Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Customer Inspiration - David's creative and beautiful dining rooms!

Hello!  Remember Tuesday Customer Inspiration?  It's where one of my amazing customers sends me an email at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org with a photo or two of whatever they've purchased from Jubilee Furniture and a short (or long) explanation of what they've done (or not done) to the furniture.  The idea behind TCI is to help inspire others to see beyond the deary warehouse, bad lighting and humid interior to what so much of our inventory can become with a little imagination and sweat equity.

David has a gorgeous apartment in Chicago and has been featured on TCI before (check it out here).   As a professional designer he's trained to know what to look for when shopping for furniture - but his secret is something anyone can learn - keep an open mind!

Here's David's email:

Hi Susan,

You posted some pictures of my flat around a year ago.  I wanted to send you a snap of my newest Jubilee find/project.

I decided to redo my "formal" living room and turn it into a sort of dining area.  Mostly, I really wanted a space that could be used as a home office but also serve as flexible space for entertaining..and I decided that the sunniest room in my flat should be the room that I use the most, not the least.  I already had a table and some great chairs hiding in storage, but needed a very large functional piece of furniture to hide away all of my mess...and I wanted something that would be an unexpected piece to find in a dining room.

It also had to be tall enough to fill the wall and cover over the horrible plaster work that "someone" did who thought it would be an easy DIY project!

What I ended up with was a pair of metal office lockers that were painted office beige and looked nothing short of sad in the back of Jubilee.  The price was right, some considerate soul had taped the keys to them inside the cabinet, and the dimensions were just about perfect.

The big trend in the city is stripped metal furniture, where people remove layers of paint to expose the steel underneath.  One palm sander, a couple of hours of sanding, and a coat of clear coat left me with two cabinets that proudly show the steel and look far removed from their officey brethren.

I also decided to hang up the "wonky" chandelier that I used to use as a table lamp.  I would anticipate the person who gave it to Jubilee disliked it for the very same reasons that I love it!

I love coming to Jubilee, and always try to approach every piece in there with an open mind!  My style might not appeal to everyone (or even to myself at times) but a little creativity can really make a piece come alive.

Hope that all is well!

Wow - when I think those two metal storage pieces where probably in someone's garage or basement - and how unbelievable they look in David's dining area - it's wild!

In a follow up email David shared another photo of another dining space in his home (his flat is two apartments combined) used for things like when he opens his home for church potlucks or a formal dinner for 24!  It's in his English basement which is below the main living space.

David writes:

Quite a few chairs down there came from Jubilee and I reupholstered all of the seats in a matching murky green silk mohair to formulate them into a set.

A huge THANK YOU to David for taking the time to send fabulous photos of his gorgeous home and for resurrecting Tuesday Customer Inspiration.  Continue the trend by sending me YOUR photos!  Please?