Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, April 16, 2015

With over 80 photos to share with you this morning – I need to be short with my intro but I did want to clarify some confusion around our markdown policy.

When shopping in the store and if you check out our online Furniture Gallery – you’ll often see items that are marked down 25% (or more!). What exactly is our markdown policy? Great question with a bit of a frustrating answer.

The short, simple and honest answer is: we don’t have a systematic markdown policy. Instead a special pricing team reviews our inventory at least once a month (during non-store hours) looking for pieces to mark down that have been around for a while and which, apparently, we priced too high (trust me – our aim is always to price it right the first time). That said, we often have furniture which we know is priced correctly (from doing online research, or the donor provided value, or from one of our volunteer experts) – but is either a bit more expensive then what you and I can afford and/or is so unique that the item doesn’t have broad appeal. These pieces will probably never get marked down (or marked down after a much longer time on the floor) and are quietly waiting for that special buyer who’ll appreciate both the item and the value.

Ultimately, we desire to maximize everything donated to us while offering excellent furniture at good prices to our customers  - with the final objective to raise funds for the programs and services at Outreach Community Ministries – which we ALL can agree is an excellent and worthwhile goal!

Now onto those photos…

JFC 04-16-15 001JFC 04-16-15 002JFC 04-16-15 003JFC 04-16-15 004

very nice Thomasville coffee table priced $45; matching end table (there’s only one) for $20. Both solid wood and have a few scratches – but overall very nice pieces of furniture (I especially love the chucky legs on ‘em)

JFC 04-16-15 005JFC 04-16-15 006JFC 04-16-15 007JFC 04-16-15 008

gorgeous leather and fabric sofa by Sam Moore – cushions are down filled – leather is naturally distressed (so minor dings add to the character!) – in excellent condition – priced $395

JFC 04-16-15 009JFC 04-16-15 010

this is a legit older metal birdcage that probably shouldn’t be used for birds but could be used as a cool decorative piece – priced $48

JFC 04-16-15 011JFC 04-16-15 012

unusual and neat wicker and wood chair – which is very comfortable – priced $25 (looks to be in perfect condition too!)

JFC 04-16-15 013JFC 04-16-15 014

here’s another unusual piece – faux suitcase end table! Priced $55

JFC 04-16-15 015JFC 04-16-15 016JFC 04-16-15 017JFC 04-16-15 018

this upholstered chair and ottoman are by Ashley Furniture and both are in excellent condition – priced $145 for the set

JFC 04-16-15 019JFC 04-16-15 021JFC 04-16-15 020JFC 04-16-15 022

AMAZING retro Thomasville side chairs (there are two of them) – show wear but overall in good condition. Here’s the weird thing – they sit very low to the ground. Did they originally have wheels on the bottom of the legs to raise them up? Priced $65 each

JFC 04-16-15 023JFC 04-16-15 024

I might have shown you this camel back sofa before – but it’s so pretty and only priced $55!

JFC 04-16-15 025JFC 04-16-15 026

I’m totally in love with this muted green leather tufted ottoman – priced $35 (there are some small stains that just add to the distressed look)

JFC 04-16-15 027JFC 04-16-15 028JFC 04-16-15 029JFC 04-16-15 030

and then look at these absolutely gorgeous Pennsylvania House leather pieces! Truly beautiful and both in fabulous condition! The loveseat is priced $295 and the sofa is $395 (note the nail-head trim which you know I love!)

JFC 04-16-15 031JFC 04-16-15 032JFC 04-16-15 033JFC 04-16-15 034

here’s another amazing item! Green stained wood buffet by Lexington. Missing one of its chucky knobs and has a small piece of the green finish off on the side (but the piece is there so just needs to be glued) – priced ONLY $85!

