Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, November 17, 2016

Oh my - I have so much to share today (over 90 photos) we really must get right to it! But before we do - a quick note about our store hours next week:

Jubilee Furniture will be CLOSED on Thursday, 11/24 - Thanksgiving day
OPEN on Friday, 11/25, from 10 am to 8 pm (normal hours) and 
OPEN on Saturday, 11/26, from 9 am to 4 pm (normal hours)

Now remember the following photos are just a FEW pieces in our current inventory:

nice yellow corduroy sofa - this photo makes it look sorta dirty and it didn't seem that way in person (but maybe so?). Otherwise in excellent condition. Priced $115

excellent condition, fun, striped slipper chair - priced $175

on either side of the yellow corduroy sofa are two amazing, solid wood, retro end tables. 
These things are fantastic! So well made (the legs screw off kind of well made). 
In excellent condition and priced only $35 each

very nice brass and glass entry or sofa table in excellent condition. Priced $75

old Singer sewing machine base that was turned into a neat side table. Priced $75

Oh man - this is an INCREDIBLE two piece leather curved sofa from Walter E. Smithe. Extra deep seat cushions. Yes, the leather is distressed but in a good and uniform way that, I think, enhances the piece. Otherwise, no issues. Priced $295 (which I think is a fantastic deal!)

beautiful wood and metal coffee table - priced $95

fun, graphic print side chair for $95

FANTASTIC natural linen looking upholstery gives the appearance of slip-covered pieces (they aren't). Both the loveseat and the chair are in excellent condition. One funny thing is behind the back cushions is an (I'm guessing) inexpensive black material instead of the same upholstery as on the rest of the piece. Maybe it's to keep the back cushion in place? Not a big deal but be aware. The loveseat is priced OH MY GOODNESS I forgot to write the prices down! 
I THINK the chair is $95 and the loveseat $145 (but if I'm wrong I'm so sorry!)

absolutely incredible FIVE piece sectional (one piece is a chaise). On all of the pieces EXCEPT the corner one - the top "edge" cushion flips up which, I think, makes the sofa versatile AND extra comfortable! I saw two places where the seam connecting the back cushion to the "body" of the sofa is coming apart (not noticeable unless you're looking for them). Enough small spots on various places that I'd suggest you have this professional cleaned (would be well worth it). AMAZING gray/green color. The armless piece that's at the end of the chaise in these photos is meant to go on either side of the "L" between two other pieces (you can tell by the black material - there it is again! - instead of the same fabric as the rest of the piece). And FINALLY the price - $375 for the whole kit and caboodle! (and in case I haven't shared enough already - ha! - the drop leaf coffee table is 
now 25% off bringing the price from $175 to $131.25) 

wonderful Room & Board chair for $245 and it's in excellent condition

the donor chalk painted this dining table and six chairs (two with arms) and did a really nice job! I saw one small spot where the caning is damaged on one chair. The three leaves 
that go with the set were NOT painted (FYI). Priced $275

wonderful deep brown color, extra wide chair in good condition for $85

lovely coffee table priced $75 (note where veneer is chipped in one photo - a little touch up wood stain and you'd never notice) and matching end table for $65

this is - hands down - my favorite piece currently in the store. This thing is built like a tank! It's 8' tall (so won't fit if you have normal 8' ceilings), 2' deep (that's deep - this is not a little bookcase) and 70" wide. Looks like it's made of all hard woods and the edges are all finished (so no raw wood anywhere). I THINK you could climb up this thing and it wouldn't go anywhere (but I don't recommend you try). Here's the unbelievable part. It's priced ONLY $125! 
How you'd move it and get it in your house is the challenge but knowing 
Jubilee Furniture customers one of you will find a way (which I love!)

