Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, June 14, 2018

Well this week's post more than makes up for last week's in regards to the number of photos! Ha! I've got a ton to share with you - so let's begin!

Last Friday the guys were at the Merchandise Mart picking up showroom samples from Brown Jordan. What follows are photos of SOME of the pieces and a picture of the price tag too.

And then moving inside...

a nice set by Klaussner - some minor wear/pilling on the upholstery. Over-sized chair for $195; ottoman for $55; sofa is priced $395 and the loveseat is $225

two very nice beveled glass (2' x 2') top side tables with wrought iron bases - priced $45 each and I found the matching coffee table in another part of the store (fyi)

super sweet, one drawer accent table for $45

GORGEOUS Thomasville buffet - measures 54" across and is 18" deep and stands 34" - some minor blemishes on the top but overall a really beautiful piece! Priced $195

two matching very solid wicker chairs - both in very good condition - priced $75 each

here's the coffee table that matches the two end tables I showed you earlier. Again, lovely beveled glass top table - measures 26" x 50" and is priced $65

Broyhill chair and ottoman - seat cushion on the chair is a bit flat - 
but overall in good condition. Priced $125 for both pieces

Klaussner black leather sofa - one of the back legs has come off (it's plastic and appears to have broken off) - but otherwise a fantastic sofa! Priced $395. In front of the sofa is a piece made in China - appears to also be leather (I think) that measures 3' x 5' and stands 20" from floor to top of ottoman (which is a little taller than some ottomans - so be aware). In excellent condition and priced $195

I LOVE this 95" long sofa - in fabulous condition though when I sat on it I sank a little lower than I thought I would (though that might have more to due with my current weight than anything wrong with the sofa! Yikes!). LOVE the color of the upholstery! Priced $85

at first glance this is a classic, lovely Max House Furniture sofa! At second glance there's some pilling, wear and slight dirt/minor discoloration on the seat cushions. Priced $85

two beautiful plaid wingback chairs that recline! Nice! Priced $145 each and I 
found a spot or two on one of them (last photo - fyi)

incredible Pottery Barn wrought iron lamp for $55

this is an extremely heavy brass table lamp for $45. Love that's there's an on-off switch on the base! Probably wanna get a new shade (this one obviously isn't the 
shade that came with the lamp originally)

excellent condition sofa for $85

very nice Craftmaster side chair for $95

Hancock & Moore recliner in very good condition for $125. LOVE the floral 
pattern on the black background! 

AMAZING Thomasville dining table (45" x 6') with two leaves (18" wide each) and six chairs (all armless). Upholstery on the chairs has some staining - you'll need to clean or replace. 
Priced $275 and this is a really beautiful set! 

okay - bear with me there's a lot to share about this AMAZING, GORGEOUS piece! It's two pieces actually. The base piece has five drawers (and the two larger drawers can be used for hanging files - though I only saw one of the bars you'd need to hang files from) and two doors. The top hutch piece is designed to hold adjustable shelves - but I didn't see any shelves anywhere (though the shelf holders are in one of the drawers). Wouldn't be hard to have shelves cut to size (but - something to be aware of). The piece measures: 7' across and is 20" deep and stands 7' 10" tall (so very little clearance if you have 8' ceilings!). One of the hinges is broken. LOVE the chicken wire on the hutch doors and the fabric behind it is very nice too! Just imagine how much could be stored in this thing! 
AND stored very beautifully I might add! Priced $595

lovely Ethan Allen clothing armoire! A piece on the door has been cracked and the door frame is slightly separated (fyi - last two photos). There are two adjustable shelves included 
(you can only see one of 'em). Priced $245 and this piece measures: 
44 1/2" across and 22 1/2" deep and 76" tall

excellent condition Vanguard Furniture wingback chair for $125

fun black and creamy white side chair - in excellent condition - for $145

cool table lamp for $45

this is two matching Bernhardt dressers side by side. One is a three drawer drawer priced $195 and the seven drawer dresser is $295. Both are in excellent condition - quality pieces! 

OH MY GOODNESS! These are stunning pieces and in excellent condition! All retro pieces made by Crawford Furniture from Jamestown, New York. There's a make-up table with bench for $360; four drawer chest with protective glass (that's what wrapped on top of the chest) for $295; six drawer dresser (also with protective glass) for $385 and two very interesting nightstands (love how the shelving part is so tall compared to most nightstands) priced $100 each. 
The hardware is incredible with this lovely patina! 

and then we'll end with this GORGEOUS six drawer dresser from Room & Board! Bottom two drawers are cedar lined. Solid wood, made in Oregon in 2009. Measures: 67 1/2" across and is 17" deep.This is a beauty! The letter is about some anti-tipping hardware that Room & Board 
sent to the customer (and the hardware is there too). Priced $325. 
Here's a similar R&B dresser that retails for $1,499

Did you make it all the way through, dear reader? Haha - I hope so! I'll see you back here next week! Take care!