Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, November 3, 2016

I was up late watching the Cubs (WAY TO GO, CUBBIES!) and feel a little bleary eyed this morning - so will dispense with any chit-chat and get right to the good stuff.

What follows are photos of some of our current inventory (I try to showcase recently donated furniture that you might not have seen yet). Let's go!

though on my computer the chair in the second photo looks like it's a different color - these two, tweedy swivel (but don't rock) chairs are indeed identical. They're also in very good condition. Wonderful mix of brown tones and priced $75 each 

this very unique clock side table (yes, it's a working clock) has a mirrored shelf at the bottom 
and is in very good condition. Priced $85

attractive, oval coffee table (wood and glass) in excellent condition and priced $65

this sofa is a great deep burgundy color with flecks of darker colors in the fabric. 
Good condition and priced $175

this three piece Highland House sectional is in excellent condition. Plaid in muted colors -
and a good size. Priced $125

I showed you this great coffee table last week - but it hadn't been priced yet. 
There are two drawers that open on either side and it's priced $145

a very discreet pull out piece provides an extra surface on this square end table 
that's in very good condition. Priced $45

this is a super sweet maple, one piece writing desk that's in excellent condition and is priced $95. Pretty set of four plates and four cups and saucers are priced $8 for all

the three upholstered pieces in these photos are covered in a fabric that gives the appearance of distressed suede but isn't! I actually think that's good because suede is hard/expensive to clean. All are recliners or have recliner elements (I didn't test ALL the recliners - so do so before you purchase). All are wall-huggers (so can sit close to a wall but won't hit the wall when reclined). All have some wear but it goes with the whole distressed look. The throw pillows you see are sold separately (FYI - I THINK they're priced $15 each). The recliner (single chair) is priced $45; sofa is $65; loveseat is $45 (I think they're priced fairly low because they're over-sized and rather masculine). Then the faux granite side tables are priced $45 each and the coffee table is $55. Last photo 
shows a very small chip in the top corner of the coffee table

we have some really amazing dining room sets in right now (people tend to change out their dining room furniture before the holidays). I'm especially taken with this one. It's just so unique with the glass inserts on the top of the table (and the two leaves also have glass inserts). So, here's the deal: table with two leaves and six chairs (two with arms). Cool detail on the table legs and apron. Small chip in the wood of one of the chairs. White paint drip on another chair. Wherever this set was stored it got really dirty and there's pet hair (cat?) on the cushions (and caught between the cushion and the chair back). All that said, if you took the time to clean this puppy up - 
you'd have a stunning dining set! Priced $195

even with the crack in the top of this side table - it's FABULOUS! Look at those legs! Priced $95

very pretty, extra deep seat Smithe Craft sofa - some minor issues where the piping is coming through (see last photo) - otherwise in good condition. Priced $65

with the holidays quickly approaching (how is that possible??) - this solid, excellent condition game table might be the perfect gift! Table includes EIGHT different games: ping-pong, pool, soccer, air hokey, checkers, chess, bowling and foosball! Wow! Priced $200 
and the donor included all the various parts and pieces

behind the game table is this lovely china cabinet priced $85

four very cool retro Stakmore chairs (tag reads: Stakmore - the folding furniture with the permanent look) priced $195 for all four. I couldn't figure out how to fold them - and maybe these don't fold - but I found some photos of other Stakmore chairs online and it looks like the seat lifts up. There's some rubber-like (or real rubber) trim found between the upholstered part of the 
back chair rest and the wood trim that's missing from one of the chairs 
(second to last photo is missing trim, last photo has it - FYI)

six modern, metal chairs with upholstered seats - the upholstery needs to be replaced or cleaned (it's dirty) - priced $120 for all six. Gorgeous round glass top table on a beautiful pedestal for $115

nice, small desk for $65 (I don't think it's real wood)

solid wooden chair for $55

I love the lines of this small white desk. Top is damaged (see last photo) but it's priced only $10!

FANTASTIC maple drop leaf table with six chairs (two with arms) - in excellent condition! 
Priced $245 for the set

nice pine table with a self storing leaf and six chairs (two with arms - one of the armchairs is damaged - second to last photo) priced $175. Matching, lighted, one piece china cabinet is also $175 (the wine rack can be removed)

gorgeous antique chest for $265

good condition pine IKEA TV stand for $85

sweet dollhouse/bookcase - for $50 (and it's in excellent condition)

AMAZING green stained wood pieces. The lower cabinet is priced $45; the three taller pieces are actually three pieces that breakdown into three separate pieces (does that make sense?) and provide loads of storage! Priced $75 each. And then there's a top "bridge" storage piece (it's on its side in the photos) that would sit on top of two of the pieces that's priced $10

the donor told me her father made this beautiful cradle! Priced $55

vacuum the dusty button indents on this gold velvet bench and it'll be INCREDIBLE! 
Priced only $35

nice twin size daybed with three large drawers underneath (one corner is cracked and it looks like it might have had finials in the four corners at one time) priced $75. Used twin size mattress is $45

great twin bed stacked on a desk on one end and a dresser on the other! Swap out the White Sox sticker for the WORLD SERIES WINNING CUBS and you'll be all set! Priced $125 
(and there's no ladder - which I think you need)

I have to confess I jumped on the Cubs bandwagon only when they made it into the World Series (I think I've mentioned before I grew up rooting for the White Sox) - but it's been really fun watching this series and I'm super happy for Chicago and the Cubs! That's it, dear reader! See you next week! 

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