Friday, July 22, 2016

Please continue to stand by...until Thursday, July 28! Yikes!

Oh my goodness! A couple of weeks ago I uploaded some photos from my phone to my work computer so figured I'd be able to do so again this morning and could finally show you lots o'photos from the store. I was so positive this would work that I went to the store early to update my photos (delete what sold yesterday and take additional photos of "just picked up" furniture) and I'm now going through the VERY SAME THING that happened yesterday morning on my home computer!

All that to say - I'm so sorry! I've asked a number of people here in the office and no one seems to know what the problem is. My personal tech support (my son) will be home tonight and I promise he'll be able to get to the bottom of this - but not soon enough to make a difference for this week so I'm admitting defeat and letting you know there'll be no blog post this week. Again, I'm sorry!

Just a quick head's up for any Paul McCobb fans. We have an absolutely gorgeous Directional Contract Furniture Corp. N.Y. Paul McCobb desk (6' x 32") and credenza (6' x 20") that we're selling for $1,500 each or BUY BOTH FOR $2,500 (and save $500 - you're welcome that I did the math for you! haha!). Neither piece is pristine but both are in very good condition. Original hardware (all nice and patina-ed!). I opened one of the desk drawers and then couldn't close it all the way but that might be because there was some junk trapped behind blocking it. The credenza has these cool roll top pieces that roll back (they're on the top of the credenza - so you drop file folders into this opening) and reveal two spots for folders and then an opening in the middle so you can pull a desk chair up and use it as another writing/working space. One small section of decorative trim on the front of the desk has cracked off and is missing. 

Again, I'm so sorry. 

I'll leave you with this photo of someone who could be me looking a tab frustrated and very confused. Add some freckles and different glasses.