Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 5, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your holidays were enjoyable and though mine certainly were there's something about getting back into my regular routine that feels good!

And part of that routine is meeting you here every Thursday morning to show you photos of some of our current inventory that caught my eye, is "new" or I think you'd like. So, let's begin!

I noticed these six black wooden Asian inspired dining chairs immediately when I entered the store last night. I do love a nice curve! Three of the six have been mended. You can see a crack in a very similiar place on all three chairs. They seem solid and well built so I'm not sure what happened. Anyway, due to the cracks we're selling them cheap. All six for $95! 

great brown color leather sofa for $275 and matching loveseat for $225. The seat cushions are somewhat worn on both pieces (photos don't quite show the wear) 
but otherwise both are in excellent condition

I LOVE this sweet side table and it's now marked down 25% from $65 to $48.75! 

I may have shown you this sofa before - it looks familiar to me - but I think the color is fresh, it's in excellent condition and the $125 price tag is amazing! 

Wesley Hall chair - also in excellent condition - also priced $125

speaking of curves - I totally love these two matching sofas! Curved back AND tufted! In person they're the same color - though on my computer one looks faded. There IS a little fading and some wear on both sofas but - overall - they're in good condition. Priced ONLY $65 each!

fabulous trunk with a rounded top! In excellent condition and priced $95

this gorgeous, deep chocolate brown sofa actually has a bit of a pattern in it. It has an extra deep seat - so depending on how tall you are you might need extra pillows behind your back. Priced $175

excellent condition Broyhill chair - like new - priced $145

neat but unusual base on this white-washed coffee table with protective glass - priced $35

Room & Board doesn't seem to make this exact sofa any longer - but here's a similiar (but different) one which retails for $1,599. Ours is in very good condition, a 
great gray/tan upholstery and is priced $395

amazing Hoosier cabinet in remarkably good condition - priced $225

this is a gorgeous, oak desk from the Indiana Desk Co. out of Jasper, IN (I love how the I and D behind their name form the shape of the state!)! There is a crack that runs from one side of the desk to the other (see last photo) but otherwise a really beautiful piece of furniture! Priced $175

and then how about this AMAZING retro wooden chair from the 
W. H. Gunlocke Chair Co.?! "Chairs for your working comfort" is a stellar tag line! 
There is one of the back "spokes" missing. Priced $45

I don't remember ever seeing this lovely side table before but it's already marked down 
25% so it's been around for a while! Was $65 now $48.75

OMG! What a fun upholstered chair! In excellent condition! Priced $85. One of my favorite ridiculous texts from moms (and I'm surprised my kids have never submitted some of mine!) is: "Grandma died. LOL". The mom thought LOL meant "lots of love" instead of "laugh out loud"! 

this is a lovely reproduction wall clock! Priced $75

"L" shape upholstered bench with small table and two chairs (there's a note on the price tag that one of the chairs has something broken but I couldn't see exactly what). Back of the bench is NOT finished so would have to be next to a wall. Laminate and particleboard - in okay condition 
(you can see where some of the laminate veneer is off on the bottom corner 
of the bench in the last two photos). The whole set if priced $85 - nice! 

amazingly gorgeous Asian style dining table with two leaves and EIGHT chairs 
(two with arms). In excellent condition! Priced $195

four very good condition wooden bar stools - priced $95 for all four

two similar oval standing mirrors. I'm not sure why I took a photo of the backs of 'em - to show they're unfinished? The larger one is priced $55 and the other one $50. 
Both are in very good condition

I may have shown you these two Harmony House retro pieces before - but they're so good!
Low dresser with mirror is $145. Matching taller chest of drawers is $165

sorry for the bad photo of this IKEA chest of drawers. In very good condition and priced $125. 
The same piece sells  for $249 in the store

there are some really fantastic pieces in "bedroom land" right now (and I've already shown you some of them) - but here are three that I really love! Each piece has a base cabinet and then either a bookcase hutch or a bookcase/writing desk hutch. Best part? The price! Base cabinet with bookcase hutch is $55; base cabinet with bookcase/writing desk hutch is $55; base cabinet with bookcase hutch and the trim is damaged (see second photo) is $35. And to make these 
EVEN MORE AMAZING - they all have lights in the top hutch piece! Win! 

the drawer fronts on this Lane chest of drawers are parquet and I love them! The piece needs some love (quick re-stain or a complete overall - you choose) but at $20 you can't go wrong!

this is a lovely IKEA table with self storing leaves - I'm pretty sure it's this one which retails for $199. Our price? $95. Matching bench retails for $119. Our price? $55. And then the four IKEA chairs retail for $69 each. Our price? All four for $40 BUT you need to buy slipcovers

this is a GORGEOUS Irwin sideboard! Look at that hardware! So lovely! Priced $195

three piece wonderful sectional! A few spots need to be cleaned but otherwise in excellent condition. Priced $275. Re-stain the square coffee table with drawers (hidden storage is always nice!) 
and you'll have a wonderful piece! Coffee table is now marked down to $15!

wonderful loveseat in excellent condition though it sits a little "soft" 
so the donor added a board. Priced $55

two matching black metal and glass bookcases (again with the curved lines! Love!). 
Priced $65 each and are in excellent condition

very, very cool Asian style arm chairs - both in good condition. 
Sit lower to the ground. FYI. Priced $45 each

amazing, heavy, brass bookcase (not your typical baker's rack since all the 
shelves are the same depth). Marked down 25% from $95 to $71.25

four absolutely gorgeous chairs from Mehitabel, Inc.! Here's an interesting read about the company. I believe the seats are leather. All in excellent condition. Priced $295 for all four. 
Square table is in very good condition and priced $35

unusual black mesh wire rack for $10

very nice wooden dining table for $45. Four upholstered dining chairs are $55 for the set 
(just some minor spot cleaning needed on the chairs - they're very nice)

set of four wooden dining chairs $60 for the set

IKEA table with frosted glass top - in excellent condition. I couldn't find this exact table online but our price of $45 is an excellent value! 
Around the table are four wooden chairs currently marked down 50% to $32.50! 

I hope 2017 is a year of wonder, grace, love, good connections with others and lots and lots of laughter, dear reader! Blessings on you!


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