Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, March 26, 2015

With sales of over $12,000 the last three weekends (yep, you read that correctly – sales of OVER $12,000! Amazing.) you’d think there’d be nothing left in the store to buy. But you’d be wrong.

Even after being in my position for the last 8 1/2 years – I’m still amazed of, and grateful for, the sheer number of donation calls and then for the response from our customers. Truly words fail me every time I try to express my appreciation for the thousands of people who’ve donated over the years (I have an excel spreadsheet with over 4,000 donor names on it and I only started it four years ago) and the thousands who’ve found their way to sleepy Carol Stream, Illinois during our limited store hours (Thursdays and Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4). Thank you.

So, no pressure – but we’re all liking these high sales days (and if I’m remembering correctly we’ve never hit $14,000 in a single weekend. – ever. So that would be an amazing goal to achieve! Haha!). And what exactly might you purchase? Excellent question. Let’s take a look at the following photos of some of our current inventory and you can see EVER MORE over at our Furniture Gallery!

JFC 03-26-15 001JFC 03-26-15 002JFC 03-26-15 003JFC 03-26-15 004

beautiful Sligh demilune (half moon) leather top desk (note the leather is very cracked but cracked enough to almost look like it was designed that way) – needs some touch-up/cleaning. Priced $215

JFC 03-26-15 005JFC 03-26-15 006

lovely deep forest green velvet sofa by Rowe (some minor wear) for $195

JFC 03-26-15 007JFC 03-26-15 008JFC 03-26-15 009JFC 03-26-15 010

matching deep green velvet side chairs (again by Rowe) – I noticed some spots that need to be cleaned and some wear – priced $95 each and there are two of them. I love the lines of these chairs!

JFC 03-26-15 011JFC 03-26-15 012JFC 03-26-15 013JFC 03-26-15 014

two piece micro-suede sectional – tons of seating – in wonderful condition but probably needs to be cleaned (especially on the seat cushions – just overall discoloring from use). Priced $295

JFC 03-26-15 015JFC 03-26-15 016

gorgeous Crate & Barrel chair and ottoman – needs a good vacuuming – priced $225 (looks like there’s fading where the arm protectors were but I THINK if it were cleaned/vacuumed well it would be fine)

JFC 03-26-15 017JFC 03-26-15 018

sweet desk with protective glass top – finished in the front – priced $85

JFC 03-26-15 019JFC 03-26-15 020

great size coffee table (pull is decorative – there’s no drawer) priced $25

JFC 03-26-15 021JFC 03-26-15 022

Crate & Barrel micro-fiber sofa – needs some fluffing/adjusting but otherwise in good condition – priced $195

JFC 03-26-15 023JFC 03-26-15 024JFC 03-26-15 026JFC 03-26-15 025

fabulous Statesville Chair Company cherry table, with two leaves, six chairs and table pads for $235 (some minor wear on table top); matching buffet for $145 in excellent condition

JFC 03-26-15 027JFC 03-26-15 028

gorgeous retro one piece china cabinet in fantastic condition! Priced $195

JFC 03-26-15 029JFC 03-26-15 030

amazing walnut drop leave retro table (it’s really pretty!) – no chairs – priced $215

JFC 03-26-15 031JFC 03-26-15 032

fabulous secretary – needs some cleaning/touch up – priced $185

JFC 03-26-15 033JFC 03-26-15 034

two DIFFERENT corner curio cabinets which are back-to-back. Both are lighted with mirrored backs and beveled glass and both are lovely. First one is priced $135; the second one is $115

JFC 03-26-15 035JFC 03-26-15 036

wonderful antique desk for $125

JFC 03-26-15 037JFC 03-26-15 038

gorgeous old oak pedestal table with one leaf and four chairs – just looking at this set makes me smile (I can just imagine sitting around it with friends or family – drinking tea or playing games) – priced $235

JFC 03-26-15 039JFC 03-26-15 040

please buy this book stand before I do! It’s on little wheels and is just the cutest thing! AND it’s priced only $25

JFC 03-26-15 041JFC 03-26-15 042

on several design websites I regularly read – I just saw some sofas with similar green leaves upholstery. This loveseat is VERY firm and in mint condition. Priced $65

JFC 03-26-15 043JFC 03-26-15 044

fantastic Carson’s denim oversized chair and ottoman – noticed one small stain on the ottoman – priced $145

JFC 03-26-15 045JFC 03-26-15 046JFC 03-26-15 047JFC 03-26-15 048

I adore this blue velvet two piece sectional by Bauhaus! So pretty! There are some minor issues (note last two photos of small tears along the back edge) but it’s just so lovely! Priced $135

JFC 03-26-15 049JFC 03-26-15 050

two solid end table with one drawer at the bottom and smoked glass. Priced $35 each (there’s something about these end tables that is very attractive)

JFC 03-26-15 051JFC 03-26-15 052

two barrel swivel chairs in good condition (great neutral color) priced $55 each

JFC 03-26-15 053JFC 03-26-15 054

very handsome nine drawer dresser in very good condition – priced $65 (I’m guessing it’s priced fairly low because the drawers seem the tiniest bit flimsy – if you opened ‘em I think you’d see what I mean)

JFC 03-26-15 055

oops, I didn’t realize I only took one photo of this retro chest of drawer made of ash wood and priced $135

JFC 03-26-15 056JFC 03-26-15 057JFC 03-26-15 058

nice bedroom set which includes a large dresser with a mirror (mirror is BEHIND the dresser and I couldn’t get a photo of it, sorry) priced $95; matching two drawer nightstands are $20 each; queen size head board with low profile footboard and side rails for $185 (does NOT include mattress/box spring). Several of the drawers are very hard to open – not sure if that’s an easy fix or not. One of the nightstands is missing one pull

JFC 03-26-15 059JFC 03-26-15 060

lovely dresser with metal pulls and details – priced $85

JFC 03-26-15 061JFC 03-26-15 062

twin size headboard, footboard, side rails and one large under-the-bed drawer (which needs some reinforcing and the two missing knobs are in the drawer) priced $165 (again, mattress is sold separately)

JFC 03-26-15 063JFC 03-26-15 064JFC 03-26-15 065JFC 03-26-15 066

two identical white wardrobes – see the hanging bar in one section? – the one that has a large scratch on the front of it is priced $75 (you can sorta see it in the second photo along the bottom left) and the other one is $85. Would provide TONS of storage!

JFC 03-26-15 067JFC 03-26-15 068

set of six dining room chairs – all in good condition though you’ll probably want to clean or replace the seat upholstery – priced $180 for all six

Though reaching a new sales high is exciting in and of itself (that type of volume challenges us to be totally on-task, present and giving our all) – ultimately, it’s knowing our profit is helping those most in need in DuPage County that drives us. Thank you, dear reader, for being a part of making that happen.

Truly, you’re the best!