Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, May 26, 2016

Greetings to all but a special welcome and thanks to any veterans who are reading! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country. Though my gratitude is year round - and Memorial Day was created to honor those who've died while in military service - it's good to have a special day set apart for us all to stop and remember the sacrifice ALL service people have made, and continue to make. Thank you! 

To help commemorate, all of our outdoor furniture has been reduced 25%! You know all those gorgeous pieces from the outdoor furniture showrooms at the Merchandise Mart? Yep - every piece is marked down 25% from the already low Jubilee Furniture price! Woot! 

And what exactly might you find at the store? Let's take a look at SOME of our current inventory:

a set of GORGEOUS Basset side chairs - both are in excellent condition - priced $175 each

also in excellent condition this Plunkett sofa - priced $165

this Porters of Racine chair and a half is a light color plaid and - overall - seems to be in 
really good condition but only priced $55! What a deal!

this Room & Board nightstand is from their Copenhagen collection and retails for $629
We're selling it for $125. There is a piece on the back that was repaired (not a big deal)

two wonderful Ethan Allen wicker chairs with leather seats. Very comfortable. Donor had a kitty and there are scratches in the leather (fyi). Priced $195 each or buy both for $275 and save $115! 

sweet black distressed Crate & Barrel writing desk. There are several issues: 1.) top finish is marred and needs to be refinished and 2.) support bar is attached in the front when it should be attached in the back (see last photo - you can't pull a chair in because the bar is in the way). The holes for the support bar are drilled into the front legs so either the legs were attached incorrectly or the holes were drilled into the wrong set of legs (or top installed the wrong way?). I'm not sure how easy a fix this would be - or if you could simply remove that bar and it wouldn't compromise the structural integrity of the piece? With a $45 price tag it's worth investigating!  


deep red leather loveseat and sofa - by Lazboy. Overall, in very good condition. Some "fluffing" of cushions would be helpful. The loveseat is priced $225 and the sofa $295

fun round swivel chair - upholstery has attracted small bits of fluff and needs a complete vacuuming. Priced $75

this Lazboy leather recliner is from their American Home Collection - some wear in the leather but otherwise in good condition and priced only $55 

great wingback for $145

two matching side chairs from Plunkett Furniture - both in very good condition - priced $125 each

very cool rustic table with unique craving on top (and covered with protective glass) and two chairs. The wood frame surrounding the craving need some cleaning up and re-stain (see last photo) - otherwise a really neat set. Priced $295

two retro navy color modified wingback chairs - overall in good condition - priced $95 each

kidney shaped glass top coffee table for $125

gorgeous Huntington House loveseat - in excellent condition - priced $225

two piece storage unit with bookcase - needs to be repainted - priced $95

this bedroom set by Drexel is really amazing! Black shiny tops on each piece with a glossy finish on the wood parts too! The glossy finish on the top of the long dresser has become a little less shiny due to wear. The nightstands are $35 each; long dresser is $65 and the taller chest hadn't been priced yet (but I'm sure will be this morning before the store opens)

fun, mid-century modern table with one leaf and six chairs (two with arms) - priced $145 for the set (one of the arm chairs has a couple of spots that, I think, could be easily cleaned - otherwise I didn't see a single spot on any other chairs)

I don't know if the sofa and chair are also Genuine Cushman Colonial Creations - but they were all donated together so they could be. Early American style - solid wood frames - overall in very good condition. The sofa is priced $65; chair $45 and the coffee table is $55

mission style oak desk with two drawers - an amazing piece! Priced $75 and measures 6' x 32"

sweet pine table with one leaf - priced $145 - in excellent condition

these four chairs are priced as a set - but one is slightly different from the others (second to last photo - the craved design is different and the spindles are different and the legs are different and support bars are different - there's a lot different about it but it still blends in well with the other three). Priced $95 for all four 

unusual side table with a fun shape! Top needs to be refinished. Priced $45

two piece sofa/chaise - one cushion has some small rips and needs some more stuffing. Whole things shows some wear but not bad. Priced $115

Bassett brand large wood coffee table with two drawers (one of the pull handles is missing the pull) priced $65; matching end table for $45. I love the different wood stains on these pieces!  

this is a really unusual retro dining set. EVERY part of the table and chairs is covered in a formic finish (except for the cushioned seats). Table has some dings but the chairs look perfect! 
Priced $95 for table, one leaf and five chairs

 So, dear reader - I suggest you find a veteran and - with their permission - give them a hug and a sincere THANK YOU. Not a hugger? A warm handshake would probably work too. I'll let you decide (ha!).