Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 12, 2017

Greetings! By end of today we should have approximately 140 never-been-used, queen size, prototype mattresses from Serta! We are extremely grateful for the relationship we have with their Research and Development department in Hoffman Estates.

Why doesn't Serta sell these mattresses themselves? A couple of reasons. About 38 of the mattresses were photographed for advertising - and so can't be sold as "new." And then the prototype - or test pattern - mattresses also can't be sold as "new." Instead of pitching them - Serta is committed to donating them to various non-profits of which Jubilee Furniture is one (thank you, Serta!).

It will take a while to get them priced (so don't rush in today at 10 am) - but if you're in the market for a never-been-used, QUEEN size (all prototypes are queen size) Serta mattress than you'll want to check out our selection!

Mattresses aren't the only thing we currently have in our inventory. Let's take a look at some other amazing pieces!

this GORGEOUS shelving unit by Michael Weiss for Vanguard is amazing! Finished on all sides. I couldn't find this exact piece but similiar Michael Weiss units sell from $1,000 to $3,500
Our price? $185! 

two identical floral wingback chairs - both are in excellent condition! Priced $65 each

very nice table with one leaf and four chairs. Some the the white paint has scratched off 
but otherwise in very good condition. Priced $275 for the set

this Workbench brand sofa is in good condition (I noticed one stain on one of the 
seat cushions) and is a great gray/green color. Priced $245

wonderful, retro, walnut, drop leaf table with two leaves (one is homemade) and four chairs. Some minor touch-up needed (and you'll probably want to reupholster the seats). Priced $295

retro desk with chair from Lenoir Chair Company (I don't know if the desk and three drawer dresser are also from Lenoir - couldn't find a label on either of them). Desk and chair are priced $95. Three drawer dresser (looks like four - but it's three) for $55. Everything's in good condition

excellent condition Fairfield chair for $115. Love the color combination!

this is a really gorgeous metal base entry table with glass top. I BELIEVE the gold/brass 
looking parts are painted metal. Excellent condition and priced $195

also in excellent condition is this Broyhill chair! Priced $95

warm buttery yellow/light mustard color leather sofa and chair and ottoman. Some wear on all but nothing bad (you can see a ding in the leather on the back corner of the chair in the last photo). 
Sofa is priced $195 and the chair and ottoman are $95

a similar table, one leaf and four chairs set to an earlier one I showed you - but this one has more wear (white painted parts is very "distressed" but otherwise in good condition). Priced $195

AMAZING sofa and matching chair and ottoman! Look to be in excellent condition (probably have been recently re-upholstered). Sofa is priced $150; chair and ottoman $95. I confess I did NOT sit on either so can't attest to whether or not they're comfortable (sorry!)

two drawer side table or nightstand in very good condition for $55

lovely demilune entry or sofa table for $85

this green wood trimmed sofa is fantastic THOUGH sits very low to the ground (there's an odd wheel on the sofa so maybe if you added back the wheels it would be higher?). Priced $195

these swivel, tufted, retro chairs are AMAZING - though petite in size (I fit fine and they're actually quite comfortable though - truth be told - I felt a little like the jolly green giant sitting in them). 
Priced $95 each and both are in excellent condition

old, black framed mirror is absolutely beautiful! Priced $75. The oval framed, 
mustached gentleman is tagged "instant relative. " Ha! Priced $25

this Monte glider is part of their Luca collection and retails for $995. Modern design and extremely comfortable. Our's is in absolutely pristine condition with the exception 
of a small pen mark on the side of the chair. Priced $125

this one piece, retro, small china hutch has had the interior painted a lovely orange-y red. Has an "Oak Master Modern" label in the drawer - but I couldn't find anything online. Priced $125

pine desk in great condition for $95

lovely, one piece, drop down writing desk/dresser/hutch. Large crack runs from end to end on the writing desk part (though doesn't seem to have comprised the integrity of the piece). 
No key. Priced $65

clean up this retro bar cart and you'll have a really clean, retro bar cart! Haha! 
Seriously, it's amazing. Look at those lines! Priced $20

beautiful, curved front, one piece, lighted curio cabinet. Lovely etched glass details. 
Mirrored back. Priced $295. Oh, and this one has a key and does lock

I hesitate to show you this piece since we normally do not accept entertainment centers 
for donation - but this one obviously slipped by. Priced $145 and, I believe, it's 
missing a drawer on the interior bottom part (but not a big deal)

this "dresser" is in "bedroom land" but it's narrower than most dressers so I'm wondering if it's actually a buffet. Lovely piece. Priced low at $55 because it's missing three of its pulls 
(shouldn't be a big deal to replace)

here's another label that has me stumped. I can't find "Open Home" online anywhere. 
Regardless, these two pine pieces are in good condition. The taller chest is 
priced $75 and the matching long, low dresser is $85

if you're looking for a bedroom piece with LOTS of storage - then look no further! This dresser 
with lighted, mirrored hutch provides drawers and shelves and catchalls galore! 
Priced $75 and in very good condition

these two photos are just a reminder we have loads of gorgeous rugs currently in 
our inventory (and almost always do). Lots of sizes, styles and prices! 

lovely dresser with mirror (you can see the top of the mirror peeking/peaking - get it?
over the dresser) in excellent condition and priced $55

wonderful taller chest priced $95 and also in excellent condition

this Rway retro china hutch was manufactured expressly for Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Smith 
(how cool is that?!). Needs some love. Scratch in the glass. Priced $195

oh my goodness! This piece is AMAZING AND GORGEOUS! Antique foyer mirror and the tag states it's missing some trim (but where the trim is missing wasn't super obvious to me). Priced $325

I totally want to keep this popcorn machine and sell popcorn in the store (who doesn't love fresh popped popcorn!) but it would be messy - so we're selling it. We did test out the machine and it's all in working order. Some rust on the frame. Priced $75. Whoever buys this will be the go-to house for every youth group gathering and movie night! 

Take care, dear reader, and stay warm! 

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