Friday, July 22, 2016

Please continue to stand by...until Thursday, July 28! Yikes!

Oh my goodness! A couple of weeks ago I uploaded some photos from my phone to my work computer so figured I'd be able to do so again this morning and could finally show you lots o'photos from the store. I was so positive this would work that I went to the store early to update my photos (delete what sold yesterday and take additional photos of "just picked up" furniture) and I'm now going through the VERY SAME THING that happened yesterday morning on my home computer!

All that to say - I'm so sorry! I've asked a number of people here in the office and no one seems to know what the problem is. My personal tech support (my son) will be home tonight and I promise he'll be able to get to the bottom of this - but not soon enough to make a difference for this week so I'm admitting defeat and letting you know there'll be no blog post this week. Again, I'm sorry!

Just a quick head's up for any Paul McCobb fans. We have an absolutely gorgeous Directional Contract Furniture Corp. N.Y. Paul McCobb desk (6' x 32") and credenza (6' x 20") that we're selling for $1,500 each or BUY BOTH FOR $2,500 (and save $500 - you're welcome that I did the math for you! haha!). Neither piece is pristine but both are in very good condition. Original hardware (all nice and patina-ed!). I opened one of the desk drawers and then couldn't close it all the way but that might be because there was some junk trapped behind blocking it. The credenza has these cool roll top pieces that roll back (they're on the top of the credenza - so you drop file folders into this opening) and reveal two spots for folders and then an opening in the middle so you can pull a desk chair up and use it as another writing/working space. One small section of decorative trim on the front of the desk has cracked off and is missing. 

Again, I'm so sorry. 

I'll leave you with this photo of someone who could be me looking a tab frustrated and very confused. Add some freckles and different glasses. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Please stand by...

Well, I'm going on three hours of technical difficulties and I'm still unable to upload my photos from my phone. Since my goal is to have this post up each week by 9 am (and it's 9:10 now) - thought I'd simply let you know it ain't gonna happen right now. Have a call into tech support (my son) and will keep trying but for right now - I'm sorry.

I CAN share the store is brimming with amazing inventory (and, I know, I always say that but that's because it's always true! My pickup guys can hardly keep up with furniture donations!). 

I also CAN share that there's a cool art sale going on today, tomorrow and Saturday with lots of artwork priced either $9.95 or $19.95. 

Okay, dear reader, back to trying to figure out this mess. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ahoy mateys! Okay - don't know why I used that greeting other than I feel like I always say, "hello" or "welcome" or "glad you stopped by" or "what's shakin' bacon?" (haha - just checking to see if you're reading my fabulous intro) and wanted to try something new. New and pirate-y - 'cause I want to emulate pirates? Man, this went downhill fast! Let's start over.

Hello and welcome to the Jubilee Furniture blog. So glad you stopped by! What's shakin' bacon? (You might not be laughing but I am [I know, I know - I'm so weird!].) What follows are photos of some of our current inventory (just pieces that are either new this week or struck my fancy or I thought you'd like):

this is a super attractive three piece sectional by Bassett. When I saw the $195 price tag I was surprised (thinking it was too cheap) but then went looking for what was wrong. The only thing I could find was some torn material UNDER the seat cushions (my photo is upside down - sorry, don't know what my problem is!) but, otherwise, everything looked good to me (and it's really, really comfortable!). Add great colors and fun pattern and I don't think this one will last long

gorgeous glass top coffee table in perfect condition for $165

fabulous, retro, off-white sofa in very good condition for $125

AMAZING marble top cabinet from Weiman. Three of the five doors open and the interior is one large space (the other two doors were never designed to open). There is a circular stain on the marble top (see last photo). Priced $195

another Weiman piece - this time an octagon coffee table - from a certain angle you can see a thin crack in the marble (starts from one edge and seems to stop in about the middle of the top). 
Priced $115

two identical arm chairs - in good condition - priced $35 each

 this is a REALLY AMAZING writing desk! Needs some work (both support brackets that would normally hold the writing surface up have come out) but LOOK AT THE SWEET FEET! Original hardware! Slim silhouette! Quarter sawn oak! Little cubbyholes and drawers! 
Sigh. Love. Priced $325

just picked up from the Merchandise Mart here are two rolling severing carts! Designed to be outdoors but would look just as stylish in! Priced $195 each and the glass is tempered (also called "safety glass" the glass goes through a  process to strengthen it)


also from the Merchandise Mart - this all weather wicker chair is gorgeous AND comfortable! 
Priced $150

