Wednesday, June 23, 2021

New-from-the-showroom Merchandise Mart outdoor furniture has arrived!

We had a pickup yesterday at the Mart but the team arrived back too late to off load. I know Connie is hoping to get the truck emptied and the furniture priced - if possible this morning - but I can't promise it will all be done by the time we open on Wednesday at 1 pm. That said, if you've been wondering when we'd be getting more outdoor furniture - we picked up a few pieces from Gensun Casual and then the rest is from Woodard - and we're super excited and predict it'll go fast!

Our indoor furniture donation continues at record highs and what follows are just a few pieces I spied when I was at the store yesterday. Let's take a look! 

very nice Bauhaus sofa for $165 and matching chair for $85

there's no tag (can see where the tag was but it's gone) on this ribbon, red suede chair but it's certainly in the Louis Durot style! The cheapest I could find a similar chair online is here for $795
Ours is in excellent condition and priced $550

wonderful black metal shelving piece - measures: 15" by 6' and stands 29" tall. There's a small dent in the top and one of the legs seem slightly bent but otherwise in great condition and priced $85

this is such a cool piece! Two piece "secretary" that's in very good condition EXCEPT the large drawer needs some work to get it to open and close properly. The base piece is 17" by 34 1/2" and then I couldn't reach the top but it's 83" tall to just under the decorative part at the tippy top. Priced $125 

very nice IKEA micro-suede sofa for $125

Walter E. Smithe armchair and ottoman. Some fraying of the upholstered on the ottoman 
but the chair is in excellent condition and the set is priced $95

this is a pristine condition Vanguard sofa that's priced $175

very nice Room & Board sofa for $365. It looks like some slight fading on the edge of the seat cushions but when I went to flip 'em over - there's a spot on one of them - so what you see is what you get (though you might be able to remove the stain? - wasn't a big deal)

we have a slip-covered loveseat and sofa that's are in a casual, nappy (kind of looks like burlap but it's super soft fabric) upholstery. Both are priced $150 and the loveseat is in very good condition 
and the sofa has a few spots/looks a little tired 

wonderful Henry Link three drawer dresser with mirror for $155 and matching 
six drawer chest for $175. Both are in very good condition

this is a stunning antique walnut wardrobe in good condition (bottom drawer 
needs some work to get it to close properly) for $295

fabulous bench for $175

two matching 27" square (and 21" tall) end tables that are in very good condition and priced $35 each! Is it just me or do they looks like turtles in my last photo? Haha! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, dear reader! I've been ending every post for the last year by reminding you to wear your face mask whenever you're out and about but since neither the CDC or Illinois require it if you're fully vaccinated - I'll stop! Take care!  

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Illinois moves into Phase 5 of Restore Illinois!

And that's such good news as we begin to recover from a hard and devastating year plus! What that means at Jubilee Furniture is that face masks for our customers, volunteers and staff who are fully vaccinated are optional. We will continue to maintain social distancing and hand sanitizer is available. 

If you're not vaccinated - we ask you continue to wear a face covering (obviously, this is for your own protection). 

As usual, there's lots of inventory currently in the store and what follows is a small percentage of new-to-us pieces! Let's take a look! 

I spied one spot on the arm of this Craftmaster brand neutral sofa (last photo) but 
otherwise in very good condition and priced $125

beautiful Asian inspired cover cabinet in excellent condition and priced $245. Just a FYI - 
there is NO interior light in this piece

another neutral color sofa - there's actually a number of places where the 
fabric is worn (last photo). FYI. Priced $75

beautiful oak table (47" by 58 1/2") with three leaves (each 11" wide) and six chairs (two with arms) for $225. I did see some scratches (last photo) on the table top but otherwise in very good condition

very ornate 4' round Pulaski brand table that stands 3' from floor to table top. The top surface LOOKS like metal but I don't think it is. There are some stains on the table top (last photo) but this is a cool piece and would make quite a statement in an entry! Priced $425

can you see this twin size canopy bed? It looks like it's maple and is in 
great condition and priced $165

this is a GORGEOUS Thomasville from their Bogart Collection dresser with protective glass that's priced $345 with a matching three drawer nightstand (also with protective glass) for $155. 
Both pieces are pristine! My photo of the dresser with the drawers 
closed came out blurry - but here's what it looks like

another lovely dresser - this time a Henredon piece - priced $125 and there 
are some minor marks on the dresser top (last photo)

then I love the hardware on this Bassett dresser (also in very good condition) and priced $95

speaking of hardware looks at this beauty! Art Deco style (probably from the 1920's) and 
the top has some damage (second photo) but it's oh so incredible! Priced $75

we have four of these three drawer small dressers or nightstands and they all seem to be in excellent condition (though couldn't see the tops of the two on the bottom). Priced $75 each

telephone chair and side table - designed for when you couldn't move around while talking on the phone (you know - also when dinosaurs roamed the earth - haha!). You'd put a phone directory in the drawer (again, something no one typically has any more). In good condition and priced $65. 
My grandmother had one though her's wasn't upholstered (but I can see 
her sitting there and talking on the phone!)

beautiful cedar chest with two drawers at the bottom (which is unusual but nice!) for $75. There SHOULD be hinges that keep the top of the chest open but they're missing 
(so could EASILY slam shut - so you'd have to be super careful)

child's size wood vanity - in excellent condition - priced $45

American Furniture four drawer dresser in very good condition and priced $55

did I show you this dresser in another post a week or so ago? It's a beautiful Davis Industries
brand six drawer chest that's amazing! In excellent condition and priced $295

there's something I love about this flowing, generous sofa! Looks to be in excellent condition and priced ??? Arrg! I forget to snap a photo of the price tag! My guess it's in the $125 price range (though it could be a lot cheaper since I remember thinking that a great sofa for that price)

Decorating Den lovely wingback chair in very good condition and priced $65

retro Dunbar wood desk with protective glass on top - in good condition! 
Measures: 27" by 5' and priced $125

Again, lots more inventory currently available, dear reader! Take care and thanks for stopping by!