Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 27, 2015

It’s official – my husband and I are empty nesters! My daughter moved out in March and this past Saturday we took my son and daughter-in-law to Central Michigan University were they’ll both be working on master’s degrees. Granted, they’ll return home on school breaks (at least I HOPE they will!) – but, for the most part, my chickadees have all flown the coop!

I’d describe the way I feel as bittersweet. I’ve cherished “doing life” with my adult children – especially have loved living with my daughter-in-law – but I’m happy for them and where they’re headed and all the excitement/challenges/adventures which await them on their journey.

And one of the coolest parts? I know an EXCELLENT used furniture store where they’ve been able to purchase some fantastic furniture for their apartments! Haha!

Let’s take a look at SOME of the current inventory at that excellent used furniture store! Remember the Furniture Gallery is another online source for viewing what’s in the store.

JFC 08-27-15 001JFC 08-27-15 002JFC 08-27-15 003JFC 08-27-15 004

gorgeous two piece brown velour-like upholstered sectional priced $245

JFC 08-27-15 005JFC 08-27-15 008

buttery tan leather sofa – seat cushions are fairly worn/distressed – priced $175

JFC 08-27-15 006JFC 08-27-15 009

fabulous Interior Crafts leather chair – also a buttery tan color – in excellent condition for $325

JFC 08-27-15 010JFC 08-27-15 011

absolutely fantastic retro chair and ottoman – excellent condition – priced $175 (cushions read more mustard yellow – in a good way – in person)

JFC 08-27-15 012JFC 08-27-15 013

contemporary blue armless sofa with chrome legs in good condition priced $165

JFC 08-27-15 014JFC 08-27-15 015

Sleeper Craft red micro-suede sleeper loveseat in super excellent condition – priced $165

JFC 08-27-15 016JFC 08-27-15 017

I picked this Toms Price upholstered side chair up myself from wonderful donors who’ve donated many things over the years! It’s in great condition and priced $195

JFC 08-27-15 018JFC 08-27-15 019

perfect condition dark red leather chair for $55

JFC 08-27-15 022JFC 08-27-15 023JFC 08-27-15 024

fun SEVEN piece sectional (two ottomans plus five sofa pieces) in good condition – priced $175 for all. Glass and off-white metal end table for $20

JFC 08-27-15 025JFC 08-27-15 026JFC 08-27-15 027JFC 08-27-15 032

this gorgeous Pottery Barn outdoor table (though nice enough to use indoors) measures 39 3/4” x 7’4” and looks like it was never used! There’s a hole for an umbrella and, I believe, is made from eucalyptus wood (a lot of Pottery Barn’s outdoor furniture is – as well as mahogany). I can’t find this exact table but here’s something similar (though not as interesting in style and form) on sale for $1,011, Our price? $495

JFC 08-27-15 028JFC 08-27-15 031JFC 08-27-15 029JFC 08-27-15 030

amazing Thomasville leather loveseat for $395; matching chair and ottoman for $245. Distressed in a good, lovely way! Gorgeous!

JFC 08-27-15 033JFC 08-27-15 034

two matching IKEA three drawer dressers in great shape – priced $75 each

JFC 08-27-15 035JFC 08-27-15 036JFC 08-27-15 037JFC 08-27-15 038JFC 08-27-15 039JFC 08-27-15 040JFC 08-27-15 041JFC 08-27-15 042JFC 08-27-15 043JFC 08-27-15 045JFC 08-27-15 046JFC 08-27-15 047

right now we could change our name to Mirrors R Us! Haha! LOTS of amazing mirrors in stock – starting from top left and going across the prices are as follows: $25, $5, $10, $10, $15, $15, $15, $20, $20, $10, $20, $10 (did you get all that?!)

JFC 08-27-15 048JFC 08-27-15 051JFC 08-27-15 049JFC 08-27-15 050JFC 08-27-15 052

wonderful chest of drawers priced $145; matching dresser with triple mirror (two side mirrors adjust so you can see your lovely head/hair from all angles) for $165. Dresser has beautiful inlaid wood design. Both pieces in very good condition

JFC 08-27-15 053JFC 08-27-15 054

sweet maple retro eight drawer dresser for $95. LOVE the chucky knobs!

JFC 08-27-15 055JFC 08-27-15 056JFC 08-27-15 057

BEAUTIFUL Thomasville armoire for $245

JFC 08-27-15 058JFC 08-27-15 064JFC 08-27-15 059JFC 08-27-15 060JFC 08-27-15 061JFC 08-27-15 063

amazing, retro Meadowcraft metal (looks like bamboo – but it’s metal) outdoor patio furniture – was always on a screened, covered porch – cushions are coated with water proof? repellent? material. Includes: pedestal table with glass top and four chairs for $165; side chairs for $65 each (and there are two of them); table in-between side chairs is $30; sofa for $95; larger table in front of sofa is $40; small side table next to sofa is $20

JFC 08-27-15 065JFC 08-27-15 066

Best Chairs, Inc. is the manufacturer of these two wingback chairs which are both in excellent condition and priced $55 each

That wraps up today’s post, dear reader! I’m off next week but hope to see you back here TWO WEEKS from today.