Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Customer Inspiration - Michelle's creative and sweet baby shower book nook!

Welcome!  If you're newer to the blog, let me explain what happens on Tuesdays - IF - a wonderful customer has emailed me photos. 

Starting with the certain knowledge that all Jubilee Furniture customers are amazing, creative, environmentally careful and smart with their money - I decided I wanted to harness these things in order to inspire others.  So, I began encouraging customers to send me photos - and a brief description of whatever they did to whatever they purchased from the furniture store - in order to post said photos/descriptions for a wider audience to view and possibly imitate.

If you click on the Customer Inspirations tab above - you'll see thumbnail photos of previous posts that will truly encourage and inspire you!  Some of the posts show seriously transformed pieces and some simply how nice used furniture can look inside a lovely home.  Either way - it's fun to see what people have done with things purchased from a dimly lit warehouse in Carol Stream, Illinois.

Here's the email I received last week:

Hi Susan,  

I came into Jubilee back in the beginning of June and bought a book shelf for a baby shower. Thought I would share how it turned out!  The theme for the baby shower was Baby Book Club and everyone brought a book instead of a card.  Instead of playing a game during the shower, I had all the shower guests put their hand prints on the piece as a tribute to the baby!  I really love how it came out!


If I can read the price tag showing in the before photo - it looks like Michelle paid $18 for this storage piece.  Just by painting this fairly generic piece white - Michelle instantly improved it 100%!   Add in the colorful and meaningful hand prints and this piece - perfect for large flat picture books - is off the charts fabulous!  How sweet and what a special piece of furniture for this new baby!

This is such a great idea that would work in so many different ways!  Maybe instead of hand prints, have each guest write a note with permanent marker and sign their name or do the hand prints on a toy chest or...

What fun and many thanks to Michelle for her splendid idea!

I'll see you on Friday for my weekly update post, dear reader!  Until then - take care!