Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by the Jubilee Furniture blog where every Thursday I show you some of our current inventory. It should be noted I don't update any of my previous posts once something sells because I don't have time and this blogging platform doesn't make it easy to do. Sorry! That said, old posts give you an idea of what we've received for donation previously as well as our pricing.

So, let's take a look at some of our "new" inventory! 

two identical Clayton Marcus chairs - both in good condition though one has a few dark marks on the back (third photo) and the other has a small separation along the back top seam (fourth photo). Otherwise look great! Priced $175 each

square Stanley brand glass insert coffee table in excellent condition priced $95

gorgeous leather/pleather (I think parts of this chair are covered in real leather - seat cushion, back cushion and arms, while the rest is covered in a matching pleather - but I could be wrong) 
in excellent condition. Priced $225

donor told me this Asian style dining set retailed for $8,000! It's absolutely stunning! Table measures 7'6" long and 3'8" wide and there are six chairs with it (two with arms). Currently the two armchairs have different seat cushions than the other four (different but complimentary) but there are two addition matching cushions if you wanted to change them. We're selling the set for $1,295. It should be noted the dining surface is a bit higher than some - measures 33" from the ground to the table top which felt a little high for me (I'm 5'5")

lovely Stanley brand dining table with two leaves and six chairs for $345 and in 
excellent condition. Dining surface is 30" from floor to top - if you want to 
compare the height of this one to the Asian table 

clean lines, top surface PLUS shelf, tapered legs - what's NOT to love with this sofa table?! 
Priced $125

GORGEOUS Asian style cabinet! Beautiful piece! Lots of storage! There's a "trap door" inside where you can access additional storage in the bottom of the piece! The piece that's taped in the 
one photo fits through the hardware on the front of the door to keep it "locked" 
(the doors stay closed without it so that's not the point). Priced $385

oval table with one leaf and six chairs (none with arms) in very good condition. Priced $275. Since I was on a roll measuring table heights - for the record - this one comes in at 29 1/2" from floor to dining surface! Interesting that all three of these tables are different heights!

it doesn't look like IKEA sells this rounded coffee table any longer - but it's in good condition and is such an interesting and attractive combination of curves and hard, straight lines of the chrome legs! Priced $75

two matching Harden brand velvet side chairs - both in good condition - priced $75 each

these two Pier 1 Import chairs were used to stage a model home (so, in other words NOT used at all!). Like new condition and priced $245 each (here's a similar chair - but not as attractive as ours 
[in my opinion] that's priced $299 - so ours are $50 off retail price EACH!)

really beautiful black plaid sofa in excellent condition for $225

matching Stanley brand end tables - one has a scratch on the top and is priced $35 
while the other one (no blemishes) is $45

beautiful Broyhill floral sofa in excellent condition for $145. 
Matching chair and ottoman - in good condition - for $65

I love, love, love this pine table! Measures 5' x 3' and there's a note that something's been 
repaired but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what! It's rock solid and though the 
top wood pieces aren't perfectly level 
- it's perfectly IMPERFECT! Haha! Priced $125

I absolutely love the different patterns on these Hickory Hill pieces! There's some wear and fading but overall in good condition. The prices (going in order of photos) are: sofa for $45; larger wingback chair (note cool pleat in back!) for $35; smaller arm chair for $35; two additional sofas both are $45 each and round, tufted ottoman for $25 (top needs to be cleaned)

though you'll have to get creative on how you fill/replace the missing cushions on this 
Room & Board leather two way sofa/double chaise - it's worth the effort (the four pillows - two at each end - is my attempt)! Priced $325 and the leather is butter soft and beautiful! 

It's hard to believe the summer is winding down - but it is! Most of our outdoor furniture is now priced super low! AND there's still plenty of time to spruce 'em up and enjoy before the snow flies! Haha! 

two person loveseat for $15

there are two of these side tables and they're priced $3 each

two chairs - priced $12 each 

I swear I saw a $3 or $4 price tag on this amazing metal chair (unscrew a connector in the last photo and the back folds down for easy storage) earlier this week but it seems to have disappeared! I've racked my brain trying to justify buying it for my patio - but I simply do not have room. So sad

chaise for $15; side table for $3

round patio table with four chairs for $15

patio table and four chairs for $40

It started raining last night as I was taking these photos but I really wanted you to see these pieces because I thought you'd be interested and because you're important to me - so I got wet. I'm not looking for any thanks (okay, maybe a little) - I just wanted you to know that's how much I care! Ha! 

See you next week, dear reader! Until then - take care! 


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