Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - LaDonna's lovely home!

Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday customer inspiration where I showcase something someone has purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how wonderful it looks (either exactly how it looked leaving the store or how it's been transformed).  If you've bought something and would be willing to take a photo (or more) and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org - it would be marvelous (and I'd be forever grateful)!

Today we're heading to LaDonna's place to see how she added two simply items (sleeper sofa and a bed - head board/foot board) from Jubilee Furniture to the rest of her furnishings and created a very warm and inviting space!

Here's her email:

Hey Susan!  I purchased my furniture from Jubilee about one month ago and I love it.  I had my housewarming just Sept. 3rd and I got great compliments on my furniture even though they had no clue how much it actually cost me.  I purchased the head and foot board you see in my bedroom picture and the lovely light tan striped sleeper sofa in my living room from Jubilee.  Thanks so much Susan and all the Jubilee Furniture workers and volunteers.  God Bless You All.

I love the white head/foot board (they both also have tan linen upholstery in the middle) with the black furniture and those red leather ottomans at the end of the bed!  The accent rug in front of the sofa is a nice punch of color too!

Well done, LaDonna and God bless you too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Peggy's fabulous sewing room!

Welcome to Tuesday customer inspiration where I showcase something someone has purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how amazing it looks in their home - either exactly as it looked leaving the store, or, how it's been transformed into something even better!

Today's inspiration is from my sister, Peggy, who's a wonderful sewer and quilter.  Her email cracked me up since she wrote it as if I didn't know anything much about her - but it's prefect for sharing with you, dear reader!  Here it is:

Hello Susan!  I wanted to share my photos of my re-done sewing room.  As you know, I saw this bathroom cabinet at Jubilee and mentioned to my daughter that it would make a nice cutting space for my sewing room.  I enjoy making quilts and that involves a lot of rotary cutting - which I have been doing mainly on the FLOOR - on my knees, bending over the cutting mat - not very good for my back.  There was a very large stone slab on top of the cabinet.  While it did not fit exactly and was less than lovely, the weight and added height to the cabinet was a plus.  Jessica said she would buy me it for my birthday - for the bargain price of $35.  I was in Menard's and saw a very similar cabinet for $199.  Anyway - I absolutely love the higher height for cutting my fabric.  My 24 x 36 inch cutting mat is just a tad larger than the top but is working out well.  I love having items handy in the drawers close by - I went through my whole room organizing and throwing out stuff - it was a long process, but I'm including views of my whole sewing space - a space I love spending time in!  I will be looking at Jubilee for a small chair to add to my room - and who knows what other treasures I will find?  Thanks to Jessica for my great birthday present - and to my husband for getting it up the stairs!  See you soon - Love, Peggy

A couple of weeks later:

Jim now has a place to sit when he stops by my sewing room!  This chair was purchased at Jubilee - in pristine condition - all I did was add a "quilt-y" touch - and, for now, I think my room is complete!  Thank you, Jubilee Furniture!

Wow - I love Peggy's sewing room!  It's bright and cheerful and inviting and I can see why she enjoys spending time in it!  How she got all of Mom's sewing talent - I don't understand and it doesn't seem entirely fair!

Oh well, I got Mom's ...wide hips for ease in child birth?  Sorry - super bad mental image - it's just my daughter, Abby, turns 23 tomorrow and I've been thinking a lot about the day she was born!

Come on - sing with me!  "Memories, light the corners of my mind. Misty watercolor memories..."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Monique and Tim's wonderful family room!

Before we jump into today's customer inspiration - and though I had a bet with my husband that Meg would win last night's HGTV Design Star - I have to admit I liked Karl better and thought maybe he'd pull a rabbit out of the hat at the end and win! He was so engaging and I liked his edgier design style. I've never watched the show before - and actually only started watching about six weeks ago (so missed the first half of the season) - and found the elimination process so tense and nerve-racking that I don't know if I can watch again! Yet I was so excited about last night's final episode that I turned my TV on 15 minutes early (you know - to warm it up! :-).

I was so emotionally drained when Design Star ended that I sat like a bump on a log and watched Showhouse Showdown and though didn't love Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey's over-the-top design style, disliked Eric Kole's superior attitude (and minimalist approach) so much that I was rooting for Shazalynn (who did win, in case you're wondering). Whew - what a night!

Thankfully, there's much less drama at the o' Jubilee Furniture blog - though equally creative and fun!

Here's Monique's email:

Subject: Two crummy photos...

are all I got, but they're yours.

This is our family room. The mirror, side-table, wall ornamentation, and low coffee table are from my favorite place on earth: Jubilee. I just had to respond immediately after reading today's post.

p.s. In case you're wondering what that white glob is in the fireplace, that's my old medical student coat!

Did you catch that Jubilee Furniture is one of Monique's FAVORITE PLACES ON EARTH! Wow - how nice is that!?

I love the horizontal stripes on the wall and, personally, I think everyone should have a human torso on their coffee table (along side your child's toys!).

Monique and husband, Tim, love all things retro and vintage with clean lines and great surfaces and aren't afraid to try new things! Well done!

I have two more weeks of inspiring photos to share - but would love to see what you've done with the things you've purchased from Jubilee! Just email me a photo (or two or more) at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org 'cause you never know who you might inspire with your own style- since we all know creative design doesn't only happen on HGTV!

Hope to see you back here on Friday for my weekly store update post!

Until then - ta ta, dear reader!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiraiton - I got nothin'!

Let's start with some facts:

  1. All Jubilee Furniture customers - no exceptions - are amazing

  2. Every Tuesday I write a "Customer Inspiration" post showing you photos that a customer has kindly emailed me of how their Jubilee Furniture furniture looks in their home - either exactly as it looked leaving the store or how it's been transformed into something even better

  3. My email address is sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org

  4. Many of the aforementioned amazing customers have sent me photos over the last year (check out all the past inspiring posts by clicking on my "customer inspiration" tab)

  5. I have no control over anyone sending me photos

  6. No one sent me photos this week

  7. There have been other Tuesdays when I didn't have anything to share and have written incredibly lame things that are actually rather embarrassing if I think about 'em too long

  8. I know from my own blog reading that some posts are A+ and some D- and that's the reality of blogging (need I remind you that Babe Ruth - one of the greatest baseball players of all time with 714 home runs also struck out 1,330 times?)

  9. Next week is another week

  10. Hope springs eternal

And that, dear reader, is all I have for you today! I'm so sorry.