Thursday, October 19, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, October 19, 2017

Man alive - have I got a ton of photos to show you today! And - remember - the following photos are only a FRACTION of our current inventory! Let's take a look!

really beautiful Bernhardt - New Vintages - sofa in excellent condition. Priced $195

sweet Pier 1 slipper chair in good condition for $95; chalk painted side table (perfect match to the chair!) with glass insert for $25

Classic Leather brand green leather sofa for $95 and loveseat for $65. Both show 
some minor wear but, overall, are in good condition

gorgeous Nichols & Stone 3' x 3' square coffee table in excellent condition and priced $85 (I found a matching sofa/entry table in a different part of the store - so stay tuned if you're looking for a set)

this great condition wingback is also a recliner! Priced $125

fun "mod" tinted glass top, metal base round coffee table in excellent condition. Priced $125 and the table is 40" round. I'm sure it's me - but the glass seemed a tiny bit too big for the base and I couldn't get it to sit properly on it (but I didn't try super hard)

way cool antique bookcase for $185

and then another antique piece - this time a cabinet - priced $65

GORGEOUS one piece, lighted curio cabinet in excellent condition and priced $225

Universal Furniture brand sideboard. Measures 63" wide by 21" deep and stands 40" from the floor to the top of the piece. In excellent condition and priced $145

oh man - this piece is AMAZING! Milo Baughman designed this piece for Dillingham and it's a lighted, walnut piece with lots of shelves and storage. Measures 57 1/2" wide and is 76" tall and 16" deep. The only issue I could find is someone taped the bottom doors closed at some point (not us - my guys would NEVER tape anything) and you can see where the tape, very lightly, removed some of the wood stain (easy fix?). Here's the same piece that sold for $810. Our price? $425! 

two identical sofas - love the color and all the back pillows! Both are in 
good condition and are priced $95 each

large (42" x 42" square) metal base coffee table with stone veneer and glass top. The stone veneer is chipped in one spot (see last photo) but otherwise a really lovely piece! Priced $55

beautiful side chair in excellent condition for $85

you can configure this FIVE piece sectional is so many different ways so it fits EXACTLY 
in your space! Wonderful micro-suede upholstery in very good condition (I noticed 
one small, slight rip on the back corner of one of the end pieces). Priced $175

I LOVE this unique side table! I don't know what you'd use it for but YOU DEFINITELY NEED IT (otherwise I might buy it and my husband would NOT be happy - I won't say anything more about that). Measures 27" deep by 49 1/2" wide and stands 30" from the floor to the table top. Priced $85

this is a GORGEOUS Henredon dining table with two leaves and eight chairs. So, so pretty! Love the design on the table top! Table measures 41 1/2" by 74" and each leaf is 22" wide. A few nicks and dings on the chairs - but overall a really beautiful set! Priced $395

Keller brand drop leaf buffet. Top needs to be refinished but 
otherwise in good condition. Priced $125

this is a really cool dining set! Definitely has a mid-century vibe about it (and probably is from that era - but I couldn't find a name on it anyway). There's a table with two leaves and six chairs (one with arms - though I found another chair that had arms on it at one point - you can see the holes were the screws screwed in). Table measures 38" wide by 6' long and each leaf is 18" wide. The table top really needs some work and - truth be told - the chairs need to be re-upholstered (no small task). 
But - oh - what a beauty this set could be with a little love! Priced $375

FANTASTIC Conover Chair Co. suede and upholstered sofa! This piece is GORGEOUS! 
I'm so into a single bench seat cushion (I have to adjust my sofa cushions 
EVERY TIME someone sits on 'em! Grrr!). Priced $225

J. G. Hook for Bassett leather chair and ottoman (leather on all the parts that touch you when you're sitting on it and pleather on the rest). In very good condition and priced $85

though this narrow sofa needs to be cleaned and is NOT the most comfortable piece you ever sat on - IT'S STILL SUPER AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND I LOVE IT! Not sure what it is about it - but it's fantastic. Measures 70" across and is only 25" from front to back 
(so less than that is seat space). Priced $65

here's the Nichols & Stone sofa/entry table that matches a coffee table I showed you at the beginning of this post. Also in excellent condition and is 17" deep by 50" wide and 
stands 29" from floor to table top. Priced $95

sofa and chaise (two pieces) Room & Board combo in excellent condition EXCEPT has some discoloration on the chaise and the arm of the sofa part. Clean it and you're good? I think so - it doesn't look like it's faded (but I could be wrong). Priced $195

wonderful six drawer dresser for $95 - in excellent condition

this is a really interesting piece! Full size headboard, footboard, side rails and "bunky board". Lots of storage (love the "door" in the footboard that would allow you to store stuff neatly under the bed and still be able to easily reach things). One of the side rails is damaged (see second to last photo) - 
so this piece is priced to sell at only $25! Wow! 

gorgeous Selva brand side table for $65 and dresser for $195. 
Both are in excellent condition

this piece caught my eye. It's tucked into the space where we normally just put headboards. It's a twin size platform bed (no box spring needed) with three drawers underneath (drawers are NOT the full depth of the bed but go about halfway - the last photo shows you where they end). The $25 price tag includes the "bunky board" (not sure why it's included since the bed shouldn't need one but maybe it makes it more comfortable?). Obviously, I couldn't see the whole piece - but what I could see looked good and it's such a great price and I love the clean lines and storage option with a 
piece like this which is why I'm showing it to you and now I'll end this 
rather long (and extremely boring) description

though this mahogany chest of drawers needs some work (what the heck's with the 
weird scratches on the side?) - it's a beautiful piece and priced only $65

Okay - here's this week's Manager's Deal of the Day. Drum roll, please (and this one REALLY deserves a drum roll!):

this is a two piece sectional. Extremely clean and in excellent condition - 
though the fabric is a bit dated. But look at that price! $36.50! Unbelievable! 

And then the other deal going on Thursday, Friday and Saturday is a LOT of sofas are now sporting a bright yellow $10 price tag on 'em. TEN BUCKS! I took photos of all I could find (sorry for any slightly blurry photos! I was moving fast and didn't always focus well): 

Can you even?! Wow.

and then as I was leaving the store - I took these photos of blue and chrome stackable 
chairs that are priced $5 each! ANOTHER amazing deal! Woot! 

If you're still with me, dear reader - then you're quite the trooper! Well done and you deserve a nap - or to immediately make plans to head to Jubilee Furniture! Your pick. Haha!