Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, June 8, 2017

The same daughter (I only have one - ha!) who called me about last week's rainbow saw Wonder Woman the day it was released - loved it so much she suggested I go see it with her (which we did Monday after work).What a moving, empowering and extremely entertaining movie! Highly recommend if you haven't seen it yet.

Restoring hope and providing opportunities - which is empowering people - is exactly what Outreach Community Ministries does day in and day out. When you purchase something from Jubilee Furniture or donate to us - you're part of that empowering and we're so very grateful! 

What follows are photos of SOME of our current inventory. I showcase new-to-us pieces each Thursday to give you a glimpse into the store so you can decide if you want to make plans to stop in. Let's take a look:

these unique wood planters? pedestals for a figurine? vase? something else? stand 5' tall and are 27" x 27" at the top (their widest point). Some nicks and dings but nothing a 
wood cover-up stick wouldn't easily fix. Priced $50 each 

this is a STUNNING Baker Furniture sideboard. Absolutely gorgeous. Amazing eagles on the hardware. Beautiful inlaid wood creates visual interest around each drawer and the sides and legs. Every other photo I took was blurry (oh my goodness! What is my problem?!) but 
you really have to see this one in person to appreciate it. Priced $295 and 
measures 65" across and 37" from floor to top surface

small French style cabinet - there are no shelves (and it looked to me like it 
wasn't designed to have any). Beautiful condition and priced $85

another gorgeous sideboard - this one measures 66" across x 2' deep and is 
39" from the floor to the top. Priced $255

cool wood table lamp - there is a crack in the base but it doesn't look bad - priced $25

this entry/sofa table has custom made protective glass on top, measures 
54" wide by 18" deep, 30" from floor to top and is priced $95

okay - hang in there with me on this one. Three piece sofa/bed/storage by Istikbal. I couldn't find this exact style on their website but let me tell you about these versatile pieces. The sofa easily flattens and when you add the ottoman piece creates a nice size bed. Under the sofa is storage. The chaise piece also provides storage and flattens for sleeping (I'd a thought the ottoman would open for storage too but it doesn't). The arms/sides on the sofa and the chaise are covered with changeable pieces. The dark brown is currently on them but there are beige ones in the chaise storage piece OR you could leave them off and the arms/sides are the same two tone as the rest of the piece (see fifth photo down - that's a peek at the arms/sides under the changeable piece) . Some 
wear but overall in excellent condition. Priced $395 for all three pieces

fantastic glass coffee table in excellent condition for $155; 
matching wood end table for $65

beautiful mission style oak coffee table with two stained glass inserts. Excellent condition. Measures 44" x 44" and is priced $145. Later in this post I'll show you a matching end table - so stay tuned! 

lovely side table that measures 27" x 27" and is priced $125

this striped velour? velvet? side chair is PRISTINE! AND comfortable. AND attractive. 
Wow! Priced $125

the price tag says this is a pleather loveseat but it looks like leather to me (but I admit I have a very hard time telling the difference if it's a good quality pleather - which this is) in excellent condition. More wear on the ottoman but overall both are amazing! Priced $175 for both

two ciscobrothers chairs - some wear especially on the arms - priced $45 each

this barrister bookcase comes apart into five pieces (the three bookcases, one desk piece and the base piece) so would be very easy to move. Needs to be cleaned up and has a number of dings on the wood - but very cool. I thought it was interesting that the four little drawers are partially covered at the top (like they were used to scoop something?). Priced $165

lovely yellow striped side chair by Town and Country - priced $65

I love the clean lines on this two piece Thomasville lighted china cabinet. Excellent condition but the side glass is missing (last photo). Oops. Not sure how that happened. Priced $275

I love the rustic finish on the metal of this coffee table! 
Excellent condition and priced $135 (measures 36" x 53")

nice shade of brown on these two pieces! Some wear showing on the micro-suede and 
one arm on the loveseat has sorta "flattened." Sofa is priced $145; loveseat $75

I'm so tempted to buy this bookcase (love the size - which is 10 1/2" deep x 36" wide x 43" high). Some minor dings. Priced $85

have I shown you this amazing sofa before? It looks familiar. Well, it's too cool not to show again! Measures 7' 4" long and is in remarkably good condition for it's age (ha!). Priced $75

here's the mission style end table - also with a stained glass insert - that matches the coffee table I showed you earlier. Excellent condition and priced $85 (measures 26" x 26")

this two piece sofa/chaise by West Elm is unbelievably gorgeous and looks almost like new - seriously. Some very minor "fuzzing" of the tweed upholstery that most people wouldn't even notice. This combo in this fabric retails for $2,398. Our price? A hefty $775 but that's 67.5% OFF retail price which is an amazing deal when you consider the condition!

very nice oak dining table (measures 3' x 6') and six chairs (upholstery looks to be in very good condition though I didn't look at every chair). Priced $95

clean up this two piece entertainment unit and you'll have a great looking spot for your flat screen TV AND lots of storage! Measures 76" across and the base piece is 23" deep. Priced $95

wonderful wood credenza with lots of storage. Measures 5' across and is 19" deep and priced $65

there are two of these sweet deep rose velvet wingback chairs. The back of both is very faded and you can see that the skirt is faded too BUT - they're AMAZING and fairly comfortable AND priced $20 each! I had a customer (Hi Kim!) remove the skirt from a couple of chairs she bought from us a number of years ago - and they looked amazing (she showed me photos - I love your customers!)

four excellent condition dining chairs - priced $95 for all four. Dining table is now 25% off original price of $65 making it now $48.75 (and it has one leaf)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Key City (looks like a custom furniture maker located in MN) sofa! The fabric is sorta fuzzy towel like (does that make sense?) but just looking at the bright color flowers makes me smile! Probably should be cleaned (whitish background on the seat cushion doesn't look as white as the body of the sofa). Priced $55 and measures 92" long! 

here is an absolute show-stopper of a wall unit! Not to everyone's taste - but you gotta admit it's fun! I'm not sure how many pieces it breaks down into - but at least the two side cabinet are separate from the middle cabinet (I just don't know if the middle pieces come off the base part or if it's attached). Lots of neat parts that light up AND there's a record player AND cassette player (donor told me everything works - but you better check it out yourself - so bring your favorite cassette and vinyl!). Priced $295

very nice white wooden cafe height table (measures 42" x 5" and 
sits 35" from floor to top surface). Priced $85

gorgeous glass top (look at the scalloped edge!) table with two pedestals and six chairs (glass measures 42" x 66"). Excellent condition though some spots on the seat cushions. Priced $295

Hammary Furniture makes this coffee table (measures 42" x 42") with four rolling stools that neatly fit underneath! The tops of the stools come off and there's storage inside. Such a neat design! Looks like a puppy might have chewed on a corner of one stool (or more - I didn't check them all out). Priced $75 for everything! 

We're always saying, "You never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture!" and I might add, "You never know what special sale is going on either!". This week select nightstands and side tables are priced $10! Wow! Sale only good today, tomorrow and Saturday. 

There's lots of great furniture in "bedroom land" (I saw two gray metal "loft" beds) but my phone/camera battery died plus I'd already taken over 100 photos - so you'll have to go in to see that yourself, dear reader!  As always, thanks for checking out the blog! 

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