Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 17, 2017

There may be gray skies outside but there is nothing but sunshine and happiness inside me today! Man! I feel one million times better than I did a week ago! I don't even want to re-read last week's post for fear it doesn't make sense and there are tons of typos and mistakes! I think I'll delete it and pretend it never even existed! Ha!

Now that I've updated you on the state of my insides (calm and NOT nauseous) - grab another cup of coffee/tea and let's take a look at SOME of our current inventory!

two rolling Designmaster Furniture brand side chairs. 
Both in very good condition. Priced $85 each

wonderful side chair - very good condition - priced $135

Our's is in good condition - priced $395 - that's almost 87% OFF retail price! 

gorgeous upholstered side chair in excellent condition! 
Priced $225

though there are some spots in the leather where this three piece curved leather sofa was scratched - overall this is an AMAZING piece! The two ends are recliners and they're wall huggers (so can sit close to a wall and when fully reclined will not hit the wall). Priced $295

sweet settee - some wear - priced $65

GORGEOUS American Drew brand table with two leaves and eight chairs. Really excellent condition. Table measures 44" wide by 5'5" long (without leaves) and each leave is 15" wide. 
Priced $295

beautiful Pulaski brand side table - priced $95

four Pier 1 bonded leather dining chairs - in excellent condition! 
On SALE retail for $129.99 EACH. Our price? $150 for all four! 

Klaussner moss green ultra-suede sofa in very good condition. Priced $225. Matching loveseat has a couple of spots on it - and wasn't priced yet (sorry!). Large brass candlestick is $9

lovely Marshall Fields settee in very good condition for $75

very cool side chair in excellent condition for $95

really lovely floral side chairs - both in very good condition - priced $45 each

beautiful Bernhardt buffet with marble (I believe) top. 
Excellent condition. Priced $345

Stanley table with two leaves and eight chairs. Chair cushions need to be clean but otherwise this is a GORGEOUS set. Table measures 44" wide by 70" long (without leaves). 
Leaves are 20" wide each! Priced $245

here's another wonderful dining set. This time by Union-National - retro table with three leaves and six chairs. Table measures 41" wide by 65" long (again, without leaves) and the leaves are 10" wide each. VERY good condition! Sitting on one of the chairs are support legs used when the leaves are added so there's no table sag (which would be super embarrassing!). Priced $195

white laminate bookcases which are 27" wide and 10" deep and 69" tall. Just need to be dusted but otherwise in very good condition and priced $25 each. I found a third one further down from these two (not sure how they got separated - but if you want three of  'em - we have them!)

this Lexington solid oak office storage setup is three separate pieces that will hold/corral ALL of your office/study needs! As shown the three pieces together are 81" long and the bases are 20" deep and it sits 4' from floor to the top. Get this. The price? $65 FOR ALL THREE PIECES! Wow. 

here's the third white bookcase which is also priced $25

with a little elbow grease these three red Italian leather pieces would be AMAZING! The leather needs to be cleaned and conditioned. There are a couple of buttons off on the sofa and one on the chair. The tag on the ottoman states one of the legs needs fixing (but I couldn't figure out exactly what needed work). The sofa is $145; chair $95; ottoman $75 and measures 21" wide by 66" long

lovely end tables - priced $35 each and matching coffee table for $45. 
All in VERY good condition

this is a very cool woven bamboo/wicker/some fiber like that sofa. The material is a little funny - like it would be scratchy - but I actually thought it was comfortable (but then I had long pants on when I sat on it). Priced $85 and it's in excellent conditiion

looking for a large (4' wide) coffee table you could tap dance on? Then THIS is the table for you! Oh my goodness! Could it be any better built? No - that answer to that question is, No. Wood could use some cleaning/conditioning but otherwise this is really a cool piece. Priced $45

gray stained round wood (42" round) table (reminds me of a outdoor table but I don't think it's designed to be outside). Some minor dings on the top. Priced $95

cool old trunk for $25

another cool old trunk - this one is $45

AMAZINGLY gorgeous Union-National buffet! This piece is so, so pretty! Look at the shape of it! Extra thick protective glass on top that fits the piece to a "T." It's just now dawning on me that it probably came in with the Union-National dining table/chairs I showed you earlier. Priced $95

twin size black metal loft bed for $85 and in very good condition

black metal twin size daybed with pop-up trundle - also in very good condition and priced $95

very nice standing mirror - priced $55

two identical IKEA four drawer dressers. One is priced $75 and the other $70 due to some minor damage along the bottom

retro dresser for $95 and matching chest of drawers for $135. One of the drawer faces/front pieces on the chest needs to be re-glued to the drawer body (does that make sense - see last photo). 
Both have protective glass. I found the sweetest matching nightstand in 
another part of bedroom land and will show it in a bit

Tradewinds is the manufacturer of this five drawer pine chest for $125; and matching dresser and mirror for $55. Dresser top needs some work

isn't it so sweet?! - though something scratched the bottom edge a lot! 
Priced $35 and also has protective glass on top

okay - I need you to put your creative caps on for this piece. It's ONE piece of what was originally a multi piece sectional (see the black material where the two pieces would meet?) but we only have this one piece. That said, this one piece is GORGEOUS! It's a beautiful leather with contrasting trim that's truly in MINT condition (like it was never used!). It LOOKS like the ottoman is a separate piece - but it's not. It's absolutely attached to the other piece. The reason I mention this is because the price tag reads $45 each. So, did someone think it was two pieces so the price is $90? Even at $90 THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL (and at $45 it's a steal!). You just need to figure out how to use it so the black material is hidden. I'm not kidding - this leather is beautiful! You will 
NEVER want to get up once you sit on this piece of furniture! 

And that's a lovely note to wrap up on! Whoever buys this last piece has got to email me photos of how you use it in your home (please!).

As always, I'm grateful you stopped by, dear reader! With much affection from me - the non-nauseous one (did I mention I was super nauseous last week? Aren't you glad I keep using the word "nauseous"? Doesn't it make you a little queasy just reading it? Haha! Okay - I'll stop now).