Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello! And thanks for stopping by the Jubilee Furniture blog where each Thursday I show you some of our current inventory! However, I'm off next week and so there'll be no new post (yay for being off - boo for no blog post!).

That said, did you know Jubilee Furniture has a facebook page? We do! There are updates from our amazing customers (send us your before and after photos!) as well as photos of new-to-us merchandise and interesting links! We'd be much obliged if you'd "like" us and help spread the word about the store and then keep checking out what's new on our page!

What's new you ask? Haha! Excellent question! In addition to the following photos of some of our current inventory - today, tomorrow and Saturday you can purchase a piece of artwork or a lamp and get a second one of equal or lesser value for 50% OFF! Gotta love a sale ON TOP OF OUR ALREADY MUCH LOWER THAN RETAIL PRICES!

Okay - let's get started!

these two matching pieces LOOK like they're different color leather but aren't (darn windows!). Both are in good condition though both have kitty cat scratches in various places. 
Sofa is priced $95 and the chair and ottoman are also $95

this is a really nice dining set! The table is metal with a glass top and then the metal chairs have rush seats which warm up the whole look! In excellent condition and priced $225 for the set

really lovely Room & Board sofa - some minor wear - priced $265

perfect upholstered small bench with nail-head trim detail - priced $115

remember all the fun mirrored pieces I showed you last week (fyi - they all sold with the exception of the entry or sofa table with the "step down" design) well here are two more. Simple square side tables (though the two together would make a nice coffee table) but the mirrors give them some bling! They're both priced $95 each but there was a mishap and there's a small crack in one of them (can you see it in the last photo, right corner of the one closest?) and Crista said she'll be marking that one down (not sure to what price - but you can check with her)

this is a GORGEOUS Italian red leather chair and ottoman - very comfortable! 
Some nice wear that improves the look (IMHO). Priced $275

lovely bamboo and glass side table for $45

really beautiful pedestal table with one leaf and six chairs (two with arms). It LOOKS like a Thomasville - but I couldn't find a name anywhere (and I crawled under the table too!). I was actually under the table trying to figure out the two support legs (one on each end). I THINK they fold up when you're not using the leaf but provide extra support when the table is extended. The whole set is in excellent condition and priced $325

can you find the smaller of two brass plated and glass free standing shelving unit in my photos? The one I'm talking about is in the forefront of my first two photos and is one piece with an interesting shape and design and in very good condition. Priced $75

and then this one is actually THREE pieces - still has the Bassett Mirror Company tag on it (I love that!) and it's also in great condition and is priced $95 

this IKEA sofa retails for $499 and it's their Tidafors collection
Some minor wear and our price is $155

this textured black leather chair is in excellent condition and I love the contrasting white stitching! Priced $225

oh my goodness! It's like these two vintage swivel chairs were in a museum and roped off so no one could sit on them or touch 'em! They are PRISTINE! Truly, they're amazing! We're selling them for $225 each or buy both for $400 and save $50 bucks! Woot! 

wonderful oak buffet/cabinet from the Keepsakes collections from Pulaski Furniture! Priced $165

small wingback chairs - in good condition - priced $45 each and the ottoman is $10

wonderful Nichols & Stone rocker for $55

Thomasville buffet (would make an excellent stand for your flat-screen TV!) for $65. 
Top has some marks/scratches

one corner of this 9'2" long retro sofa has a tear and - overall - it could use a cleaning 
(though not too bad) but it's AMAZING! Also priced only $125

massive and gorgeous Pulaski Furniture two piece lighted china cabinet. Some minor scratches that should be easy to cover up with some wood stain - priced $795 and I'll 
show you the matching dining set later in this post

IF I needed a lamp or two (because I'd want to take advantage of the buy-one-half-off-the-second-of-equal-or-lesser-value) than I'd buy this one for sure! It's so fun with glass crystals and 
yet the drum shade gives it a tailored look! Like a mullet - you know - 
business in the front and a party in the back? Haha! Priced $70

and then look at this lamp! LOVE the black shade and the tole painting of vines and berries! 
Priced $30

two nice side chairs - some trim is missing from around each of the front legs (weird) 
and there is some wear on the chairs. Priced $55 each

very nice dining set (made in Thailand) there's the table with one leaf and four chairs for $245; matching two piece lighted china cabinet for $265 (I love the cubbies for wine storage)

as promised - here's this gorgeous dining set also by Pulaski Furniture! There's the table with two leaves and eights chairs (two with arms). The table measures 8'7" with both leaves in (and each leaf is 14" wide). Some minor nicks (again, should be an easy fix). There are bags to store the leaves in when not in use (you can see them on a couple of the chairs in these photos). Our price for all is $1,495 (obviously, that does not include the china cabinet which we're selling separately). I always like to justify higher prices like this by linking you to the original retail price - but I couldn't find this exact set. However, Wayfair (where you can find excellent brands at reduced prices) is selling a SIMILAR dining set by Pulaski Furniture for the following (and for the record I like our simpler set better than this one but it's the closest matching set I could find): set of two side chairs for $487.98 (x 3 = $1,463.94), two arm chairs for $559.98 and the table for $1,699.98 
for a grand total of...$3,723.39! 
Our price is a little more than HALF off the retail price! 

you know I LOVE benches! And this one is no exception! Measures 6'2" long and has a removable seat cushion. The legs intrigued me so I flipped her over to see what gives. Obviously, these are not the original legs and they're actually metal (look a little like plastic). Super sturdy! Priced $175

GORGEOUS Thomasville clothing armoire for $185; matching dresser (still on a dolly) with a triple, adjustable mirror for $185; nightstand for $125 - all looks to be in excellent condition 
(though I couldn't open drawers on the dresser or nightstand since they were 
fresh off the truck and still sporting their stretch-wrap - ha!)

two wonderful Little Folks dressers both in great condition! 
Four drawer dresser is priced $95; matching three drawer is $75

two identical Child Craft four drawer dressers - both in great condition! Can you see that there's something off about one of them? Drawers on the dresser to the right where put in in the wrong order (decorative drawer should be on the top - super easy fix!). Priced $155 each

if I were looking for a simple sofa I'd totally buy one or both of these! Both could use a cleaning but the sofa with arms is priced $25 and the armless one is $20 so cleaning 'em is totally doable! 
I predict these babies will not last long! 

Remember, dear reader - I'm off next week but I'll see you back here on the 15th! Take care! 


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