Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 15, 2016

You haven't seen this smiling face around our warehouse much this summer. John Wasp - our Warehouse Manager - injured his hand and needed surgery and physical therapy and was off work the last few months. He's been very much missed (and, thank you, for your patience as things often got backed up in the loading dock area!) but he's BACK! John works a Monday through Friday work week which allows both customers and donors to pickup/drop off at other times than just during store hours. That said, you do need to call John at 630.244.0751 if you wanted to pickup/drop off on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to make sure he's available (if picking up or dropping off during store hours you don't need to phone ahead). 

But what I really wanted to share is that John was not only busy healing/mending but he also got married while he was off! We're all thrilled for him and wish him and his wife every happiness! 

Another recent warehouse change is Gary Williams - who's worked on and off for Jubilee Furniture for the last two plus years has accepted a full time position with us doing a multitude of things (he's our wonderful delivery person, he'll work in the warehouse, he's our backup donation pickup driver - to name a few of the roles Gary's now responsible for). I believe with the return of John and adding Gary full time - Jubilee Furniture is now fully staffed! Phew!

I'll do a complete round-up of the Jubilee Furniture staff with photos soon - but for now let's take a look at some of our current inventory! 

these two Rowe sofas are in good condition - you just need to take some time and adjust each of the back cushions (the filler has shifted). Priced $95 each

gorgeous trunk from The Charles William Stores New York City! Inside top "tray" lifts out and there's open storage underneath. Amazing! Priced $165

lovely wicker chair (indoor or covered porch use only) for $55

these three pieces by Natale are made with Italian leather - there's some wear along the seams but overall each piece is in very good condition. The leather is black. The sofa is priced $395; 
loveseat $295 and the chair is $195

this is a GORGEOUS two piece sofa/chaise that measure 12' long! Made of a gray wool - the upholstery is actually removable (it's all velcroed underneath - you'd have to remove the legs to take the slipcover off). I couldn't find a manufacturer's name anywhere but I love it. Love the sleek legs. Love the gray wool upholstery. Love the clean lines. Priced $825. The square ottoman in front of this sofa has been reduced 25% from $225 to $168.75! 

this pine top coffee table measures 42" x 42" and has a beautiful wrought iron base and is in good condition. Priced $88 

leg from the gray wool sofa/chaise

leg from this sleeper sofa/chaise

this piece looks so much like the gray wool sofa/chaise I just showed you that I wondered if they were made by the same company - but I couldn't find a manufacturer's name on this one either (and the legs on the gray wool sofa/chaise are shiny and on this piece they're brushed - see last two photos). Anyway - this is a chaise and a sleeper sofa combo (two pieces). There's a small rip on one arm and there's pet hair on this piece and some pet odor. Otherwise a really neat color upholstery. This upholstery is NOT removable. Measures 9' 10" across. Priced $195. 
Have this professionally cleaned and you'd have an amazing piece! 

cool leather loveseat in excellent condition - priced $295

this Ethan Allen sofa is PRISTINE! Looks like no one ever sat on it! Truly a gem! Priced $545

so sweet loveseat in very good condition for $225

red checked wingback chair - also in good condition - for $65

neat side chair for $75

beautiful round pedestal coffee table for $95

lovely two drawer small chest with really interesting details! Priced $125

beautiful curio cabinet - great size and in excellent condition - for $145

have I shown you this heavy, metal coffee table with glass top before? If so, sorry! 
But it's so attractive that I'm truly drawn to it! Priced $95

sweet mission style oak desk for $125

fabulous lamp for $60

brushed corduroy sofa in good condition (some minor wear on arms) - great color - for $425

GORGEOUS oval glass retro coffee table for $295

this Home Element chair and ottoman are in excellent condition! I love the nail-head trim! 
Priced $125 for the set

lovely small tile top side table (plant stand? but I'd hate to cover up the tile!) with metal base for $24

and then we have Howard Duncan 13's lift top retro desk! It's AMAZING and would make an excellent standing desk with the top raised (well, I guess it would depending on how tall you are). Desk top is NOT metal (at least a magnet that's on the desk doesn't stick to the top - but does everywhere else). Truly a special piece. There's a release on the left side under the top to lower the top - but when engaged provides a very secure lift (does that make sense? When raised and locked this top isn't going to suddenly close on you is what I mean).  Priced $145

clean up and paint this smaller, wrought iron baker's rack and you'll have a really wonderful piece! There are hooks along the top to hang pots and space along the bottom for wine! 
It'll work hard for you and look nice while doing so! Priced $55

formic top square retro table measures 30" x 30" and is very fun! Priced $95

oh my goodness! We have TWO double desks - a single desk that offers drawers and a spot to pull up a desk chair on both sides! I don't think I've ever seen anything like these! And get this - they're priced ONLY $55 each! Both are identical and both are in very good condition. So, these two desks provide storage and a work surface for four people! The desks measure 6' 3" long by 3' 9 1/2" wide

WONDERFUL rattan furniture by Capris Furniture (located in sunny Florida!). The sofa is priced $175 and the matching loveseat is $125. Some wear on the upholstery

this Century sofa is gorgeous! Seriously, this piece is pristine! And don't you love the gray/yellow color combination?! I do! Priced $85

I love the clean lines of this loveseat - also in very good condition and priced $65

and then look at this crushed velvet orange sofa! The velvet is worn in many places but it's in remarkably good condition overall. Priced $45

solid wood square table (measures 3'4" x 3'4") in very good condition - priced $??? Shoot! I forgot to write it down! $95 would be my guess (but I could be wrong - sorry!). I DO know the four Nichols & Stone chairs are priced - as a set - for $195

absolutely lovely camel-back loveseat by Hickory Chair Co. in excellent condition - priced $155

beautiful six drawer dresser (no mirror) for $295

Franklin Shockey Co. made this sculptured pine six drawer 
retro chest that's in good condition and is priced $275

and then here's a nine drawer dresser by Nadeau (a Canadian company) which is in 
good condition and is priced $125

and then today, tomorrow and Saturday you'll find specially marked tables for ONLY $25! 

There's lots more in the store, dear reader, but I ran out of steam about the same time my phone ran out of battery! Haha! Blessings! 

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