JFC 04-16-15 035JFC 04-16-15 036JFC 04-16-15 037JFC 04-16-15 038

two totally amazing blue swivel chairs – both in great condition – priced $55 each

JFC 04-16-15 039JFC 04-16-15 040

super sweet pedestal table with one leaf and four chairs – solid wood (chairs are very heavy) – some minor scratches on table top. I love the design of the chair backs! Priced $175 for the whole thing

JFC 04-16-15 041JFC 04-16-15 042

wonderful neutral SLEEPER loveseat (we don’t often get in these smaller sleepers) – shows some wear – but overall in good condition – priced $65

JFC 04-16-15 043JFC 04-16-15 044

though the fabric and cushion on this loveseat could use a refresh – the wood structure is different and very cool! Priced only $25!

JFC 04-16-15 045JFC 04-16-15 046JFC 04-16-15 047JFC 04-16-15 048

clean lines and modern design on this four piece wall unit – mirrored back and lacquer doors – two of the pieces are missing their interior lights (see hole in second to last photo where a light should go?) – otherwise in very good condition. Priced $75 for all four pieces

JFC 04-16-15 049JFC 04-16-15 050JFC 04-16-15 051JFC 04-16-15 052

very well built, solid oak swivel stools with lovely country style – priced $75 for all five (that’s only $15 a stool which is AMAZING!)

JFC 04-16-15 053JFC 04-16-15 054

oh man – if you ever wanted a one trillion* piece sectional with gobs of options for configuring them – then this is your lucky day! Each piece is a separate part. The whole thing needs to be cleaned – but at $95 for ALL you are getting such a deal!

*one trillion is actually not correct though it is NINE pieces (two of the nine pieces are the ottomans) which is pretty close to one trillion when you’re talking sectionals. Sorta like dog years.

JFC 04-16-15 055JFC 04-16-15 056

prettiest, freshest plaid loveseat I’ve ever seen! By Brandywine Design – priced $150 and in very good condition

JFC 04-16-15 057JFC 04-16-15 058

three white bamboo and glass nesting tables – all for $45

JFC 04-16-15 059JFC 04-16-15 060JFC 04-16-15 061JFC 04-16-15 062

wonderful Child Craft dresser (side with door has a rod that pulls out and where you can hang things) – priced $35

JFC 04-16-15 063JFC 04-16-15 064JFC 04-16-15 065JFC 04-16-15 066

neat, old waterfall dresser with triple mirrors – largest mirror is cracked – priced $95

JFC 04-16-15 067JFC 04-16-15 068

fabulous retro chrome adjustable, swivel stools in very good condition – priced $35 for a set of two (and we have four total – so if you bought all four it would be $70 plus tax)

JFC 04-16-15 069JFC 04-16-15 070JFC 04-16-15 071

four very well built (see how the legs screw into seat base? That’s one way to tell how sturdy and well made something is) solid wood children’s chairs – by KidKraft. Priced $40 for all four (do need some touch up)

JFC 04-16-15 072JFC 04-16-15 073

upholstered side chair by Lane – in very good condition – priced $55

JFC 04-16-15 074JFC 04-16-15 075

wonderful roll top desk priced $55

JFC 04-16-15 076JFC 04-16-15 077JFC 04-16-15 078JFC 04-16-15 079

six parson’s chairs (two with arms) in excellent condition EXCEPT they need to be cleaned. Priced $120 for all six. GORGEOUS oval glass top table with wood base – reduced 40% from original price of $350 NOW $210!

JFC 04-16-15 080JFC 04-16-15 081

have you ever seen a beautiful, professionally designed space that includes an old ripped leather chair? I’m serious – they exist! Anyway – if you like that look than this chair is for you! You can tell it originally was an expensive piece of furniture – green leather chair with tufted back and seat (one button on the seat is missing) – but then rather stained with a rip on the arm. Price? That’s the best part – we’re selling it for only $2 – yep, two bucks! It’s back by the used mattresses – so go grab it! The green leather ottoman shown earlier in this post matches this chair if you want to buy both pieces

Gotta get going, dear reader! Hope you have an excellent day!