Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 19, 2017

Oh man - there was SO MUCH WONDERFUL FURNITURE everywhere I looked last night I had a hard time staying focused! I have lots to show you - so get another cup of tea/coffee, buckle up and let's go!

GORGEOUS, deep moss green, wingback chairs in excellent condition! Priced $125 each

I LOVE this two piece curved sofa with two rolling ottomans! Also a deep green color, brushed corduroy fabric with contrasting trim. All four pieces are in excellent condition! Priced $395. The flower throw pillows are from Newport and are downed filled and priced $18 each. The red stripe pillows are Ralph Lauren, also downed filled and also $18 each 
(the other two throw pillows come with the sofa)

lovely gate legged table with two small drawers on each end. A sorta 
significant chuck out of one edge (see last photo). Priced $65

Oh my! These two Henredon pieces are PRISTINE! Truly it doesn't look like they were ever sat on! The three cushion sofa measures 86" long and is priced $495; the two cushion 
sofa measures 72" and is priced $475. FANTASTIC color too! 

WORKING Japanese pachinko machine. I took photos of everything I thought would 
be important if you're interested in something like this (though I should have 
taken an up-close of the face of it - sorry!). Priced $175

fresh as a daisy - lovely green chair with navy polka-dots! In excellent condition and priced $55

camel back sofa in a fantastic blue velvet upholstery! Some wear. Priced $75. Beautiful quilt (bigger than a throw - probably a twin size) - does need to be laundered. Priced $55

we have a number of these lovely metal framed, square, glass top tables and 
they're fantastic! Priced $65 each

bamboo stand with lift-off tray top - priced $55. There is a split in one of the bamboo legs

this is a WONDERFUL, two piece, pine bookcase! I love the rustic look. In very good condition and the base piece provides lots of storage. Priced $225 and is 7' 3" tall. I might be crazy but I THOUGHT I faintly smelled cigarette smoke when I opened the bottom cabinet

this piece would make a fantastic base for your TV. Both sides of have 
one adjustable shelf. Priced $135

there's some fading along the edges of this Sherrill chair and ottoman - along with some wear - otherwise in good condition (and I love the rose color!). Priced $65 for both pieces

two identical light moss green loveseats and ottomans. All in very good condition. 
Priced $125 per set - which includes one loveseat and one ottoman

I spied a number of these lovely sofa tables scattered throughout the store. Very nice trim detail - formica top that should hold up to just about anything! Priced $45 each

beautiful, ivory color camel back sofa in great condition (I love "bench" seat cushions - less to always be adjusting!). A number of tassels are missing along the front bottom trim. Priced $125

I'm so excited to have these never-been-used, queen size mattresses in our inventory again (all told, the guys made four trips to Serta and we have around 200 mattresses and a couple box springs)! 
I snapped a few photos of price tags so you can see some of our pricing

sweet, white-washed pine Bassett chest of drawers for $85 and matching dresser for $65

remember the Oak Master Modern china cabinet I showed you last week (second photo)? The matching buffet came in this week! Amazing, retro buffet (love the hardware!) priced $155. One piece, smaller, china cabinet is also still available and is priced $125

I find myself loving "shiny" pieces more than I ever have! I LOVE these small, square, metal side table with glass inserts. Priced $25 each. The sofa/entry table is $45

gorgeous oval coffee table for $35. Top needs some work removing 
small damage and it needs to be tightened (fyi)

AMAZING Room & Board chair - alas did have a crack in side 
that's been repaired (second photo). Priced $65

gorgeous, floral loveseat! Both sides recline (and are wall-huggers so can 
sit close to a wall). EXCELLENT condition! Priced $75

lovely iris column (for plants? Treasured vase?). Priced $15 and 
it's way back by the restrooms

super sweet set of seven sitting structures (haha - say that five times fast!) - also known as 
"chairs." $80 will buy you all seven! They do need to be cleaned up (looks like 
they've been in storage for a while). Retro table with one leaf is priced $95

it's NOT too early to be thinking about furnishing your front porch or back deck or sun room. These Lloyd Flanders pieces are wonderful! There's a table with four chairs which are priced $325 for the set. One of the rockers has some wear and is priced $65. Other rocker is in mint condition and is $85. Little footstool is $15 and the side table isn't priced (I'm sure it was simply overlooked)

though one of these captain's chairs is missing some nail-head trim (along the back of the seat - can you see in the second and third photo?). There's something about these chairs that I love. 
Priced $20 each

two pine storage pieces with three plastic bins - all in good condition. Priced $45 each

Thanks for checking out SOME of our current inventory, dear reader! Take care! 


Peggy said...

Whoa Momma - lots of good stuff! Thanks for sharing, Susan. Do you keep a cheat sheet of adjectives next to your computer to reference when describing it all?! :)

Susan said...

Haha! No cheat sheet but I do try to use different words (and imagine people get tried of reading the same ones all the time). That said, I don't want to use words I wouldn't use when I'm talking. I hope people know my goal - when describing the pieces - is to be transparent and honest with a positive spin!

Jennifer said...

Lots of goodies! Do you happen to have dimensions for the pine chest of drawers and the dresser?

Susan said...

Hi Jennifer! Give the store a call at 630.784.2890 after 10 am (when they open) and check first to see if the pieces are still available (we had sales of OVER $5,800 yesterday! Wow!). If they are - someone would be happy to take measurements for you.

Thanks for checking out the blog!