Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, June 15, 2017

If you're a Jubilee Furniture customer AND donor - which a lot of you are - the next time you phone in to donate something you might hear a new voice answering the donation "hotline" number (630.337.1467). Yvonne Cole started Monday in the part-time role of Marketing Assistant and will be responsible for online sales (finding a market for our more "unique" pieces that don't always sell well in the store. Like the accordion I showed you a couple of weeks ago - which, in case you're wondering, is STILL available for purchase!) and providing additional phone coverage for incoming donation calls Monday through Friday until 6 pm (she's still in training and our extended phone hours won't start for another four or five weeks - but they're coming!).

I'm thrilled to have Yvonne here - and as I was giving her an overview of what I do I showed her the blog and mentioned I'd started it "six or seven years ago." Well, that got me thinking and I went back to see exactly when I DID start the blog and it was June 4, 2009! So, my eighth blog anniversary recently came and went! Unbelievable.

The purpose when I started the blog and the reason I still do it - is to provide you with photos, descriptions and pricing of some of the new-to-us pieces that were donated that week - with the hope something will catch your eye and you'll make plans to stop in the store and take a closer look (and then maybe BUY the item!). So, without further ado, let's see what I got for you this week!

two matching Riverside brand wingback chairs - both in good condition. 
Priced $65 each

genuine Lazboy sleeper sofa - love the yellow, blue plaid! Some minor fuzzing of the upholstery but otherwise in good condition (I did NOT open up the bed and look at the mattress - 
so make sure you do if you're interested in purchasing!). Priced $135

two leather Barcaloungers. They rock AND recline (you'll need a fair amount of room around these to recline them - but, man-oh-man, when reclined they're are amazingly comfortable - like you could sleep in 'em comfortable!). The one that has some damage on the arm is priced $75 and the other $95. The donor told me she paid $1,500 each when she purchased them originally

GORGEOUS Bernhardt sofa in excellent condition. Priced $325

wonderful red side chair - excellent condition - priced $95

FANTASTIC marble top buffet? entry table? bathroom vanity? SO MANY OPTIONS! There is a crack in the marble but I really thought it was simply the veining in the marble and 
I'm still not sure I found the real crack. Priced $425

really beautiful Wesley Hall sofa in very, very good condition. Priced $325

over-sized chair and matching sofa - both of them a beautiful micro-suede fabric and both in excellent condition! The chair is priced $135 and the sofa $295

tucked away and hard to photograph (sorry!) is the sweetest make-up table with a tilting mirror you've ever seen! (It's next to the sofa I just showed you to help you find it if interested). 
Beautiful wood and has two drawers. Priced $125

this Spanish style dining set is solid wood and amazing! The table measures 98" x 35" and comes with EIGHT chairs (two with arms). Some scratches on the table top - but easy enough to cover up. The table and eight chairs are priced $525. Matching two piece hutch is $245 and 
buffet $225 (buffet is 5' long and 17 1/2" deep)

H. M. Richards brand loveseat (VERY over-sized chair?) is a lovely moss green micro-suede with contrasting trim and is in excellent condition. Priced $95

Pottery Barn pine table with two leaves and six chairs (two white frames and the others natural wood). With the leaves in the table measures 6' long and 45" wide. The leaves are each 14" wide. Excellent condition and priced $445. These chairs retail for $199 EACH which means the six chairs retailed for $1,194 (it looks like Pottery Barn doesn't carry this same table any longer)

PRISTINE Ethan Allen sofa - covered in this cool "wood grain" pattern. Priced $395

