Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jubilee Furniture = new beginnings for quality used furntiure!

This week has been one of beautiful crisp mornings full of promise as I drove past lines of kids waiting for the school bus and thought fondly of my own two - now both in college - when we would make an event of the first day of school. New clothes, new notebooks, new teachers, new studies - amounted to equal amounts of excitement and fear. I remember watching for the afternoon bus wondering if the day had gone well or not. There is something special about the start of a new school year. Something wonderful about the cool nights when you can finally turn off the constant hum of the air conditioner. Something magical about leaves still wearing every shade of green yet knowing they will soon change to yellow, orange and red. Such hope. Ahhh...

Though not as exciting as a brand new start of a brand new school year, it's not unusual for someone who finds themselves at Jubilee Furniture for the first time to be pretty impressed by both the quantity and quality of our inventory. This week is another that will not disappoint!

So, join me as we take a look at some of the new-to-us items you'll find at Jubilee Furniture today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4. Shall we begin?

this is a beautiful - if large - Thomasville bedroom set - starting top left is a long, low dresser (no mirror) for $125; armoire for $175; and then a queen size headboard, lighted bridge and two storage towers all for $275 (mattress not included)

here's another gorgeous bedroom set - this time it's a dark, almost black finish - top left photo shows the dresser (love the height of this piece) and then the mirror which attaches behind the dresser (but is leaning on it's side next to the dresser in the photo) and is priced is $175; the queen head board, foot board and side rails are priced $225 (and the head board has a leather - or leather like - insert which is brown) - again, mattress not included in price; there's only one night stand and it's priced $125

bunk beds (there's a ladder but it's not shown in the photo) which include two bunky boards (the thinner "box spring" you use under a mattress) and is priced $235; the twin mattresses you see in the photo are priced $65 each

wonderfully large drawers in this six drawer dresser for $65

love, love, love this retro Bassett dresser for $85

incredibly fun vintage drop leaf chrome and Formica table for $75

here's another retro piece, also a drop leaf table with one leaf and four chairs manufactured by Meier & Pohlmann Furniture Co. and is priced $125 for the set (good condition but needs to be thoroughly cleaned)

sweet, small wood entertainment center with two drawer (and fantastic drawer pulls) for $50

love seat for $65

beautiful Drexel side board for $95

I shouldn't have had my flash on when I took this photo because the chair isn't as red as it looks - regardless this is an ah-mazing swivel, rocker, recliner in red leather with a small head rest that you can pull up to make sure you're super comfy and 100% relaxed - what other chair can do all that and for the low, low price of $175?!

this is one of those cool curved "conservation" sofas and in excellent condition except for the rip under the middle cushion (which could be fixed by using the fabric from the arm rest?) and priced $95

2 piece lighted curio cabinet for $75

lovely end table for $35

super nice retro coffee table w/glass on top for $65; beautiful decorative plate for $20

our donations this week truly were super nice and this mint-condition retro three piece sectional is gorgeous! I love that this sectional has a curved corner table which would be prefect for a lamp and is included in the price of $235. The bottom right photo is an up close shot of the fabric

here are a couple of matching Room & Board pieces - we have a chair and ottoman (ottoman is tucked to the left of the sofa) for $175 and the sofa is a sleeper and is priced $225 - all in excellent condition

here's a folding ladder bookcase for $65

this is an almost identical micro suede Max Home sofa with chaise (or no chaise - extra cushion turns the chaise end into a regular old couch) that we had a couple of months ago and is priced $185 (when I was talking to a customer about the other Max Home piece I told them it was a "Maxwell House" sofa accidentally! Can a sofa be "good to the last drop"?)

these are beautiful metal and glass pieces - a higher coffee table and two end tables - I've priced them individually (end tables $125 each and coffee table $145) or if you purchase them all you'll save $45 and only spend $350 (plus tax)

here's another Room & Board piece - a chair (duh) in an incredible pattern which I love and is priced $75

this is a very fun table - Ginger said it's a game table where a small chess or checker set would have been stored in the table but then could be taken out and the table opened larger when you wanted to play! How cool is that!? Priced $75

gorgeous,, gorgeous, gorgeous gold on gold striped sofa for $185 (and did I mention it's gorgeous?)

LOVE this Crate & Barrel rusty orange sofa in perfect condition for $295

this three piece sectional is also by Max Home (or Maxwell House) and is a great gray color and has lots of squishy places to chillax (and you thought I was an old fuddy duddy - oops by using the words "fuddy duddy" I think I just solidified that I am indeed one!) and is priced $250

So, regardless of where you are in your life right now, dear reader, I pray you feel the same excitment and hope as I saw on the young faces waiting for the school bus (minus the terror- smile).

