Thursday, February 9, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, February 9, 2017

Man alive! I took and uploaded over 130 photos to share today! Let's get right to it, shall we?

two identical Smithe-Craft sofas both in very good condition though one of has had a leg repaired so is priced slightly less than the other. The one with the repaired leg is $195 and the other $235

there's some wear on this Bauhaus sofa - but it's a great size and color! Priced $145

I love this tufted side chair. In excellent condition. Priced $95

another Bauhaus sofa - this time in a gorgeous leather. Excellent condition. Priced $295

the lines and proportions on this two piece retro storage unit are stunning. Bead board along the back of the hutch. Lots of open and closed storage options. Excellent construction and solidly built. One piece of trim is missing (third photo) and there are some scratches on the side. But look at the design in the hardware! So pretty. I didn't see a name anywhere. Priced $795

gorgeous Thomasville table with two leaves and six chairs for $165. Matching rolling buffet 
(top flips open for additional serving space) in good condition - for $45

there are two identical sofas by Century. Both are in very good condition though there's a small pull on the front skirt of one of them. Both are priced $55. Why so low? We're missing a bunch of back cushions. Easy to replace and the sofas do come with two throw pillows

GORGEOUS Drexel Heritage buffet with burled wood. 
In excellent condition! Priced $145

lovely sofa in excellent condition. Great color and love the nail head trim! Priced $345

fabulous oval wood coffee table. Some wear on top but overall 
excellent piece of furniture! Priced $55

deep purple velvet sofa - some marks in the velvet - priced $55

beautiful beveled glass insert coffee table - excellent condition - priced $95

FIVE piece sectional from International Furniture - in excellent condition! Priced $185

beautiful Pier 1 trunk - slow closing hinges - some minor dings - priced $95

I've shown you these two upholstered benches before but THEY'RE NOW 40% 
OFF THE LOW JUBILEE FURNITURE PRICE! Currently priced $57 each 
(from $95 when I first showed them to you). I love them so much!

words are gonna fail me in trying to describe this three piece sectional! One piece has a sleeper in it. Another piece has two recliners along with a handy spot to put your beverage. And the corner piece? Both an end table AND a working AM/FM radio and cassette player! This piece is pristine! 
Priced $225

two matching rolling retro chairs - both in very good condition - priced $15 each

beautiful Hekman storage bench/cabinet. The perfect height to sit on. Priced $65

lovely multi-stained wood table with one leaf and four chairs - priced $85. 
The two green stained chairs are priced $15 each

AMAZING three piece sectional (I didn't know they made sectional during this period!) from Mastercraft of Omaha. Covered in indestructible Herculean "with pure rubber cushions."  
Really very little wear. Priced $75

nice drop leaf table with one self storing leaf for $65. Two dining chairs priced $45 for both

two - two drawer lateral file cabinets - priced $75 each (they lock but we don't have the keys). Two piece storage unit for $65 (again, locks but no key). And then this two piece desk isn't right by the other pieces - but matches them (in case you're interested in a whole office "suite"). Some minor dings but overall in good condition and priced $65 for both pieces

lovely table with two leaves and six chairs - in good shape - priced $145 for the set

though I typically like clean lines sometimes more orate pieces draw me in too! There's something about this Lea ("The bedroom people") dresser with two mirrors that's sorta cool and attractive! Priced $45

this three drawer dresser by Harmony House - needs some love! The wood is dry and it needs cleaning up. Otherwise the drawers open and close and structurally it's fine.  Priced $55

black IKEA Hemnes 6 drawer chest for $175. Yep - that's only $24 less than if you purchased it new (here's the link) - but it's in excellent condition and ALREADY ASSEMBLED FOR YOU! Woot! 

sweet black painted wood four drawer dresser for $175

nice six drawer maple chest in good condition for $55

wonderful five drawer black - slightly distressed - chest of drawers for $65. Matching three drawer nightstands are priced $35 and $45 (the $35 one is a bit more dinged up - but nothing terrible)

this is an unbelievably GORGEOUS retro Rway dresser with mirror (it's behind the dresser - looked frame-less) AND protective glass on top. Truly it's stunning. The three middle drawers fronts are burled wood to add such an interesting detail. And the legs! Love them so much! 
Excellent condition. Priced $185

wonderful Bassett clothing armoire! Excellent condition. Priced $125

two sweet IKEA one drawer nightstands - both need some work. Priced $15 each (I thought they matched the chest of drawers I showed you earlier - but they don't)

this dresser and mirror (two mirrors but one piece) were manufactured by the West Michigan Furniture Co. located in Holland, MI (here's an interesting read about 'em). The woven material that covers the doors (that open to six pull out drawers) is faded but otherwise this is a gorgeous piece! Priced $295

I feel like I'm overusing the word, "gorgeous" today - but it's the best word to describe so many of our pieces this week. GORGEOUS Henredon buffet (though would work very well for your TV too!). The wood (slightly white washed) - stunning. The hardware - incredible. 
Measures 74" long by 19" deep. Priced $145

I love the colors of this floral sofa - some wear and I noticed some pet hair - priced $45

wonderful child's desk and chair - solid wood - priced $65

more retro furniture - this time a table with two leaves and eight chairs! Three or four of the chairs have rips in the material on the seats and all are - somewhat - faded. Priced $195 for the set

Did you make it all the way to the end, dear reader? I'm impressed! See you next week and until then - stay warm! 


Flip Jork said...

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Amy Stroup said...

Hi there!!

Is the Mastercraft of Omaha three piece sectional still available? Before I make the trek out today--I just want to double check.

*fingers crossed*

Thank you!!

Susan said...

Good question, Amy! Call the store at 630.784.2890 and ask.

I hope it works out - it's a cool piece!

Eugene A. Price said...

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