Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shortly after moving into our OWN BUILDING a little over two years ago - and recognizing the need to help a certain population of young adults who didn't go onto college or trade school gain employable skills - our Employment Opportunity Center was added to some existing services we were already providing. 

I'm sure you've seen these young adults at Jubilee Furniture. Crista - our store operations manager, our warehouse staff and our volunteers have all played a part in helping these students gain skills AND confidence both of which - hopefully - will continue to grow and develop after leaving our employment. 

These individuals are also a very visible reminder of how shopping at Jubilee Furniture is helping those most in need in DuPage County. It also means we have become a learning site where people are...learning! Learning to move furniture, interact with customers, load pieces into a customer's vehicle is a bit trail and error and so mistakes will happen. It's part of learning. 

In order to reduce the number of mistakes - we've implemented a new furniture loading policy that puts the responsibility on you the customer to be involved in the loading of whatever you've purchased. Jubilee Furniture will certainly assist - upon request - but we will no longer be responsible for anything damaged as it's being loaded into your vehicle. We also don't recommend securing items to the roof of your car. 

So, where does that leave you? 
  • Jubilee Furniture offers curbside delivery - for a fee based on distance from the store and number/weight of items being delivered 
Or rent a truck from any of the following (we aren't endorsing these retailers - just providing information which we hope is helpful to our customers):
  • 1.5 miles from the store is a Menards 
    • phone: 630.545.2247 address: 521 North Ave., Glendale Heights 60139
  • 2 miles from the store is a Home Depot 
    • phone: 630.462.8607 address: 475 S. Schmale Rd., Carol Stream 60188
  • 2.8 miles from the store is a U Haul 
    • phone: 630.871.1205 address: 26W415 St. Charles Rd., Carol Stream 60188
Trust me - you're going to need this information because we have some STELLAR pieces you're gonna want to buy! Let's take a look! 

though this Walter E. Smithe leather sofa is somewhat faded and a little worn - it's the perfect amount of faded and worn! Amazingly comfortable and truly beautiful! Priced $295

gorgeous metal base and wood top Walter E. Smithe coffee table in excellent condition for $155

this SmitheCraft small sofa has a secret - there's a lever you access that's between the seat cushion and the arm (on both sides) that causes a footrest to pop up when pulled! The back of the sofa DOES NOT recline - just the footrest comes up. As someone who ALWAYS wants to put my feet up - 
this is heavenly! Sofa is in excellent condition too! Priced $355 
just to give you some idea what the original price might have been on this piece)

FABULOUS ornate mirror for $125

beautiful made in France end table with lots of storage and in very good condition for $75

very good condition retro floral sofa for $75

Crate & Barrel slipper chair - one or two spots that need cleaning - for $95

gorgeous Riverside brand two drawer coffee table in excellent condition 
(drawers open on just the one side) for $95

man alive - this is a GORGEOUS TWO PIECE (bottom piece with the three drawers is one piece and then the large hutch/cabinet a second piece) Walter E. Smithe massive storage unit! The shelves are all adjustable and the piece measures 5'7" tall and 6'4" across and it's that lovely distressed, antiqued look that, I think, works well with lots of different styles! One of the small round pulls on one of the bottom drawers is missing. And did you notice the "secret" side storage? Those shelves are also adjustable and measure a mere 3" deep. I actually think this piece would be an incredible pantry (can't you see spices lined up on the narrow shelves on the side?). 
Truly lovely (and big!). Priced only $275!

two matching lovely floral wingback chairs - all arms are a little frayed 
but otherwise in very good condition. Priced $55 each

I'm so tempted to buy this mustard color retro chair that's priced only $35! It's in great condition and such a lovely color (if you like muted mustard color! ha!)

this Hekman square display coffee table has a locking top drawer so once you filled it with all the cool things you could fill it with - you can lock the drawer so no harm coming to your special pieces! Then there's a second large drawer for ample storage! In excellent condition and the drawers pull out on either side (though the locking mechanism is only on one side and can you see the key taped to the black velvet display drawer? Second photo). Priced $165

this faux stone coffee table has a top that swivels to give more space to set a drink 
down on when needed! In good condition and priced $55

I feel like this week we received several pieces that have sort of a secret "second identity"! This lovely smoked glass metal table measures a nice 5' x 3'4" normally but then there's a second "top" that pulls out and up and suddenly you have room for every single relative including 
Great Aunt Susan (that's me - I'm a great aunt and I LOVE IT!)! 
Fully extended the table measures a whooping 10' x 3'4"! Priced $145

beautiful Merisier brand black stained table (5' x 3'2") with one leaf (18") - note scratch in second photo (looks like someone used a black marker to cover the scratch) - 
otherwise really a gorgeous table! Priced $225

and surrounding the Merisier table are six McCreary parson's chairs - two with arms - 
which are priced $295 for all six and come with lovely set of slipcovers 
(one chair is sporting the slipcover in the first photo)

now you see a writing surface - now you don't! Lovely dresser with a drop down 
writing desk in very good condition and priced only $65! Wood tones are fairly orange-ish (fyi)

very cool dining set from 1968! The table is a double pedestal with three leaves, six chairs and table pads and is priced $195 (and in fairly good condition). The table top LOOKS shiny like it's laminate but it's wood. Matching ONE PIECE china cabinet is $165 and in excellent condition

Stanley brand chest of drawers for $125 and matching dresser (no mirror) for $75. 
Both in very good condition

two beautiful Ethan Allen pieces - the armoire is priced $165 and the 
matching dresser with TWO mirrors is $95

really cool antique chest of drawers for $115

this GORGEOUS Henkel-Harris  armoire is made from wild black cherry and was inspected by employee #141! Two of the drawers are lined with felt to protect your watches and jewelry (so cool and FANCY!). I can reach the top of the piece but it's tall (over 6'). It's ONE piece and there is a ding on one back corner part (last photo). Otherwise, truly amazing and priced only $195!

here's another "now you see it/now you don't" dresser with a drop down writing surface. This time in pine and a little more "loved". Also missing one knob. Priced only $55

really beautiful queen size four poster/canopy white wood bed in 
very good condition and priced $185

okay - here's the deal of the day (in my humble opinion). This is a solid wood king size headboard, footboard and side rails - massive and heavy - priced only $45!!!! Here's why I think it's priced so low. See the blurry photo of a bag of something? That bag contains several trim pieces that have come off the bed. In my last photo, can you see where the bottom leg of the footboard is missing trim? SEEMS like an easy fix (but maybe I'm wrong?). 

lovely Thomasville dresser with mirror - some small damage to dresser top - priced $125

I love, love, love this art deco table (measures 2'9" x 3'10 1/2") with two leaves 
(leaves measure 8" each) and four chairs! Priced $165

I'm not sure why anyone would want to paint over this gorgeous three drawer French commode - but partway through they came to their senses! Still has a lots of value and is priced $145 
(was priced $450 in a consignment shop)

Thanks - as always - for stopping by, dear reader! Blessings and grace to you!


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