Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hey there! I have a number of things to share with you before we begin.

One: Remember last week when I told you the pillow/cushion sale was that weekend only? Well, the powers that be decided to extend the sale another weekend. So, if you were out of town last weekend and despaired you'd missed out - despair no more! Throw pillows are $10 (normally $15) and cushions are $8 (normally $10). These are high end product from the outdoor furniture showrooms at the Merchandise Mart. Most (all?) are designed to be water resistance (and even if get wet will dry out over time).

Two: Windsor Park Manor - a retirement community just a short distance west of our building (on North Ave. west of Schmale Road) is holding their first ever, open to the general public, furniture, home decor and kitchenware sale on Friday and Saturday (July 21 and 22) from 10 am to 3 pm. I'm assuming there'll be signs to direct you to the "store" but it's in unit A114 in the main building. I'd probably bring cash or a check (not sure if they'd be set up to handle credit or debit card payment - though I could be wrong). 100% of the proceeds will go to their benevolent fund which helps defray the cost of living there for residents who outlive their resources. Tell Lois and Judy I said, "Hi!".

Three: A number of pieces towards the back of the store caught my eye as I was walking through to turn the lights on last night so I made the bold (ha!) decision to start in the back and work forward (I normally do the opposite). So, fasten your seat-belts and let's get this show on the road!

lovely light green painted wood bookcase. Measures 33 1/2" wide and is 6' tall and 13" deep. I saw it in the back before it was priced and put on the floor and someone had added some decoration (almost like decoupage) on each corner. Those were removed - which is probably a good thing (didn't add to the piece) - but then left some dark spots where the glue (?) was. Priced $65

there are four drop leaf tables all grouped together towards the back of the store and each one is gorgeous and marked down 40 to 65% from the original low Jubilee Furniture price! 
Check 'em out if you're in the market! 

two matching oak bookcases with SIX adjustable shelves on each side (so twelve shelves with each bookcase!). They measure: 4' wide by 12" deep by 7' tall. At one time the shelves were labeled and there's still some of the white label that you'll have to remove - but I'd bet - they'd 
clean up like a charm and look fantastic! Priced $85 each

and then here's an open bookcase (donor told me she used it as a room divider) that's a combination of oak and oak laminate. This one measures 5' wide by 17" deep by 76" tall and is priced $55

two identical (at first I thought the woman seated was holding a different bunch of flowers on each lamp - but I was wrong), large table lamps. Just think of the stories you could make up about these two women and their cat! I think these lamps would not only provide light but also hours of fun!  
Of course, you'd name the women and the cat (right? wouldn't you give 
each of the ladies and the kitty cat a name?). Priced $40 each

two piece Pennsylvania House buffet with hutch. The base measures 54" wide by 20" deep by 35 1/2" from floor to top. The hutch is 51" at its widest by 11" at it's deepest and 35 1/2" high (shelves are only 6 1/2" deep). You can see the wood is faded on one side but this would be a 
FABULOUS piece to either paint or re-stain. Priced $115

super cute creamy white distressed small farmhouse table with four chairs (with rush seats - and I checked the rush on all four and all are in perfect condition). Table is 51" x 31 1/2" 
and the set is priced $125

four rattan chairs with cushions for $120. Rattan needs to be re-stained 
but otherwise in good condition

SIX (two with arms) cool, old chairs - wood is worn but you could do something 
special with these - AND they're priced only $60 for all six!

AMAZING Allan Copley Designs end table and matching coffee table part of his Sarasota collection. I found the same coffee table here for $1,227. Our price? $125 and the end table is $95. Such a deal! FYI - the coffee table is wobbly - like it's missing one of it's "feet" but it's super heavy and I couldn't turn it over to check it out (but you should if you're interested since, as you know, all sales are final!)

lovely upholstered and rattan loveseat - in very good condition - priced $125. 
Round "ball" pillow is $8

LOVE the oak leaf design on this sideboard! Measures 5' across and 20 1/2" deep and 
3' from floor to top. Some dings and marks in the wood. Priced $195

GORGEOUS Betsy Cameron - for Lexington - SIX drawer dresser 
(LOVE the shallow top drawer). Priced $155

cool, older curvy dresser - there's a mirror behind it but I don't think it goes with it 
(but I could be wrong) - priced $65

FANTASTIC - direct from the showroom of a high end outdoor furniture manufacturer at the Merchandise Mart - aluminium table (it's 35 1/2" x 35 1/2" square) with two chairs. 
Can be used indoors or out. Priced $335

get these two Taylorsville wingback chairs cleaned (LOVE the watermark fabric) 
and they'd be amazing! Priced $45 each

beautiful glass coffee table - measures 30" x 54" - excellent condition - priced $125

this retro chair was just reupholstered by one of our volunteers and she did an AMAZING job! Perfect choice of fabric! Priced $85 and could probably go for twice that! 

two stone top and metal base side tables. Large and heavy. One of them has a 
chip on the edge and is priced $45 and the other is $75

Craftmaster chair for Toms-Price - very good condition - priced $145. Love the contracting check fabric peeking out along the bottom of the chair (can you see it?)

two matching black painted cabinets. Both have a drop down desk? bar? Truthfully, you'd have to add legs before the drop down piece would be the right height for either. It's also missing knobs on the two bottom drawers. LOVE the trim pieces! Priced $85 each

metal base, painted "tray" table. Super sweet! Priced $75

oh my goodness! This is a custom made, hand-crafted, hammered metal credenza. Donor told me she paid $3,000 for it originally. Measures 63" wide by 19" deep and stands 34" from floor to top. Black painted glass top. Stunning piece. Some slight discoloration on the metal (not sure what that is from - surely not rust?). Our price is $595. Four cooper martini "glasses" - new from Pier 1 - priced $24 for all four (tags still on 'em show they originally sold for $14.95 each)

AMAZING old desk with leather insert top. There's a crack on the top (doesn't cause any structural damage). Finished on front. Priced $325 and measures 30" x 57"

this is a ROCKER/recliner loveseat (it's a tiny bit weird in that it still rocks even when it's reclined - normally the rocker action stops when reclined - not horrible but just different). Wonderful micro-suede upholstery. One pen mark on the front side. Priced $175

the sofa looks sort of faded in these photos - but it isn't, I promise! Wonderful oversize chair for $65 and matching sofa for $95 - both are in very good condition

round glass, wood and metal coffee table - perfect condition - for $125

plaid sofa by Bernhardt Studio - looks like no one ever sat on it! Priced $95

two double wide bookcases with adjustable shelves (two of the shelves are glass - see last photo). Measure 47" wide by 13 1/2 deep by 7' tall. Lighted but the tags say the lights don't work (maybe the light bulbs just need replacing?). Priced $150 each and though there are a few dings in the wood - these are gorgeous pieces! 

BEAUTIFUL Room & Board sofa - really in excellent condition - priced $225

lovely wood coffee table for $45

Thanks for stopping by, dear reader! I hope you're staying cool and dry! See you next week! 

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