Peace and grace to you - as always!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jubilee Furniture volunteers are the BEST!

I probably don't thank my volunteers nearly enough and since I snapped a photo of Nate and Gordon last night at 6:00 p.m. as I was leaving and they thought they would put in another hour before heading home (amazing!), I thought it would be appropriate to do so (thank them) with this entry.

I am a full-time Outreach Community Ministries employee (of which Jubilee Furniture is a division of and where the profit from the store goes to help support the programs and services Outreach offers to those most in need in DuPage County - to learn more go to Dan Snyder is a full-time Outreach employee and Chris Jackson is a part-time employee. Everyone else you might see in the store, and everyone else who helps behind the scenes, is a volunteer. Volunteer = no pay. They help because 1) they believe in and want to support the work Outreach is doing; 2) they want the workout and figure it beats a monthly gym fee; 3) they like working along side others with a common goal; 4) they are crazy; 5) all of the above. *Big Smile* Regardless of their motives, Jubilee Furniture would not exist without 'em and I am very grateful. Thank you and I love you all.

Moving on. I'm sure most of you don't think of Jubilee as a place to find fine artwork but lately we've gotten many donations that have included some nice pieces. What follows are several photos as well as the price tag Tim (another wonderful volunteer and someone who handles all of our artwork - among other things) wrote up. As we often say - you never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture!

close up of the nuns

And now onto the rest of the photos of some of the new-to-us pieces we received for donation this week!

super nice desk chair for $95

sweet little bench for $35

very nice girl's bedroom set which includes: (starting top left) top part of an armoire closed and then open (there is a rod to hang clothes if you wanted to use it instead of the shelves); bottom part of the same armoire; armoire price is $125; headboard of the four poster bed priced $75 (no box spring is necessary with this bed there is a board that you place your mattress onto); desk with mirror and chair for $95

burled wood end table (love it!) for $45 and matching coffee table (or bench? though might be too low) for $85

love the lines of this upholstered side chair for $50

extremely nice Flexsteel sofa and love seat - both are comfy yet firm (that's the old lady in me coming out since I have a hard time getting out of anything that sinks too low!) - sofa price $145 and love seat is $125

nice blue wingback chair for $45

this is a fabulous Stanley dining set which includes a china cabinet (priced $175); side board ($75); and table, two leaves, eight chairs and table pads (priced $275). But wait...there's more! Buy everything for $450 and you save $75! Wow - such a deal!

wonderful oak sofa or hall table for $95

black coffee table with glass top for $75

gorgeous Vanguard three piece sectional (ideal for rooms where it's hard to get a sectional into since the two seater on the right is the largest piece, both the corner piece and the one seater on the left are two separate pieces) for $375

though a little shiny and the fabric is a little dated, this is a very nice Sealy sleeper sofa for $90

brass and glass sofa or hall table for $80 (there's a matching coffee table for $45 but it's missing the glass)

very nice pine roll top desk for $135

here are more burled (am I spelling that correctly?) wood pieces that are gorgeous (Jane - if you're reading this they match a piece you bought from us with the brass corners). The top photo show two 3 drawer chests with lighted, shelved hutches (separate pieces to make moving easier) and are priced $185 for one chest/hutch; the lower photo shows another matching piece, this time it's a side board and is priced $95. Oh, I forgot to mention these pieces are from the Hickory Manufacturing Co.

I like the clean lines of this entertainment center priced $80

very nice oak computer desk (when the middle drawer is designed to hold a key board I call them computer desks as opposed to just a regular desk) with a lighted hutch for $125 (I think - I forgot to write the price on my list last night! Yikes!)

these might be my favorite pieces this week (though I love all the burled wood stuff too) - pale yellow velvet sofa for $95; matching love seat for $75 and then a close up of the contrasting brown velvet trim - don't you love 'em?!

If you have the time, I hope you'll stop in the store either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!

Remember to email me ( your photos of a Jubilee Furniture purchase in your home, please! Either how you're transformed the piece or simply how nice it looks and inspire others!

And if you're thinking you might be interested in volunteering at the store and you have time either Thursday (when we arrange the furniture) or Friday or Saturday (when the store is open) just talk with me about it. We would be thrilled to have the help and though we all work hard we enjoy each other and have a ton of fun at the same time (while helping a wonderful organization).

And that, dear reader, is today's installment from Jubilee Furniture.

God's blessings, grace, peace and protection to you and your's!