Thursday, May 4, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello and welcome!

As you know I typically start at the front of the store and move back - often, if truth be told, petering out before I get to the back and rarely take photos of furniture in that section of the store. Well, not today! A number of things caught my eye in the large section behind our "boutique" area and so I have lots of photos of a different part of the store than I normally showcase. Not to worry, there are still a number of photos from the boutique but other than several pics of a really beautiful bunk bed system from "bedroom land" - there's nothing else from THAT part of the store in today's post (SORRY - it's late when I arrive to take photos and I've already worked a full day and I'm old[er] and get tired!).

With that ridiculous intro over - let's begin!

two extremely nice wingback chairs - priced $65 each

Victorian carved walnut chair - a really cool piece - priced $65

except for some paint (I think) on the back of this mid-century modern, swivel chair (which I think you should be able to remove without damaging the chair) - this is one sweet piece! Priced $75. I believe it's covered with a Naugahyde material (which is like a pleather or faux leather)

wonderful TV stand - lots of room for electronic and other things. Measures 69" wide and 20 1/2" deep. In the drawer are legs that can be added to the piece. Priced $95 and in excellent condition

a pair of cool Victorian chairs - one is priced $45 and the other $25 (see second to last photo - where the fabric has pulled away from the arms - that's the $25 one). Gorgeous drop leaf, gate leg small table - currently 25% off original $95 price - now $71.25

this $10 pine table caught my eye. I love that it's smaller (30" x 47 1/2") and I love the price (hello? $10!). Yep - it needs to be sanded down and re-stained or painted - top is pretty worn 
and scratched but for $10 what a deal! 

these pieces are not going to be to everyone's taste - but I think they're AMAZING! Purchased from Restano Furniture Interiors in Chicago (I can't find much about the store except for this ad from The Daily Herald on February 23, 1961). Let's start with a 9' long sofa - one end is curved - overall in very good condition. I notice a piece of the green velvet trim has come off on the side. Priced $195. There are two matching side chairs which are priced $75 each. A side table (one side opens for storage) for $55. Glass oval coffee table for $95. If you wanted to buy all five pieces - the cost (before taxes) would be $495 BUT we're offering you a $50 savings IF YOU PURCHASE ALL FIVE PIECES - so total cost would be $445 (plus tax). Table lamp with fringed shade is $60

very nice Flexsteel sofa in good condition for $55

two piece Bassett sofa/chaise - some wear - for $85; matching rolling storage ottoman for $15

excellent condition Broyhill sleeper sofa for $65

this Pottery Barn loveseat is priced only $15! Structurally it's in great shape BUT does need to be cleaned (and probably professionally cleaned). A few spots but primarily just normal dirt from living. I did notice that the material is slightly frayed by one front leg (last photo)

next to the Pottery Barn loveseat is this sweet angled bookshelf. Some of the 
wood veneer is off but, again, structurally it's great. Also priced $15

I love, love, love this curved sofa with contrasting materials! There's a small herringbone check on the main body of the sofa. This piece is in EXCELLENT condition. 
Priced $75 and the throw pillows are $5 each

man - if you're looking for a mirror - we've got you covered! 
Tons of selection currently in the store!

here's another piece that I absolutely LOVE. Marshall Field chair and ottoman - again, I believe, covered in Naugahyde. In EXCELLENT condition - just needs to be wiped down (it's dusty - I didn't want to sit on it because it was so dusty). Price for both pieces? Only $25!

really attractive Hooker brand writing desk with black top. 
Measures 28" x 5'. In very good condition and priced $175

oh wow - if you have the space this is a GORGEOUS Walter E. Smithe three piece wall unit. All three pieces are lighted and there's TONS of storage and display shelves! So, so pretty and in excellent condition. Priced $325

right by the wall unit is this cool leather recliner that had a piece of tape with a $20 price written on it. I believe that's the price though since it's not an "official" price tag maybe someone wasn't sure and wanted input from others. Yep, it's stained but other than that the leather is in 
excellent condition and it's an amazing chair

I'm not sure what the top is made of on this kidney bean shaped desk/table but it's solid and an interesting color. Extremely well made - the last photo shows you two of the four legs which support the top - and they're industrial looking! Excellent condition and priced $25

really neat table with two leaves and four chairs. Fantastic wood details on both the table and the chairs - though a lot of the trim is missing from the table. Priced $95 for the whole set

this desk has a storage piece that sits on top (but isn't attached and could be removed if you don't need or want it). Creamy white color - there are some dings in the finish but nothing horrible. This piece too is really well built. Priced $65 and the desk measures 30" x 5'. Not finished on the back

two identical wooden bookcases. They measure 7' tall by 32" wide by 12" deep. Most of the shelves are adjustable. Both are in very good condition and are priced $115 each

very nice table (measures 35" x 59" and there are no leaves and wasn't designed to open and add leaves) with four chairs (two with arms). Excellent condition and priced $245

these two Thomasville pieces are a GORGEOUS blue color. Yep - need some work and missing pulls on a number of the door/drawer hardware but LOOK AT THAT COLOR! So pretty. Both pieces are two pieces (does that make sense?). Both cabinets are priced $65 each

WOW - that's all I can say about this FABULOUS red velvet sofa! 
It's in excellent condition and priced $275

oh man - here's another piece I absolutely love! This table measures 22" x 53 1/2" but then 
has a self-storing leaf that when in place expands the table to 3'! Yes, the wood leaf 
needs to be refinished - but look at this piece! It's so amazing! Priced $125

this two piece sofa/chaise from Room & Board is from their Harding collection and retails for $2,498. Though the fabric on the end of the chaise is slightly damaged and I saw a small discoloration on one end (last photo - a slight red on the side that didn't immediately come off when I brushed at it) there is nothing else the matter with this sectional! Great color fabric and the classic lines of all R&B furniture. Our price is $225 which is OVER 90% OFF THE RETAIL PRICE!

we often say (well, at least I often say) "You never know what you'll find at Jubilee Furniture!" And this old Bissell push broom is a perfect example! I didn't try it out so 
don't know if it works - but it's so cool! Priced $45

three piece Crate & Barrel dark green sectional. Some minor wear but 
overall in very good condition. Priced $195

gorgeous marble pedestal! Priced $95

this set of bunk beds from Golden Tadco (out of Dayton, NJ) is solid wood and in excellent condition! Apparently we're missing some hardware to attached the side rails and 
ladder but that shouldn't be hard to replace. Priced $245 and with the 
slats you don't need a box spring under the mattress (fyi)

cool round glass display piece - priced $95 (it looked to me 
like it might spin around but it doesn't)

lovely baker's rack in excellent condition for $85

amazing Thomasville dining table with two leaves and six chairs - 
everything's in excellent condition! Priced $195 for the set! 

Okay, dear reader - that's all I got for you today though you know there's LOTS MORE IN THE STORE! See you next week! 

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