Thursday, September 20, 2018

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 20, 2018

With over 140 photos to share - you better go get a refill on your beverage and make yourself comfortable! Ha!

But first Connie (store manager) and Jan (assistant manager) wanted you know that select items throughout the store will be marked with special bright red/orange stickers showing they've been marked down to either $5, $10 or $20 from whatever their original (already low!) Jubilee Furniture price was!

Ready? Let's begin.

I've been walking by this piece in bedroom land for the last month and it always caught my eye but it was always piled high with outdoor cushions and I was usually hot and tired and couldn't be bothered to take them off. Well, yesterday when I was at the store I noticed it'd been marked down and I knew I had to show it to you. My guess is was some kind of sales counter (great guess, I know). It's oak and measures 105" wide and is 26" deep and is 31 1/2" tall. It's a little short for working on (I wondered if you could add wheels/feet) but it's INCREDIBLE! There's a piece of missing trim on the left, top side (as you're looking at it) and it's very well "loved" - but, oh my, it's a beauty! Original Jubilee Furniture price was $365 but now it's 25% off so current price is $273.75! 

I thought these four American Signature pieces were so attractive! All four are priced $35 each. There are two that measure 23" x 27" and are 2' from floor to top and have two drawers. The other two are 2' x 2' and are 20" tall and have one drawer. All seem solid, 
well built and in excellent condition!

Unique Furniture Makers taller chest of drawers priced $125 and matching dresser with mirror for $135. Both are in very good condition. I LOVE the wood stain color on these!

large clothing wardrobe - measures 39" wide by 21" deep and stands 79 1/2" tall. 
In excellent condition and priced only $55!

rare Randolph Furniture Works (Plant No. 2) out of Jamestown, NY (sold by Anderson Furniture Sales in Chicago, IL) bedroom set that includes: dresser, two nightstands, taller chest of drawers and full size headboard (which needs to be dusted), footboard and side rails - all in 
excellent condition with original finish and hardware. Selling the complete set for $4,000! 
Obviously, that's a lot of money - so we've listed the set on various online sites 
hoping to snag the art deco lover who'd be thrilled to add to their collection! 

though very faded - the fading is so complete it looks like how the fabric was originally! Ha! 
Other than the fading - in excellent condition (sits firm) and priced $65 each

two matching Sherrill curved sofas - both in excellent condition and priced $395 each

lovely octagon coffee table in excellent condition and priced $85

Plunkett brand creamy white sofa - good condition - priced $195

Bassett sofa and loveseat - both in EXCELLENT condition! 
Sofa is priced $195 and the loveseat is $145

AMAZING Max-Home two piece sofa - in PRISTINE condition! Priced $475

BenchMaster bonded leather reclining chair and ottoman for $185. 
Still has informational tag on it - love it! 

be still my heart! 98" long Room & Board sofa in this wonderful oatmeal/gray woven upholstered. In excellent condition and super comfortable too! It's similar to this one from their Cade collection (though not the same) that sells for $2,399. Our price? $795. I did spy (last photo) some very minor threads pulled on the right corner of the sofa (as you're looking at it) that might be from a cat?

in front of the R&B sofa is this very cool two tiered retro coffee table - one corner on the bottom shelf has a crack - priced $125 and to the side a matching two tiered end table that also priced $125

for our typical customer - some of these collectible pieces are going to seem outrageously expensive - and I totally get that. That said, I tell our donors we'll do our best to maximize their donation by doing research on the piece and trying to sell it for as much as we possibly can. I think it makes us good stewards of what's been given to us by doing our best to provide the most funds as possible to help support the programs and services at Outreach Community Ministries. These four Danish Modern teak chairs are an example of that. We're selling four of them 
(three match one is sightly different) for $695

GORGEOUS Wesley Hall sofa for $425 - in excellent condition

lovely 42" round beveled mirror for $25

36" x 5' wood table with four chairs - all in good condition - priced $185 for the set

antique Swedish hand-painted, "Thous shalt not steal" bucket for $20

pedestal table with one leaf and six chairs for $65 - table top needs to be refinished. The leaf is 2' wide and when removed (photos show the leaf in the table) the table would be 4' round

and then this 44" roundish pedestal table looks super crowded with the six chairs pulled up to it - but if you added one or two of the leaves it comes with (and they're 20" each) then all would be right in the world! Ha! Priced $135 and in good condition

if your initials are H.M.R. then I think it's meant to be for you to buy these six "circa 1910" dining chairs! There's one chair with arms (and there is a crack on one of the arms) and 
five other chairs and we're selling all six for $295

this Italian made dining set is in PRISTINE condition (other than some darkening of the wood - and you can only tell when the leaf is added) and comes from the manufacturer A. Sibau. The table without the leaf measures 42" by 70 1/2" and the leaf adds another 33 1/2". Here's the really cool thing about this table. The leaf is on a spring mechanism and when released lifts the folded leaf up and into place! Amazing! Priced $525 and includes six chairs (two with arms)

gorgeous stone table (39 1/2" by 78 1/2") with stone pedestal and six chairs. The 
upholstery on the chairs needs to be spot cleaned. Priced $245

dust off the lower shelf on this sweet 4' round wood table with four upholstered arm chairs and you'll have a fantastic set! I especially like that these chairs could easily be used in another setting 
(extra seating in your living room) as needed and they'd fit right in! 
Nice gray fabric that in very good condition. Priced $155

though one of the pieces of this seven piece sectional is a little saggy (second to last photo) you could easily remove it and still have a wonderful space to cozy up and watch movies or read! Nice light brown microfiber fabric - I saw a few spots on the upholstery - but overall in good condition. 
Priced $125 (red throw pillows aren't included in price)

though there's some wear on this C.R. Laine two piece sectional - I 
love the color of the fabric and the lines of it! Priced $165

sweet floral sofa for $85 and matching loveseat for $65 - both are in good condition

wonderful cherry (I think) two drawer writing desk (measures 30" by 62") for $65

And to think this is just SOME of our current inventory, dear reader! Phew! Thanks for stopping by!