UPDATE THOUGHT: this piece is sitting on a base (it's a set-back piece) and I'm wondering if you could remove that piece would that then allow you the clearance you'd need to use it if you only have 8' ceilings? ALSO - I'm wondering if a vinyl record album would fit perfectly (though I just had that thought and I'm not at the store to test my theory)

very nice large(ish) coffee table for $95

beautiful Plunkett two piece, lighted, china cabinet - in excellent condition 
(love the etched design in the glass doors!) priced $175

Bassett tall chest of drawer for $165; nightstand for $55 and dresser (no mirror) for $145.
 All three pieces are in excellent condition

two matching four drawer small chests. The one where the stain is removed on the top is priced $45; the other one is $55 and comes with a bottom drawer filled with hotel slippers 
(free with purchase - haha!)

very attractive full size headboard, footboard and side rails for $95. One of the slants on the 
footboard is missing (which is sorta weird but what you gonna do)

IKEA metal twin loft bed with desk underneath (again, if you have normal 8' ceilings 
this is going to be a tight fit). Comes with ladder and is priced $125

four very nice upholstered dining chairs priced $75 for all four but there's a piece of trim missing from each of the chairs and I looked underneath it see if you could simply remove the skirt - but you'd still have raw edge to deal with (but still maybe a simple fix?)

this made in Canada dining set includes two pedestal stone bases with glass table top and 
six wood chairs all in good condition and priced $125 for the whole set! 

another massive cubby storage piece - but not as large as the previous one I showed you. This time it's an IKEA piece that measures 6'2" tall and 6'2" wide and is 15 1/2" deep. 
In good condition and priced $125

and then this IKEA storage piece is also 15 1/2" deep and measures 59" across and is 35" tall 
and is priced $95. Same espresso color finish as the cubby piece

I LOVE this drop down writing desk! Lots of storage space and even has different electric outlets/chargers along the front back of the piece that are accessible when the writing surface is down (I hope that makes sense). Priced $85 and is in excellent condition

a little sanding and re-staining on the top of this three drawer desk would make it sing 
(not literally sing - it's just an expression ;-). Priced $65

two piece retro sofa for $65 (some wear but not bad)

oh man - look at this over-sized recliner! Teresa wrote on the price tag, "Man cave chair" which is great! I THINK it's a combination of real leather and faux leather. It's a wall hugger and SO VERY COMFORTABLE! Sigh. Love. Priced ONLY $65!

American Furniture red micro-suede sofa for $95 and matching loveseat for $75. 
Both are in good condition

sweet, retro wood desk and chair priced $45 for both pieces

I LOVE the design and size of this wrought iron table with glass top 
(measures 34 1/2' by 26 1/2")! Priced $75

and then we'll end with this fantastic farmhouse table that measures 6' long and is 42" wide! 
In good condition and priced $155

Did you make it all the way through, dear reader? Gosh - I hope so! I WILL have a post next week - and actually might complete it on Thursday like usual (I'm going to my sister's for Thanksgiving and don't have to do any cooking so what else would I have to do? Haha!). AND I'm hoping to have photos of Olga's afghans for you (she's slowing down but still crocheting. Henny said she has about a dozen to bring to the store). If you don't know what I'm talking about - I'll explain the whole story - which is a favorite of mine and always makes me smile - when I share the photos. Until then - take care! 


Marianne Callahan said...

I always look forward to Olga's afghans. I guess I better plan to be at Jubilee, with cash in hand, promptly at 10:00 on Black Friday!

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Peggy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all at Jubilee!

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Thank you for sharing. Love your humor and can't wait to try it!
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Very nice collection at very attractive rates !!!!


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Amy Stroup said...

Hi, Susan! Is the two piece retro sofa still available?! If so--I'll be there first thing Thursday morning. Thank you!!

Susan said...

Unfortunately, it's long gone, Amy! As I was scrolling through this post to find the two piece retro sofa you were asking about I realized almost everything pictured has sold. I'm so sorry! Stuff goes FAST at Jubilee Furniture. Thanks so much for checking out the blog though! Take care!