Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top of the morning to you! I got caught up in listening to Jubilee Furniture voice mail messages and returning donor calls (man-oh-man, EVERYONE seems to be moving this month!) and completely forgot I hadn’t finished the blog so am now hurriedly wrapping things up so I can get all my amazing photos posted. I got a LOT for you today and it’s all fabulous! Seriously.

Remember the Furniture Gallery is another online resource for you. The following photos are a small percentage of our current inventory – and primarily furniture which was picked up within the last week.

JFC 07-23-15 001JFC 07-23-15 003

lovely rolled-arm upholstered bench – a spot or two needs to be cleaned – priced $85

JFC 07-23-15 004JFC 07-23-15 005JFC 07-23-15 006JFC 07-23-15 007JFC 07-23-15 008

this is a gorgeous dark brown leather two piece sectional made by a company in Brazil – Minuano Nordesete SA – which is in excellent condition (but note where the leather has been damaged on the rear corner – last photo). The “L” shape sectional is priced $550 and the matching ottoman is $65

JFC 07-23-15 009JFC 07-23-15 010JFC 07-23-15 011JFC 07-23-15 012JFC 07-23-15 014

oh my – fantastic doll house and all the furniture for $125

JFC 07-23-15 015JFC 07-23-15 016JFC 07-23-15 017

really striking red and gold upholstered chair and ottoman – both in mint condition – but one of the arms is cracked (and repaired but not the best repair job I’ve ever seen) – priced $75 for both

JFC 07-23-15 020JFC 07-23-15 021

with a little touch up stain – this pine writing desk would be perfect! Priced $115 and there are three drawers along the front

JFC 07-23-15 022JFC 07-23-15 023

very nice plaid sofa for $55

JFC 07-23-15 024JFC 07-23-15 025

this is a super solid wood coffee table – so heavy I couldn’t flip it over to see if there’s a manufacturer’s name – priced $145 (needs some minor touch up on the top)

JFC 07-23-15 026JFC 07-23-15 027

cute as a button – retro wicker child’s chair (we think from the 1940s) priced $55

JFC 07-23-15 028JFC 07-23-15 029

very good condition light tan micro-suede sofa by Bauhaus – priced $445

JFC 07-23-15 030JFC 07-23-15 031

I helped with a donor pickup this week and this mint-condition floral chair by Smithe Craft came from that home. Twin sisters died within a couple months of each other and neither ever married or had children. Everything we picked up at the home was in excellent condition (this chair and a matching one were in a bedroom and rarely used). Priced only $55 (which I think is an amazing deal). There is a matching chair – but we’re waiting for the seat cushion (long story as to why we didn’t get it at time of the donation pickup). If you’re interested in both – talk to Crista our Store Operations Manager

JFC 07-23-15 032JFC 07-23-15 033JFC 07-23-15 034JFC 07-23-15 035

fabulous buffet priced $125 (missing one pull); matching ONE PIECE china cabinet is $145 and both are in very good condition

JFC 07-23-15 036JFC 07-23-15 037

though these pieces look gray in my photos – they really are a sage green/gray – the sofa is priced $55 and the matching loveseat in $35. I didn’t inspect them super well so I’m not sure why they’re priced so low but they looked fairly good to me (but I didn’t sit on either so maybe the price reflects something off with the inner cushions?)

JFC 07-23-15 038JFC 07-23-15 039

I so want to buy this side table/chest. There’s a band of brass around three sides and the doors push open and there’s a good bit of storage (and a shelf) inside. I LOVE the shape of the legs! Priced $35

JFC 07-23-15 040JFC 07-23-15 042

here’s another super cool piece. A retro black pleather (leather?) chair in very good condition. Priced $95

JFC 07-23-15 043JFC 07-23-15 044

gorgeous side table – priced $55

JFC 07-23-15 045JFC 07-23-15 046

this is a really cool dining set – the glass top gives it a contemporary feel but the six rush seat chairs are a bit country – so it’s an interesting combination! Country modern? Modern country? Priced $150 for all

JFC 07-23-15 047JFC 07-23-15 048

with the three leaves in this beautiful table – it’s very l-o-n-g! In addition to the table and three leaves the set include EIGHT chairs and though you might want to re-upholster the seats this is a solid, well built set in excellent condition. Priced $245

JFC 07-23-15 049JFC 07-23-15 050

classic style to this very nice wood sofa or entry table – priced $55

JFC 07-23-15 051JFC 07-23-15 052JFC 07-23-15 053

three West Elm stools in excellent condition. I love that the front is rounded where your legs curve around the seat (very comfortable). I couldn’t find them on the West Elm website so it looks like they might not be available any longer. They measure just over 30” from the floor to the seat. Priced $120 for all three

JFC 07-23-15 054JFC 07-23-15 055

café height table with one self storing leaf and EIGHT chairs. As is often the case – you’d probably want to either clean the seat cushions or re-upholster. I noticed one of the front bars where you’d put your feet (if you were so inclined) is missing (you can see it in the last photo behind the first chair). Priced $230 for the set

JFC 07-23-15 056JFC 07-23-15 057

another café height table with FOUR chairs and one leaf (which is wrapped and on top of the table) in a black stain/finish. Needs some touch up but overall in great shape. Priced $120 for all

JFC 07-23-15 058JFC 07-23-15 059

gorgeous Sumter Cabinet Co. table with two leaves and six chairs in excellent condition (though, again, seat upholstery needs to be cleaned or replaced). Priced $395 for the set

JFC 07-23-15 060

haha! I didn’t realize I only took one photo of this really pretty two piece china cabinet. I LOVE the curved glass! Priced $135 and it’s in excellent condition

JFC 07-23-15 061JFC 07-23-15 062JFC 07-23-15 063

absolutely amazing Thomasville lighted bookcases with adjustable glass shelves (each shelf has a plate groove along back edge). Priced $125 each and there are two of them

JFC 07-23-15 064JFC 07-23-15 065

wooden bunk-beds with ladder – priced $95

JFC 07-23-15 066JFC 07-23-15 067JFC 07-23-15 068JFC 07-23-15 069JFC 07-23-15 070JFC 07-23-15 071

remember when I went to the Merchandise Mart two weeks ago? In addition to some like-new outdoor furniture we also received these amazing outdoor cushions! Most (all?) are Sunbrella fabric and are extremely high end. Why are we selling them for only $8 each? Because they’re odd sizes and it might take some creative thinking to get them to work for you. We also picked up some throw pillows and we’re selling them for more (I think either $10 or $15 each) but everything you see in my photos above are $8 each. We’re already sold a ton of them so I doubt these will last long!

Gotta go, dear reader! Hope you have an excellent day!