JC Penney leather sofa and matching chair. Both - overall - are in excellent condition. There is a very small spot on the edge of the chair where the leather rubbed off (I think) - which would be easy to "color" so you'd never notice it. The tag on the sofa says the back is loose and I noticed on the left side (as you're facing the sofa) there's some give to the back so I'm guessing that's what was meant (but check it out carefully). The sofa is priced $365 and the chair $185 (here's a similar JCP set for $2,622.50 which includes a loveseat - but that gives you an idea of original price)

wonderful six drawer dresser with mirror for $75

love the yellow stain on these pieces! All are in good condition (white formica tops on everything which is hard to damage!). Nightstand is $35. Dresser is $55 (and later I found the matching wall mirror that goes with the dresser - but I don't know if it will be priced separately - but I did move it to the top of the dresser). Desk with bookcase hutch and chair for $65

wonderful white wicker TWO piece dresser with mirror. Small stain on 
top of the dresser. Priced $125

GORGEOUS Cavalier - genuine mahogany - retro dresser. Small gouge in wood on the front edge of the dresser on the right hand side (as you're looking at the dresser - 
you can see it in the first photo). Priced $75

another wonderful dresser - love the smaller drawers in the center! 
Good condition. Priced $85

Virginia House maple chifferobe - sweetest thing ever! Overall in 
very good condition (just needs to be cleaned up). Priced $95

I love, love, love this LONG 12 drawer dresser! One mark on the top but otherwise in very good condition. Measures 62" wide x 17  1/4" deep and stands 33 1/2" from the floor to the top (I share that because I thought this might make an excellent base for a flat screen TV). Priced $95

FANTASTIC Henredon's 18th Century Portfolio two piece, lighted china cabinet. It's 74" wide and stand 7' tall and at its deepest is 18" (15" deep on the sides). Priced $295. 
An identical one is priced $900 on ebay!

super cute wall mirror with wrought iron animals and 
people around the frame! Priced $20

unusual round side table (table top is painted black) for $45

lovely glass top entry or sofa table - chip in one corner of the glass (drat!). 
Priced $55

if you're looking for an amazing storage piece - then look no further! The main body of this oak cabinet is 38" wide (but at the top with the trim it's 42 1/2") and stands 82" high and is 19" deep (again the trim at the top will extend a little further than that). There are four shelves next to the cabinet and LOTS of holes so you can customize the distance between shelves to whatever you want (I didn't see any pegs to put in the holes which support the shelves - but you can 
buy a box of 'em at any hardware store). Excellent condition. Priced $125

nice dark wood table with one self-storing leaf and six chairs. Some minor dings in the wood (that's the negative with dark wood, you can see every ding). I love the border of darker inlaid wood in the table top (last photo). Leather on the chairs all looks to be in very good condition. Priced $85 for the whole set! Oh and table - without the leaf - measures 5' x 42"

yep - there are a number of places where the bonded leather on this sofa and chaise has peeled off (here's an interesting read on the difference between leather and bonded leather) and there's one small puncture too (and some threads coming undone) but this is an amazingly comfortable piece and at $95 well worth the money for something you won't mind if your kids beat up! Ha! 

with a little (or more?) elbow grease you can clean up this puppy and you'll have a 
FABULOUS rolling kitchen cart! Priced $35

high top table with one self storing leaf and EIGHT chairs. Solid wood. Again some dings and scratches but overall an amazing set! Priced $225. Table is 3' x 54" WITHOUT the leaf

and this weekend you'll find All ARTWORK 50% OFF! Woot!

Another introduction is in order before I wrap up, dear reader. You might have already met Joel (pronounced Ho-el) but if not - he's our new Warehouse Manager! John Wasp has moved to Texas and though we were very sad to see him go - we're so happy to have Joel handling things in the warehouse. Gary and Jon continue to be an important part of our warehouse team - as well as the students in our Employment Opportunity Center program (who rotate in and out). Another nice thing is Joel can be reached on the warehouse phone (630.244.0751) to schedule a customer pickup or donor drop-off on days other than Thursday, Friday and Saturday (on days the store IS NOT OPEN please always phone first to check to make sure Joel's there - and he never works on Sundays. No call is necessary to pickup or drop-off during normal store hours). 

That's all I got for you this week! Take care!