Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, December 1, 2016

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say again - JUBILEE FURNITURE CUSTOMERS ARE THE BEST! Truly, you guys hit it out of the park regarding Olga's afghans! I told you last week (speaking of last week - go to that post to read the backstory about Olga and her amazing afghans) we had eight to sell when we really had a dozen. Well, we now have just the following three left. All three are priced either $40 or $45 and payment is by cash or a check payable to Olga Brunzo (all money goes to Olga).

Thanks, too, to those of you who left a comment for Olga. They made her day. Though I love a big heroic act as much as the next person - never underestimate the power of a simple act of kindness (be it leaving a nice comment and/or purchasing an afghan from a senior).  

Last night when I stepped into the store I was absolutely dazzled (have you ever heard me say something like that before?). Our donors are amazing - there's no question about that - but this week's donations are exceptional! Be prepared for LOTS OF ADJECTIVES AND CAPITAL LETTERS (that's the only way I know to communicate my excitement, love and appreciation for gorgeous furniture that's a delight to the eye, easy on the wallet and comfortable to boot!). Let's begin.

absolutely STUNNING Henry Link wicker, wood and upholstered chairs and ottomans - 
in pristine condition - priced $275 for one chair and ottoman set

sweet ram's head brass side table with glass top - lovely - priced $65

beautiful - made in Italy - leather sofa - in excellent condition (some wear but 
the kind that makes the piece better) priced $295

two matching, custom (I believe) sofas by Caracole from their Caracole Classic line called "A Simple Life." The upholstery is unbelievably gorgeous and the sofas are in mint condition! I can't find pricing for this model but I found a similar Caracole sofa here which is ON SALE for $3,290 (yikes!). Our price? $525 each. It should be noted there's a small crack in the wood trim of one of the sofas (the photo is taken with me standing behind the sofa looking down)

behind one of the Caracole sofas (which - it should be noted - are what dreams are made of!) is a lovely brass and glass sofa or entry table (did I show this to you already? If so, sorry!). Priced $75

beautiful metal and glass coffee table for $65

stunning, four panel screen from Korea made with jade and pearl - priced $495

super lovely cabinet with one large drawer - priced $225

another FANTASTIC leather sofa - a little more wear on this one but still amazing! Priced $195

GORGEOUS upholstered ottoman by Wesley Hall - some minor wear - priced $175

two Wesley Hall chairs - again some minor wear - priced $245 each

INCREDIBLE, large (60" round), oak pedestal table with two leaves (with leaves in it's an 84" oval table) in excellent condition. Priced $345. Set of EIGHT chairs (two with arms) 
now priced $150 (25% off from the original $200 price tag)

this is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL bedroom set! Starting with the chest high cabinet (one large drawer and then there are shelves behind the two doors) which is priced $295 (that's a key in the photo of the open drawer). Full size headboard, footboard and side rails for $245. Dressing table with mirror and chair for $275. All the pieces need some love. The wood is dry and there's some staining but OH WHAT BEAUTIES all of these pieces would be with a little work! 

two identical Alexvale plaid chairs - priced $55 each. It's a little hard to tell if these two need to be cleaned or if that's the color of the upholstery! Haha - maybe that's upholstery genius?

so pretty - moss green micro-suede SLEEPER loveseat! Looks to be in excellent condition - 
except for some minor wear on the corner of one arm (last photo). Priced $195

this is an AMAZING, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS leather recliner - 
PERFECT (in my opinion) amount of wear! AND priced ONLY $55!

modified wingback RECLINER! In excellent condition and priced $125

super sweet Ethan Allen sofa for $55 and matching loveseat for $35. 
Both are in good condition 

BEAUTIFUL dining table with two pull out leaves on each end and FIVE chairs 
(the fifth chair is just out of camera range). So, so pretty! Priced $425

small clothing armoire (see the pull out hanging rod in the second photo?) 
in excellent condition. Priced $145

very nice six drawer dresser for $45

set of This End Up bunk-bed includes: twin over twin bed with ONE bunky-board and ladder - 
priced $165. The two bolsters shown on the bed are priced $10 each

sweet as pie, nine drawer pine dresser for $65 and it's in great condition

there's definitely wear on this Leather Creations yellow leather sofa - but 
IT'S AMAZING and YELLOW - like sunshine in couch form! Priced $255

there's still plenty of $3 and $5 artwork - so there's no excuse for your walls to be bare! 
And there are some really cool, lovely, interesting prints! 

As always - I appreciate you stopping by, dear reader! See you next week!


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