Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, 10/11/18

Welcome to this week's post where I'll show you some of our current inventory. Since everything at Jubilee Furniture is donated - and you never know what you might find - the blog is designed to showcase, again, some of what's recently been donated in order to give you a better idea of what's currently in the store.

So, without further ado - let's begin!

though a couple of dings and a scratch - this is a brand new console table and it's gorgeous! Measures: 17 1/2" by 78 3/4" and stands 22 1/4" high. Priced $495

I noticed a few spots on these classic, nubby, creamy white upholstered side chair - 
but overall in very good condition AND priced only $45 each! 

FABULOUS upholstered bench that measures 17" by 49" and is priced $75. 
Looks to be in perfect condition! 

give this two piece Room & Board sofa/chaise a good vacuuming and you'll be all set! I found one very slight stain on the foot of the chaise (last photo - can you see a slight reddish spot?) but overall in very good condition. From R&B's Beckett Collection and retails for $2,498
Our's is priced $895 - that's almost 65% OFF retail price!

I wasn't familiar with the Berkey & Gay brand until a couple of weeks ago (I showed you a B&G buffet two weeks ago) and now we have a stunning dining table with seven chairs from them! Table measures: 40" wide and 5'2 when the two ends AREN'T extended and 9'4" when the leaves are pulled out. One chair has one decorative "knob" broken off (but there's a replace one). The detail in the wood carving of this furniture is simply incredible. Priced $995 (and I'll show you the buffet that came with this set later in this post) 

Room & Board dining table with white glass top - measures 40" by 6' and priced $395. I couldn't find this exact table on their website but here's something similiar which retails for $1,749 (but has a marble top whereas our's is glass). Excellent condition

we have four Maria Yee Inc. leather dining chairs (here's dimension info) and three are in excellent condition. One has something white (paint?) on the back of it and I THINK you could get off (but I couldn't with just scratching it). We're selling the three excellent condition chairs for $25 each and the one "off" chair for $10. Here's a sale site that sold OUT of these chairs at $125 for two

glass top buffet with a large mirror that's designed to sit on the back "lip" of the piece. Lots of storage - including a spot for your wine! Priced $295 and measures 17 1/2" by 65" and 
stands 34 3/4" and in good condition

lovely Plunkett brand sofa for $195 - in very good condition

wood frame floral sofa - also in very good condition - for $95

it's nothing short of a miracle that I'm not still sitting in this Brookstone massage chair with a look of pure bliss on my face! OH MY GOODNESS! It's amazing! This thing does everything but fix you a snack! Donor told me he paid $2,000 for it new and we're selling it for $695. I couldn't find this exact chair - but here's an interesting site I found that compares Brookstone massage chairs. I really don't know anything about massage chairs so can't tell you much other than it was quite an experience and everything SEEMED to be in working order.  Maybe we shouldn't sell it but rather leave it in the store and charge $5 a pop for you to sit in it for 20 minutes and get a massage! 
Store Operations Manager, Connie - what you think?

nice living room set that includes: sofa (both ends recline) for $185; reclining loveseat for $155 and recliner for $75. I noticed wear on both the sofa and the recliner (not a ton but just general wear)

dark navy blue leather (where your body touches - faux leather elsewhere) three piece sectional in very good condition. One section opens to a sleeper and one end reclines. The handle you pull to open the recliner has broken off (drat! see last photo). My guess is you could still recline it but someone with more ingenuity than me will have to figure it out. Priced $295

another set of leather/faux leather sofa/loveseat with electric recliners (and has a phone charger too!) from our amazing shipping company! Brand new. The sofa is priced $995 and the loveseat is $895 - these don't last long when we get 'em in - FYI! 

OF COURSE the sun came out right when I was trying to take a photo of this very nice United brand five drawer chest and RUINED it (ha - like "user error" had nothing to do with it!). Priced $155

after much hunting around the world wide web I can't seem to find these gorgeous Amazonia stackable eucalyptus chairs anywhere that sells just the chairs. I found a site that has eight chairs and a table for $1,280.96 but nowhere that just sells the chairs. Alas. However, WE'RE selling these brand new, stackable, eucalyptus (I believe they're eucalyptus and not teak) 
chairs for $175 each and we got eight of 'em!

gorgeous Dixie brand long dresser with mirror and protective glass top for $495; matching two drawer nightstand - also with protective glass top - for $145. 
Some wear but overall in very good condition

INCREDIBLE Ellis line from Sligh oval desk! Gorgeous! Priced $350 and in very good condition. I did NOT see any shelves (shelf?) that would fit in the small front cut-out designed for 
books and/or knick-knacks but maybe I missed them/it?

here's the Berkey & Gay buffet I mentioned earlier. It definitely has some wear but is oh so pretty! Priced $475 and measures 21 1/2" by 70" and stands 40" tall

I spied these two sweet side chairs as I was leaving and snapped a couple of photos. Overall in good condition - none of the caning appears to be damaged (just some of the stain is off) and they're priced ONLY $15 each! Nice way to end today's post - don't you think?!

I hope to see you again next week, dear reader! Take care!