Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, October 6, 2016


Gary Williams should be a familiar face around Jubilee Furniture - he's worked at the store for the last two years - most recently on Saturdays only doing customer deliveries (we offer curbside delivery [don't bring the furniture into your home] - for a fee based on number of items being delivered and distance from the store). That is until about three weeks ago when he came on as our full-time Assistant Warehouse Manager and we couldn't be more thrilled! He'll still do deliveries but he'll also be working in the warehouse assisting customers. Welcome Gary!

And what might you need Gary's help with this week? Great question! Let's take a look at SOME of our current inventory:

this two seat sofa with chaise is from Room & Board and is a lovely gray micro-suede. I noticed some pet hair under the cushions and a worn spot or two on the upholstery but 
otherwise in good condition. Priced $225

these two square mirrored side tables are now marked 25% off the already low Jubilee Furniture price! One is now $71.25 (from $95) and the other (which has a crack on the top corner) is $48.75 (from $65). Super cool metal looking obelisks are $25 each

excellent condition tan sofa with gorgeous nail-head trim is $195

very neat, heavy plant (or for a decorative item) stand for $35

how I shown you this Drexel Heritage sofa before? It looks familiar but I don't see it in last week's post so maybe it's new? Anyway - it's gorgeous! In excellent condition and priced $225

nice striped wingback chair with ottoman - some minor wear - priced $85 for the set

okay - you're going to think I'm going crazy but THIS Ethan Allen sofa ALSO looks familiar. I just checked the last THREE posts and don't see it (or the Drexel Heritage sofa either) so maybe I'm okay. There WAS a time when I could have told you who donated a piece of furniture AND 
who purchased it! Haha - with the volume of furniture coming in and going out 
there's no way I could do that anymore! ANYWAY - this is a 
BEAUTIFUL sofa in excellent condition and is priced $225

this is a VERY COOL Lane brand coffee table - a really lovely wood - priced $145

I've decided I need to add some "bling" to my house because I'm totally drawn to all the gold finishes! This time it's a small round side table that's priced $95. 
Next to this table is a lovely ornate chair for $125

two matching SmithCraft swivel/rockers - both in very good condition - priced $95 each

gorgeous Temple-Stuart corner hutch in excellent condition for $95

though this Crate & Barrel long ottoman/coffee table is worn and slightly stained - it's still fabulous! Priced only $55!

cool pleather sofa by day - comfy bed by night! Folds down super easily (push the back slightly forward and then it'll go all the way down and rests/is supported on the piece you 
see in the last photo). Excellent condition - priced $95

two identical "Monet" loveseats (don't they look like a Monet painting?). Both are in excellent condition and the best part? They're priced ONLY $25 each! 

two plaid Clayton Marcus over-sized chairs - super comfortable. Some minor wear. Priced $75 each

this bedroom set MIGHT be the sweetest thing I've ever seen! The nightstand is priced $65; dresser with mirror is $225; full size headboard, footboard and side rails for $95

stay with me and I'll explain all of these photos. This is a gorgeous mirrored dresser (where it's not mirror, it's a lovely silver painted wood). One of the drawer fronts is cracked (middle drawer on the right hand side of the lower six drawers) and the knob is slightly pushed in. Interestingly, it's smooth if you rub your fingers over the crack (so it's cracked BEHIND the glass?). The knobs can be changed out with slightly smaller ones that are screwed on the INSIDE of the drawer (can you see both knobs in that last photo?). Other than the crack it's in great condition and is priced $125

this West Elm cube cutout six drawer dresser is no longer sold online. The veneer is peeling off on the top edge but otherwise it's in good shape. Priced $125

three drawer small chest for $75

Lane brand chest of drawers offers tons of storage (the two pieces you see on the shelves CAN go on top of the chest). In very good condition though is missing one of the small knobs. Priced $125

hammer in a few small finishing nails or use your staple gun to secure this side piece that's coming away from the chair and you have a really nice wingback chair that's covered in an amazing fabric! 
Love the flowers and colors! Priced $25

two piece Thomasville china cabinet - LOVE the coke bottle glass 
along the bottom of the hutch doors - priced $65

round coffee table with metal base - wood trim surrounds a faux leather top - priced $125 
and looks to be in perfect condition

man alive - I LOVE these benches (though, truth be told, I love most benches!). They measure 7'2" long and are finished ON ONE END BUT NOT THE OTHER (designed to be joined together though would work separately if that end is next to a wall - or someone super handy could trim out that end - SO MANY OPTIONS!). Priced $95 each and are in excellent condition. Oh - AND the backs are unfinished too (fyi - you know I like to give you as much information as I can!)

I use the camera on my phone to take photos these days and my battery isn't holding a charge like it used to - so that's all I have for you today! I promise, dear reader, there are lots more amazing pieces to be discovered! We'd love to have you stop by! Take care!