Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, March 2, 2017

I spent a lot of time researching and providing links to a number of the pieces I'm showing you today - which has me wrapping up later than I normally like - so, without further ado - here are photos of SOME of our current inventory!

do some minor adjusting of cushions and you'll have a wonderful 
two piece Sherrill sectional in very good condition! Priced $295

very nice Stickley brand side chair priced $195

though there are some issues with this Room & Board sofa/chaise (looks like kitty cat scratch marks to me) and I've taken a lot of photos of the issues - overall - this is a really lovely piece of furniture that's super clean, a fantastic color and type of upholstery and would enhance any room! Priced $245

and then in front of the sofa/chaise is this super gorgeous metal base and 
frosted glass top coffee table which is in excellent condition. Lots of surface 
without visually taking up much space. Love it! Priced $145

deep green micro-fiber sofa and chair. Both in excellent condition though the sofa has 
some minor spots which need to be cleaned (I didn't notice any on the chair). 
Sofa priced $295 and the chair $145

Carson's over-sized chair in excellent condition - not sure why 
it's priced only $75 (unless I missed something?)

another neat glass top coffee table - this time on a wooden base. 
Excellent condition and priced $65

you HAVE to see these two identical wingback chairs in person to appreciate the wonderful check pattern and colors and how pristine they are! From a fabulous repeat donors 
who always gives us amazing furniture! Priced $125 each

unusual metal base hall, sofa or entry table - in good condition - priced $75

very nice two piece sectional - someone had just steam cleaned it and there were still some darker damp spots that you might see in these photos (occasionally we have enough volunteers helping set up that we can steam clean something but we do not do that to every piece of furniture - FYI). 
Priced $185

really lovely two pedestal table with six chairs. I did not see any leaves (though the table can accommodate leaves). In very good condition. Priced $295

gorgeous Thomasville two piece lighted china cabinet in excellent condition for $165

lovely buffet (interesting aside - buffets and low dressers make excellent bases for your flat screen TV and provide lots of wonderful storage too!) priced $125

just a ways past the register are two rows of rockers lined up and every one is 
marked 50% the already low Jubilee Furniture price! I love them all! 

this is an AMAZING Lane brand retro table with two leaves and six chairs! The chair bases are metal (the two arm chairs have wooden arms with the metal base). The two leaves are solid wood and definitely match the table but are NOT the parquet style of the table top. The chairs need some spot cleaning - but I didn't notice anything too bad. Priced $345 for the whole set

this solid cherry two piece china cabinet was made by LeBrun Bros. Inc. out of Greensboro, North Carolina (here's a quick bit about the company) and it's simply stunning (you can see the two leaves that go with the Lane table leaning against the piece). Priced $125

did I show you this table with three leaves and five chairs already? If so, it's worth another look because it's priced only $55 for the whole set! Wow! It's in good condition 
so not sure why it's priced so low

the temptation to walk up these two mahogany, three tier side tables MIGHT be too hard to resist - BUT - resist I did! One is missing some wood veneer and is priced $45 and the other $65. 
Some of the surface is covered with leather

very nice Jamestown Table Company - Taylor Made Furniture - dresser priced $65

other than a slight tear on one corner of this Crate & Barrel king size upholstered headboard, footboard and side rails - this bed is in pristine condition! I LOVE the nail-head trim along the headboard! From their Colette collection this bed retails for $1,999 and gets 4.8 stars out of 65 reviews! Our price? $395 - that's 80% OFF the retail price! Gadzooks - what a deal! 

here's another very nice king size headboard, footboard and side rails.. Wood this time and I love the simple design of the headboard. In excellent condition and priced $195. Mattress and box spring sold separately and, I'm sorry, I didn't note the price

I was scratching my head as I looked at this very nice four drawer dresser wondering what happened when I remembered a donor telling me he'd cut off the side trim in order to fit the piece in a closet! Haha! Otherwise - in excellent condition and priced only $35

two matching TEN drawer dressers and two matching two drawer nightstands from Shermag Furniture's Contour collection. I found the dresser ON SALE for $997.50 here. I actually can't find the nightstand online anywhere (and Shermag doesn't carry this collection any longer). Our prices? The dressers are priced $165 each and the nightstands $75 each 

I love the size of this retro three drawer dresser! In great condition and priced $55

gorgeous full size headboard, footboard and side rails for $85. Very beautiful. On the price tag Nancy (one of our amazing volunteers) noted the headboard would make a beautiful bench if you had the woodworking skills to re-purpose it (and she's right - it would!)

I love this clothing cabinet - even has a pull out tie bar! In excellent condition and priced $55

we received some cool "smalls" this week - so be sure and check out all the 
goodies in the large cabinets along the west wall in the main showroom area! 

and by the wall of "smalls" is this wee little side table - just as cute as a button sitting there. Has one drawer and a shelf (for a phone book? It reminds me of an old telephone table). Priced $15

Blessings on you, dear reader! 

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