Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hello! As seems to be the case this summer, I'm juggling more than just my "normal" job and so will dispense with any long intro and get right to the good stuff! What follows are photos of SOME OF OUR CURRENT INVENTORY. Yes, you read that correctly - there's LOTS MORE THAN WHAT I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU HERE.

Okay, I'll stop shouting at you. Let's - quietly - get started:

I've just spent too long trying to find out what organization /church this piece would have originally come from (one of our volunteers wondered about the Masons - good guess - but incorrect) and I've come up empty. It's a VERY beautiful piece that could be used in many different ways - my personal favorite would be as a kitchen island just finish off the interior with shelves. It measures 5'11" long x 21 1/4" deep x 3'9 1/2" high. There's an interesting square of wood pieces in the center (was a hole covered?). Definitely a conversation starter! Priced $495

pristine Wesley Hall chair - truly gorgeous! Priced $225

this is a very nice tan corduroy swivel/rocker priced $85

excellent condition Mission style solid wood end table for $75

lovely pine dining table - measures 6' x 3'. As a soft wood pine does scratch a little more easily than other woods and there are some scratches on the table top - but it's a really attractive piece. Priced $195. Six rush seat chairs - all in good condition - priced $175 for all six

Plunkett brand sofa in very good condition for $345; 
two matching side chairs in excellent condition priced $225 each

this Sam Moore Furniture (a Lazboy company) square ottoman measures 3'3" x 3'3" and the top upholstery needs to be cleaned (though the deep purple/burgundy color hides stains fairly well) - otherwise really a beautiful piece! Priced $225

set of three nesting tables - beautiful inlaid wood design on each - priced $125 for the set

I THINK this retro J. L. Chase faux leather chair and ottoman would clean up really well with some Fantastic spray or 409 cleaner (that type of product) and if I'd had more time 
I would have tried myself - but it's really cool! Some minor wear but no rips 
(that I could see). Priced $125 for both pieces

black painted coffee table with fantastic marble top - priced $95

lovely Thomasville oval dining table with two leaves and six chairs  - in very good condition - 
priced $275; matching buffet in excellent condition for $135

put a little work into cleaning up this buffet (note stains on the top surface) and you'll have a stunning piece that you could use for your flat screen TV, in your dining room, even as a dresser in your bedroom. SOME MANY OPTIONS! Classic lines. Simple hardware. 
There's an adjustable shelf behind each of the doors. 
Priced ONLY $95! 

lovely corner chair for $75

round (in case you couldn't tell - ha!) pedestal side table in good condition for $75

Okay - I'm going to gush a bit here (but what else is new!). This Room & Board sofa (measures 7'5") is gorgeous and truly looks brand new. I can't find this exact sofa on their website - 
but this custom one is - somewhat - close and retails for $1,799. 

beautiful two door, lighted curio cabinet with two drawers inside. Lovely and priced only $125

man alive! These Viewpoint Leather Works chairs are SUPER COMFORTABLE and though, yes worn, have the worn/distressed we-just-keep-getting-better-and-better look to 'em (in my opinion!). One is priced $155 (the one on the left in the photo of the two chairs 
together because it's a bit more "loved") and the other $195

red "antiqued" drop down writing desk (tape "handles" were added so you can easily open the writing part). Retro Disney character shelf paper included (ha!). Priced $90

GORGEOUS Chalon brand bow-front cabinet! Measures 7'10 1/2" tall and has that beautiful distressed look to it. Selling here for $1,199. Our price? ONLY $125

so pretty - another corner piece - this time a lighted curio cabinet. Alas one of the mirrors on the side was broken in transient (these things happen). Measures 6'10" tall and is priced $145

two matching black lacquer chairs - both in excellent condition - priced $95 each

three drawer black with gold trim chest with mirrored top - priced $155 and in excellent condition

two very nice matching muted red/burgundy wingback chairs - priced $55 each

this is a WAY COOL bookcase! It's four pieces and is adjustable! See the two rectangular boxes? They are separate pieces and you can pull the two taller shelving piece further out (well, not TOO far apart or the two boxes would have nothing supporting them) or closer together (or eliminate the two boxes entirely!). Priced $95 and there is a hole in one of the boxes - probably had a cord running through it for a stereo at one time

have you always wished for your own bar area? Well wish NO MORE! This three piece unit can handle just about anything you throw at it! Seriously. There's a wine rack, a place to hang your wine glasses and enough storage for everything else too! All three pieces have lights galore! It looks like the bottom middle section was designed to hold a TV - but that would be a tab low and it couldn't have been a very big TV (but - really - what do I know?). Oh, and here's another thing - the bar piece can be removed! It would make for a fairly large empty space so I'm not sure why you'd want to remove it - but it's a separate piece (fyi). Priced $425 for the three pieces and it truly is gorgeous (maple - would be my guess as to what wood it is)

again, I wish I had more time to find out who manufactured this cool retro wooden rolling kitchen piece - but I don't (anyone recognize the brand symbol?). Needs some cleaning up - but I love the knife holder (on the side) and the fact it's solid wood. Nice. Priced $55

speaking of retro - here are six dining chairs probably from the 1960s - 
two with arms, four without! In good condition. Priced $125 for all six

very nice Morgan Stewart burgundy leather sofa for $395

five drawer chest in very good condition - priced $185

someone quickly buy this super sweet cradle before I do (and I DO NOT NEED A CRADLE!). But it's so fun and swings well and seems really well made and has such clean lines AND IT'S ONLY $25! Now you want to buy it too, right? I KNOW! 

So grateful for you, dear reader, stopping by! Thank you! 


Peggy said...

That IS a super sweet cradle - but alas - I don't need one either!? But a STEAL at $25!

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Hi I just started my blog and published my first post. These are really awesome tips. Thanks!