted china cabinet for $245; rolling buffet (top opens and there's a heat resistance surface for setting hot dishes on it without fear of scorching the top) for $135 (sorry for the poor photos - I haven't figured out how to compensate for the glare from the window)


words are going to fail me here - one piece waterfall hutch probably from the 1940's. At first I thought there were rubber-bands around the two knobs on the bottom doors - but they're brass details that are stunning! Really a gorgeous piece! Priced $345

this gold wingback chair looks brand new! Seriously, it doesn't look like it was ever sat on! 
Priced $145 

stunning oval two tiered coffee table (on wheels) - priced $135

sweet ladies' chairs priced $75 each (I think there was a spot or two - but overall in good condition)

It's interesting how your taste changes over time. I would have thought this oval, gold coffee table (with glass top) too "showy" at one time but I'm now drawn to pieces like this! It's in excellent condition and priced ONLY $65

two piece antique dresser with mirror for $185

I've shown you these Bassett yellow chairs before - but they're now marked down 
25% to $131.25 each (from $175). They're in MINT condition and the color is 
GUARANTEED to make you smile every time you look at 'em!  

this loveseat and matching sofa are covered in the coolest material. I'd describe it as "towel" but MUCH SOFTER. I'm sure there's a better name for it - but it's super soft and 
very comfortable. Some wear but the fabric actually hides it well. 
The loveseat is $245 and the sofa $295 and they're from Arhaus 

excellent condition Room & Board chair and ottoman for $175

contemporary looking, round frosted glass and chrome coffee table for $85 

nice pine top table with three chairs (dark green is the color of parts of the table and chairs) - in okay condition (could use a good cleaning and pine is a soft wood so shows scratches easily) - 
priced $65 for the set

Pearson brand floral loveseat in very good condition for $55

very fun lime green velvet loveseat - everything could use some "adjusting" but overall 
in pretty good condition - priced $45

unusual round table with four chairs - from a Canadian company - Master Design Furniture - looks in good condition - though as with a lot of our pieces, could use a cleaning. Priced $115

sweetest painted child's rocker EVER - priced $35

and then here's the sweetest child's slipper chair for $45 (looks in perfect condition!)

large pine top (remember pine's a soft wood and shows scratches and marks easily) with two drawers on one side and one on the other - priced $65

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these chunky, turquoise colored chairs with rush seats! The finish is not perfect and there's wear on the rush seats - but COME ON AREN'T THEY AMAZING? Why yes, Susan, they are. Thank you. Priced $85 for all four 

like some of the best pieces of furniture - they look classy and refined on the outside but are a party just waiting to happen inside! This rolling bar is priced $85 and in good condition


fantastic twin bed supported on each end by drawers and shelves with a ladder that has more drawers under each step! Includes bunky board and looks to be in excellent condition (two of the drawers - I think - are in the wrong spot and need to be changed up). 
Priced $395 and purchased in 2011 from My Kids Space in Chicago

then here's a twin over twin bunk-bed set that's also in very good condition and include one bunky board, a set of slats (which means you don't need a box spring or bunky board), a ladder 
and two guard rails - all for $165


and finally here's a twin bed supported on one end by a dresser and shelves and the other by a desk (the bed is NOT sitting properly on the two support pieces - FYI). There's also a ladder, a desk chair and bed slats. Painted a great dark blue and in good condition. The price is $145 and apparently there's no hardware included

antique oak chest of drawers for $65 

I spied this Asian looking low to the ground table with an even lower to the ground bench as I was walking to the back to turn out the lights. It has an old brass Carson's label on it and I'm not sure who'd sit on a bench that's only about 3" off the floor but I thought about buying it for my 20 month old great niece and great nephew (but then as I was touching it I got a splinter and changed my mind). In addition to be incredible it's priced only $25 for both pieces!

and the final thing I saw as I was walking to the back is this super sweet little desk and it's priced $8 and there's no way I couldn't NOT take a photo so someone could buy it immediately!  

and then as if I haven't shown you enough amazing furniture at absolutely fabulous prices - we continue our 50% off artwork sale through this weekend! 

Your socks still on, dear reader? You better check because they might have been KNOCKED OFF by today's post! Haha! 


Peggy said...

Socks TOTALLY knocked off by all the beautiful bargains you have at Jubilee! I will be stopping by for sure! Your loving sister, Peggy!

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