Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, July 27, 2017

I want to start by letting you know I'm off next week and so there'll not be a new post until Thursday, August 10. You'll have to go into the store to see what's new next Thursday! What a strange and weird concept, huh?! Haha!

But this week I have OVER 140 photos to share - so we have no time to dilly-dally! Let's go!

this three piece gray sectional is in very good condition (I noticed a few pet hairs - but not a big deal) and the price of $245 includes the ottoman! The two Universal Furniture side chairs are 
priced $55 each and are also in very good condition

lovely tile-top coffee table for $55

there are THREE matching arm chairs - all in excellent condition - priced $95 each. 
The one different one (though with the same striped seat upholstery) is $45

give this fantastic pleather (leather?) wingback a good vacuuming 
(dust in the button indents) and it'll be amazing! Priced $55

Baker brand three drawer small chest for $65. LOVE the brass details! 

very nice Wesley Hall - crafted exclusively for Toms-Price - loveseat for $395

this is a FABULOUS Heywood Wakefield two piece china cabinet! The base measures 21" deep by 50" across and stands 32" from the floor to the top. The top piece is 12 1/2" deep by 34" across and measures 33" high. Overall in excellent condition though there is some fading? 
on one side of the base piece (last photo). Priced $325

over-sized chair and ottoman - in good condition - priced $85

this is actually a very cool Stanley brand round wood (it's 4' round) coffee table with metal legs. At first I thought someone had spilled paint on the legs - but I think it's the finish coming off (not rust but like the metal was coated with something that's coming off). Priced $55

not sure why my photo of this PRISTINE Ethan Allen loveseat isn't crisper (I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the photographer! Ha!). This truly is a gorgeous piece 
though definitely on the "formal" side. Priced $375

we really have some cool side chairs in the store - including these two. 
Excellent condition and priced $65 each

beautiful Henredon sofa? loveseat? (measures 77" across) in very good condition - priced $395

two matching drop-leaf side tables. LOVE the inlaid wood on the top and legs! Gorgeous! 
In excellent condition and priced $75 each

a two piece curved "conservation" sofa (the curve makes talking with others on the sofa easier and more comfortable) by Sherrill. In EXCELLENT condition though one of the cushions you'd lean against - is coming away from the back upholstery (not seen unless you're looking for it). Priced $395

oh man - I LOVE this Thomasville fold out small writing desk! So sweet! In excellent condition (the wood that folds out is darker than the rest - so there has been some slight fading). 
Priced $345 and it's 34" across

this mahogany secretary is also gorgeous! LOVE all the little slots and the sweet door (look at the knob to open the door!). A small piece pulls out and you can hide (small) valuables in it! Priced $145

lovely brown wicker and rattan rocker - in good condition - priced $75

excellent condition sofa by Carson's - priced $225

amazing green velvet sofa with wood trim - priced $95. Lovely wood coffee table - 
measures 30" x 50" and in good condition - also priced $95

wonderful Motioncraft green leather wingback/recliner! So comfortable! Priced $65

beautiful flame-stitch upholstered wingback - looks in perfect condition! - priced $85

oh man - I LOVE this cool old table with three leaves and four chairs! Table measures 41" x 42" without the leaves - and the leaves are each 9" wide. There's a supporting leg in the middle of the table to keep the table top level when the leaves are added. Considering the age (old) - 
everything's in remarkably good condition. Priced $225 for the set

and then look at this unbelievable, wonderful old table! Top lifts up and two pull out end leaves slide in or out. With the leaves tucked away the table measures 35 1/2" x 3' and with both leaves pulled out 35 1/2" x 59 1/2". Look at the turned legs! LOVE! Oh and it's priced $125

I have two more Heywood Wakefield pieces for you. First up - this large coffee table. Measures  41" x 41" and those aren't drawers but DOORS that slide back and forth. There are three doors BUT there SHOULD be a fourth - and it's missing (sad face). Two of the three doors are also missing the pull knob (another sad face here). All that said, clean this puppy up and it'll look wonderful. Priced $225

and then the final Heywood Wakefield piece (for this week - ha!) is this end table. It measures 33" x 31 1/2" and other than needing to be dusted - is in excellent condition. Priced $125

have I shown you this Ethan Allen sofa before? It's truly lovely and in 
excellent condition and priced $65! Love it! 

and then this sofa looks to be in perfect condition - seriously - it's amazing but priced only $25 so I kept looking to see what was wrong with it and couldn't find anything! Maybe whoever priced it didn't like the upholstery (which I think is FANTASTIC)?

lovely 37" round oak table with four chairs - all in good condition - priced $65 for the set

Ashley Furniture table (no leaves - though designed to have 'em) and four chairs. Put some work into this set - table top is pretty beat up and chairs need to be cleaned and new fabric on the seats - and you'll have a really nice dining set!  Priced $65 for all

this is an AMAZING bedroom set! It took a little digging but based on a tag on the back of the mirror - I think this is a retro set purchased from the Wilson-Jump Co. (moved from South Michigan Ave. to a more visible location on North Wabash on 10/26/69 - read about it here) and manufactured by Embassy House (still sells furniture through Walter E. Smithe). In great condition! Pricing is as follows: two nightstands are $45 each; taller clothing armoire is $195; dresser with mirror $165 and then sitting on the dresser is a two drawer small chest which is priced $65 (add it to the clothing armoire for addition storage at the top? Though you'd have to be pretty tall to use them. Oh wait - I think the two drawer piece should be put on top of the long dresser - on one side and then the mirror goes next to it. The mirror isn't that wide which seemed a little "off" when I was looking at it based on how wide the dresser is - so that's my best guess). The decorative "dots" are brass. 
Love the mottled color of the finish and then the tops are wood. 
Very unusual and very cool and in very good condition

nice TWELVE drawer dresser for $125 (be careful - drawers pull all 
the way out if pulled too far)

at only $35 - I, personally, think this Universal dresser is the deal of the week! The bottom three drawers are cedar lined and this is a really well built and handsome piece! Yes, one corner is damaged and yes, one pull is missing (actually part of the pull is in a top drawer but only half of it). Love the bun feet. Love the curved lines. Love the distressed finish

We interrupt our normal post to bring you some of my personal favorite rugs currently available for purchase: 

Okay - let's continue:

a favorite magazine of mine, Better Homes and Garden - also, apparently, made furniture! This is a wonderful chest of drawers in excellent condition and priced $175

love the variation in the wood on this sweet dresser! Priced $95

retro Northern Furniture Company four drawer maple dresser for $75 (note white mark on the top)

FANTASTIC pine island? table? for ONLY $35 (ANOTHER AMAZING DEAL!)

So remember, dear reader - I'll see you back here in TWO weeks (on August 10). Until then - blessings, grace and peace to you! 

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