Lazboy brand red leather sofa and chair - chair has more wear on it than the sofa. 
Sofa is priced $295 and the chair is $65

excellent condition RECLINER - very comfortable - priced $135

extra deep seat cushion means this pale yellow sofa would make a GREAT NAPPING spot (can you tell I was tired yesterday and kept sitting on everything and noting how comfortable things were?). Overall, in very good condition and a really beautiful color. Priced only $85

beautiful Bauhaus sofa for $195; equally beautiful chair for $85

black leather? faux leather? chair for $55

Sealy brand black leather (this time I'm sure) loveseat and there's an ottoman that goes with it - 
priced $235 for both piece and they're in excellent condition 

Room & Board two piece (chaise and small sofa) sectional - from their Easton collection. Retails for $2,689. There's one stain on one cushion (see second photo) and the cushion in the last photo is a little dirty along the edge - otherwise in excellent condition! Even if you had this professionally cleaned (will cost you between $100 and $150) our price of $395 
still means just about 80% off retail price ($395 + $150 = $545)

lovely console table for $195

fantastic plaid sofa by Toms-Price! The second photo - if you have incredibly good vision - shows three small spots or stains - that, I think, would be easy to remove (but the back cushion is attached to the back so it's not a simple matter of flipping it over).
Otherwise, this piece is pristine! Priced only $95

gorgeous Smithecraft sofa in excellent condition for $195

some "distressed" parts on this leather Lane sofa - but, truly, it adds to the beauty! Priced $395

this is a TWO piece ADJUSTABLE (you can pull the two pieces fairly far apart - though they have to be touching seen the one piece serves as a "leg" to the other). Obviously, originally designed to hold records and a record player (there's even a cord opening). It seems to be both wood veneer and faux wood veneer. Priced $115

fun "pub" table with four stool (faux leather). Table top needs refinishing (or simply use a cover-up stain stick to fill in the scratches). Priced $135 for the set

if you've dreamed of owning a cedar-lined trunk but can't afford the hefty price tags on most - this one's for you! Due to the top have a bunch of veneer peeled off - this is priced only $15!   


okay - bear with me - it was really hard to take photos of these American of Martinsville pieces. First photo is TWO (one on top of the other) LIGHTED nightstands (maybe end tables?) priced $55 each. Then there's two, two door cabinets and one shorter two door cabinet (on top of one of the two door taller cabinets). All of them have an adjustable shelf inside. The two taller cabinets are $75 each. The shorter cabinet is $65. Then there's a two piece unit that has a bunch of drawers and a drop down writing desk (photo didn't turn out - sorry!) that's priced $95 for both pieces. I'm not 100% sure the writing desk piece is meant to go on the drawer piece so you might want to discuss with Crista if interested in purchasing (but I could be 100% wrong! Haha!)

Also, we received another amazing donation of outdoor pillows and cushions from our friends at the Merchandise Mart! Lots of colors and shapes! Cushions are priced $8 each and throw pillows are $10 or $15.

Finally, I wanted to give a quick update on John Wasp - our Warehouse Manager - who is out recovering from hand surgery. He's doing well but it's a long healing process and he might be gone for another eight to ten weeks. We sure do miss him! We're actually looking for a temporary person to fill in (here's the job description). Please pass on if you know anyone who might be interested.

Yo, ho, ho, dear matey! Shiver me timber! Until we sail again then!