Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hello! Welcome to the Jubilee Furniture blog where every Thursday I (Susan Galbraith - I handle everything to do with the donation side of the store and this blog which I started seven years ago with the hope of widening our customer base and thanks to YOU that's happened!) show you photos of SOME of our current inventory. 

As I was snapping photos last night several marked down pieces caught my eye so in addition to recently donated furniture that you might not have seen before I've included some pieces that have been in the store for a while and are now AN EVEN BETTER DEAL (and most - all? - of them I've showcased on the blog before - fyi). And then at the end is an amazing 50% off sale on dining tables (some with chairs, some without) and I've included a bunch of the sale tags so you have a sense for how low we're selling these pieces for (spoiler: VERY LOW!).

Let's go! 

this is a very nice black leather (pleather?) sofa in great condition! Priced $95

I love, love, love this two piece gray sectional! Yes, you need a long wall to put it on but it's super comfortable, a fantastic color and in wonderful condition! It's now 65% OFF the original price of $825 and is now marked down to $288.75!!!!

oh my - this is a GORGEOUS antique trunk! Look at that color! So pretty! 
In remarkably good condition and priced $245

make some minor adjustments to this sofa (fluff up cushions,vacuum it) and you'll have a 
wonderful piece of furniture! Priced $65

lovely plaid loveseat! Looks pristine and then I noticed one arm (looking at my photos it's 
the left arm) is worn and a little dirty. Priced $65

cool two tone (black and natural wood) curio or china cabinet. I love the height! Priced $95

these two teak bookcases are now marked down to $48.75 each (that's 25% off the original $65 price which I thought was a steal to begin with!). Each bookcases is two pieces

sweet tea cart - second glass framed shelf slides OUT for serving or if you have a taller item on the bottom shelf (you gotta love versatile pieces!). Priced $65. Lamp on the tea cart is SOLID and HEAVY (some type of stone - granite? - and brass base) and is now 25% off the 
$30 original price tag which brings the price to $22.50! 

this is a FANTASTIC Walter E. Smithe sleeper sofa and is in mint condition! Priced $195

beautiful cherry coffee table with pull out shelves for $95 and it's in excellent condition

gorgeous blue check sofa - also looked to be pristine until I noticed one side (again, the left side as you're looking at my photo) is soiled (on the arm and the back) and would need to be cleaned. 
Priced $85

amazing, antique oak cabinet - priced $135. Top is stained but - come on! - it's an antique! 

and then look at this incredible antique Hoosier cabinet! Who knew they had appliance 
"garages" one hundred years ago?! Haha! Priced $275

excellent condition trestle table with six chairs (all armless) priced $325

GORGEOUS sofa and chair and ottoman and all are in excellent condition! The sofa is priced $195 and the chair and ottoman are $95

nice gray micro-suede Rowe sofa for $145

clean up this Marshall Fields chair and add wheels to the ottoman (or something - it's sits too low to the floor) and you'll have a lovely set! Priced $45 for both

this is a gorgeous sofa in excellent condition! I love when a sofa has one long bench style cushion! Priced $165

and then this loveseat!! Has amazing wood trim around the whole bottom of the piece and it's also pristine and gorgeous! The only reason I can think of for the $75 price tag is because it's very firm (otherwise I probably would have suggested a $175 price!)

two lovely Rway pieces - the dresser is priced $75 and the matching taller chest of drawers is $95. Some minor blemishes but overall in good condition

there's something about this sweet bookcase that makes me smile! I LOVE the peachy/pink and muted yellow color combination and the curved detail is lovey! Priced $125 (for some reason the angle I took these photos at makes the piece look short - it isn't. 
Probably 5' tall if I'm remembering correctly)

this sofa and chair and ottoman are similar in style to another set I showed you earlier in this post with one exception - the sofa has custom plastic covers over the whole thing (as does the ottoman and the seat cushion on the chair) so you KNOW the upholstery is in "factory new" condition! Love it! The sofa is $175 and the chair and ottoman are $75

this gorgeous lighted china cabinet is now 40% off the original $195 price bringing the price to $117! I especially love the curves and the checkerboard wood door front! 

and then this Howard Miller (maybe known more for clocks than furniture) adjustable glass shelf, lighted bookcase is priced ONLY $10!! Originally had doors but looks just fine without 'em (though you can see where the hinges were).  Man - someone is going to get such a deal! 

gorgeous Kindel two piece china cabinet for $145. Really a beautiful, classic piece of furniture

let's start with this massive THREE piece Smithe-Craft sectional! One piece is a sleeper. If you have the room this sectional offers TONS of seating! Great peachy color - looks a little faded along the seat cushion edge (which is a weird place to have fading so maybe it's the store lighting?) otherwise was in a formal living room and rarely used. Priced $195. Gorgeous, large, glass and metal coffee table for $125; matching square glass and metal side table for $65

and then there's just something about these four pieces that I LOVE! Two larger, dark stained end tables (stools?) are priced $15 each (both need some touch up stain) and the smaller, lighted wood pieces (again small side tables, stools?) are $10 each

As promised what follows are price tags of the dining tables (again, some with chairs, some without) which are now 50% OFF THE LOWEST PRICE MARKED! That's some deal, y'all! 

I can't end this post without sharing that 32 years ago today I was getting married! This slightly blurry photo shows me (and I'm wearing a very cool bow my mom made for me in my hair); my husband, Michael; younger sister, Betsy (maid of honor) and brother-in-law, Greg (best man). I'm not sure where the past 32 years have gone but they've been an adventure and I'm so grateful to have journeyed through them with Michael AND look forward to another bunch of years together (God willing and the creek don't rise!)!

As always - I'm grateful to you, dear reader, for stopping by! See you next week! 


Marianne Callahan said...

Happy anniversary Susan!

Susan said...

Thanks, Marianne! You're probably one of the first blog readers (after my sisters and mom) and an amazing customer too! I hope all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Hope each year has been more joyful than the last.

Lindsay Mach said...

Happy Anniversary!