Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 22, 2016

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by the Jubilee Furniture blog where each week I (Susan) provide photos, pricing and commentary on some of the furniture we currently have in our inventory.

Earlier this week I deleted all my posts prior to three months ago hoping to cut down on the number of calls about furniture that's long been sold. I apologize for any confusion (and frustration). I didn't delete every post - other than my current one - because I do think it's helpful for you to see the variety of our inventory (and our pricing) AND it's not like EVERYTHING from previous posts has sold! (Well, I'd bet everything from a post three months ago is gone - but I had to draw the line somewhere!)

Make sense? Good! Let's see what caught my eye this week:

now you see it - now you don't with this Asian inspired rolling bar! Open the doors and flip out the top and you have a nice size surface and plenty of storage. Once the party's over - close everything up and you have a gorgeous piece of furniture with lovely carvings! Priced $595

this Z Gallery THREE piece sofa/chaise is in good condition and a wonderful chocolate brown ultra-suede! Priced $375. Oak frame coffee table with smoked glass top is $55

fantastic Ethan Allen leather sofa - nicely "distressed" - priced $395

gorgeous table (both ends pull out for additional space) with six chairs (only one of the chairs has arms). Original seat upholstery covered in plastic so in pristine condition otherwise normal wear and tear on the wood parts of this set but it's really amazing! Priced $495

purple velvet RECLINER! Some minor wear and a spot or two - priced $145

Room & Board sofa in good condition. I can't find this sofa on their website so it's a style they don't seem to still carry but I love the bench seat cushion (needs less "adjusting"). The upholstery is also this really cool pattern (you can see a little of in the photo with tag). Priced $275 

two gorgeous, large Drexel end tables! I love the "X" base! One is priced $165 due to some scratches and the other is $175. These are really beautiful pieces of furniture! 

give this rattan table (with formica top) and four swivel chairs a good cleaning and 
you'll have a sweet set! Priced $125

and then here's the matching rattan bar! Same formica material on the bar surface that's on the table and there's a hanging shelf sitting on top of the bar in the first photo that's included 
in the price of $195! Again, clean this puppy up and it'll be fantastic!

it's always hard for me to determine what my favorite piece is each week - simply because there are so many (this is my favorite and then this is my MORE favorite!) - but this week it MIGHT be these two curved tan/gold Taylor King sofas! They're beautiful. Pristine condition. Gracious lines that seem to welcome and embrace you. Sigh - I'm in love! Priced $295 each

the donor and I carried this lovely teal leather chair out of her home and into the back of my car ourselves! Some very minor wear. Lovely muted teal color. Beautiful piece of furniture. Priced $165 (and I can personally attest to the fact it'll fit in the back of a RAV 4 - haha!)

you know how I was just talking about my favorite piece of furniture? Well, I have another one! This is a gorgeous black wood console table! Two drawers and a bottom shelf. Finished on all sides. 
Clean lines. Solidly built. Love it! Priced $195

give this table with one self-storing leaf and six chairs a good cleaning, take some wood stain and go over all the scratches so they blend in and disappear or add a bit of a distressed look - 
and you'll have a really wonderful set! Priced $165

absolutely LOVELY drop leaf table with a painted edge! So sweet! Priced only $45! 

this IKEA Mammut table retails for $39.99 and the two stools are $7.99 each. We're selling table and two stools for $35! That's a savings of $20.97 off the retail price (granted, our set is used)

there's a type of upholstery which is similar to microfiber but has a deeper pile - do you know what it's called? Anyway - this burgundy color wingback chair is covered in that type of material. 
It's in good condition and priced $55

this Room & Board sofa is definitely a VERY CLOSE relative to the Percy Sofa (the arms on ours are higher and very slightly angled). The color is hard to read - greenish/gray? Blueish/gray? Regardless, it's in very good condition and only priced $375 
compared to the $1,499 price tag on its cousin! 

gorgeous Durham Furniture - solid wood - wardrobe! Lots of drawers on the bottom and then a rod at the top (I'm trying to show you the rod in the third photo). Excellent condition and priced $125

fabulous Richardson Brothers chest of drawers! I LOVE the detail on the hardware! I also really like the two extra deep drawers on either end at the top of the piece. 
Priced $195

just a reminder - we have some really beautiful rugs in the store! We LOVE our rug display rack which makes it both super easy to display and for you to look at our selection and it's usually filled with such beauties as this 8 x 11 hand-tufted wool rug in excellent condition which is priced $155

this Baby's Dream three drawer small chest is a really, really deep burgundy color wood (looks black but it isn't). In excellent condition and priced $135

oh man! I totally forgot about these two Lane brand retro pieces! They are my MOST FAVORITE this week! They're gorgeous! Yep - there are scratches and the hardware finish color is partially worn off - but LOOK AT 'EM! The three drawer dresser is priced $375 and the NINE drawer (there are six smaller drawers on the right and then three larger ones on the left) dresser is $475

I love the clean and simple lines on these two blond wood end tables? Night stands? 
Tops need to be refinished. Priced $30 each

up for a little refinishing? Then this $20 wood dresser with three nice size drawers is for you! 
Back in our "Charlie Brown" (wink) section of the store

in that same section is this three panel divider and - it too - needs some love! Priced $10 and I saw another very similar one in another part of the store and it's also $10

I'll close with this fabulous retro table with two leaves and six chairs - there are a number of rips in the upholstery on the chairs - but overall - in pretty good shape! Priced only $95 for the whole set! 

Until next week then, dear reader! Blessings! 

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