Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 25, 2016


Before I show you the most recent photos I took last night of SOME of our amazing inventory, I wanted to let you know about a part-time opening at the store (I figured if you like shopping here you might like working here!). Here's the link to the job description for the Assistant Store Manager position we're currently hiring for. If interested, there's an "apply now" button at the bottom of the listing.

Okay! Let's take a look at some of  our current inventory and - I gotta tell you - there are some very cool, very shiny, very unusual pieces this week!

two identical Baker Furniture side chairs - both in excellent condition - priced $325 each 

fun storage trunk side table in good condition for $85

Have I shown you this wood coffee table before? If so, I apologize but I LOVE the shape of the legs and the whole thing is just so attractive! PLUS it's priced only $55! 

simple lines, dark stain, lots of room for storage! All wins in my book! Priced $345

based on the tag on this Airline Chairside Radio (model #84KR2510) it needs repairs. It could also use refinishing. But isn't it the coolest thing you've ever seen?! Oh my. Priced $195

and then look at this beauty! Grecian woman floor lamp circa 1950 and she's FABULOUS! 
Priced $395

two gorgeous Lane brand tables - large lower square coffee table is priced $195; higher, smaller square end table is $85 - both are in excellent condition

two identical Lane brand leather sofas - both amazing though some wear on the leather (the good kind of wear) priced $175 each; coffee table for $125; push-back recliner (so there are no levers, you simply push back to recline) for $85 (and it's has the most wear of the three pieces)

stunning (and you know I rarely use that word) Ethan Allen sofa in excellent condition for $285

brown micro-fiber (which, to me, is softer than micro-suede) Z Gallery sofa in good condition (some spot cleaning needed) for $265. Cool wood and wrought iron coffee table for $85; 
matching end table for $55 and both are in very good condition

two identical Henredon three drawer chests - I LOVE the lines of these two pieces! There's some minor damage to the top of one of them (see last photo) and so that one is priced $195. 
The other one is pristine and it's priced $225

gorgeous blue velvet Ethan Allen chair in excellent  condition for $225

two matching Flexsteel chairs - one looks great and is priced $75. The other one is pretty beat up (rips and you can see a stain where someone's head rested) and it's only $45

lots of glam this week in our donations! Here are mirrored stands which are priced as follows: the shortest one is $45; next taller is $55 and then the two tallest are priced $65 each. The mirrored entry table (though could be used in so many different ways) is mirrored on all sides and has this cool gradual "step down" to the glass and is priced $265

lovely Thomasville two piece hutch is missing one shelf and so is priced only $55 (truth be told you could ditch the top piece and then would have a fabulous buffet for an amazing price! Please don't ask us to dispose of the top part if you do this though. Our garbage bill is astronomical!)

if this shabby chic look is going out of style - please don't tell me because I still LOVE it! GORGEOUS three drawer dresser and mirror - my guess it's painted in a creamy white chalk paint and then distressed. What's interesting to me is the hardware was also painted and I really like it! Priced $265

this nine drawer dresser has two burn marks on the top (I took a photo of the larger of the two) but otherwise is in very good condition. The pieces does NOT smell of cigarette smoke (and that's one of my screening questions anyway) so my guess is the marks are from a lit candle 
(they're lucky they didn't burn the house down!). Priced $125

six drawer dresser - also in very good condition and no burn marks (haha!) - priced $65

these two solid cherry pieces are from Kenlea Crafts Inc. and both are in excellent condition! The taller chest of drawers is priced $195; matching low dresser is $165 (there are support brackets for a mirror but it doesn't mention a mirror on the price tag so not sure if the donor kept the mirror or what - but I'd ask someone to double check if I were purchasing this piece)

the marble insert on the top of this piece provides an excellent surface to set hot dishes so though it doesn't look like a lot of traditional buffets - I'd probably use it in a dining room. 
In excellent condition and priced $195

these two Bradington Young (a division of Hooker Furniture) push-back recliners retail - on sale - for $2,140! They're both that lovely distressed, worn look and our price is $75 each

wonderful wood desk for $55

another great smaller wood desk this time for $75

I admit I REALLY like this unusual "boomerang" table! It comes in two piece (top is separate from the base). I'm not sure what material it's made of but I think it's a faux marble. Some wear on the sides (I think it might have been pushed up against a wall in a corner of a room - I'm doing a lot of guessing this week - aren't I!). Priced only $55! 

swan figurine for $15

two matching pink sculpture lamps on pedestal bases. If I'd had time I would have plugged one of them in because I bet they give off the loveliest pinkish glow (see? Again with the guessing!). The lamps are priced $30 each AND INCLUDE THE PEDESTAL!

if you only have a wee little space but want to still host the occasional dinner party - then THIS TABLE IS FOR YOU! With the two drop leaves down it measures a mere 13" deep! Each gate-leg leaf (so there's a leg that opens out like a gate to support the leaf) is 17 1/2" long. So, with both leaves up you'd have a decent 4' long table! Priced ONLY $55! 
I totally forget to measure how wide this piece is! Yikes. Sorry.

nice brown micro-suede sofa - some minor wear - for $125

there are two of these Vanguard chairs - both have some fabric pulls that you could easily cut off and they shouldn't cause any problems. One of the chairs had a leg repaired (see second photo). The repaired leg chair is priced $35; the other chair is $45

this is an AMAZING sofa and is priced $185

and then we'll end with this absolutely gorgeous CEDAR LINED chest! It measures 6'3" long and is 18 1/2" deep and is 22" from floor to the top of the piece which actually is a little higher than is comfortable if you wanted to use it as a bench and then I discovered someone had added WHEELS (last photo) at one point which makes it higher than originally designed (but also super easy to move if you need to move it). All that to say, IF I WERE TO BUY this piece I'd remove the wheels (after refinishing the piece) and put it in some entry/mud room area where it would stay forever and it would offer amazing storage (though the top lid with the cedar is HEAVY so I don't think you'd want to be opening this all the time) AND a spot to take off or put on shoes/boots! LOVE IT! Priced $175

I hope you have a lovely weekend, dear reader!