Friday, November 30, 2012

Just call me Ebenezer Grinch Scrooge!

I’ve noticed something disturbing about myself in the last few years – I’m becoming a bit Scrooge-like about the holidays.  The wonder and delight of the season has been replaced with how much work everything is!  Do you really still need to put up and decorate a Christmas tree when your kids are in their twenties?  How little outside decorating can I get away with so mine isn’t the only dark house on the block and my neighbors don’t think I’m creepy?  Doesn’t gift wrapping waste precious resources and can’t I hand someone their gift in the bag it came from the store in and proudly call myself ‘green” instead of too busy/tired to wrap it?  I don’t like my attitude but haven’t seemed able to change it.

As someone who believes you choose how you feel (no one can make you feel a certain way – you, whether your consciously realize it or not, choose to respond/be triggered to respond/feel accordingly) – I decided this week that my “bah, humbug” attitude needed a serious overhaul.

Serious overhaul is what my Design Team does each week at the store!  By removing the furniture which sold the previous week (since our customers have two weeks from date of purchase to pick up) and incorporating the “new” items donated, the store changes – fairly dramatically – from week to week.

What follows are photos of some of that “new” furniture that came in this week!  Remember, we’re open Friday from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4!

JFC 11-30-12 001JFC 11-30-12 002

these two pieces are really cool – allow me to explain – one of the arms comes off the chair and one also comes off of the loveseat and you can then hook the chair and loveseat together thus creating a three seat sofa.  Would you rather have a chair and loveseat?  These versatile pieces can do that too!  Amazing!  Price for both/all is $325

JFC 11-30-12 003JFC 11-30-12 004

here are some more versatile pieces – looks like a wingback – but with a gentle push back – it’s a recliner!  Wingback/recliners are priced $95 each.  Sweet wee table in between ‘em is $45

JFC 11-30-12 005

red micro-suede sleeper sofa is the perfect holiday color and provides comfortable sleeping for your overnight guests!  Priced $95

JFC 11-30-12 006

this orange micro-suede loveseat is in fabulous condition and priced $175

JFC 11-30-12 007

and look at this amazing orange velvet wingback (note it’s narrower silhouette) – so sweet! – priced $65

JFC 11-30-12 008JFC 11-30-12 009

fantastic leather chair and sofa!  A little darker in person than how the photos are reading on my computer – chair is priced $175; sofa $295

JFC 11-30-12 010JFC 11-30-12 011

super comfy sofa and loveseat – both ends of this tan micro-suede sofa recline and it’s priced $175; both halves of the loveseat also recline – but get this – the whole thing also ROCKS!  and it’s priced $125

JFC 11-30-12 012

gorgeous bench – lift up the seat cushions and there’s nothing there – cushions have some type of built in wood/plywood support which is covered by the fabric – would be easy to reupholster the cushions – or – remove and cut wood to fit and create an all wood bench – see what I’m saying?  Bench is priced $125

JFC 11-30-12 013JFC 11-30-12 014

not bad two piece sectional – but very faded along back! – priced $75

JFC 11-30-12 015

gorgeous Vanguard loveseat in excellent condition priced $195

JFC 11-30-12 016

you know I like me some plaid!  Here’s a blue plaid sofa priced $85

JFC 11-30-12 017JFC 11-30-12 018

dainty loveseats – fabric needs to be cleaned or reupholstered – priced $95 each and there are two of them

JFC 11-30-12 019

great armoire (love the chicken wire on the two doors!) – not the best paint job – priced $70

JFC 11-30-12 020JFC 11-30-12 021

fabric needs to be cleaned – but I love the wood frame/carving on this sofa which is priced $85

JFC 11-30-12 022

Rowe oversized chair and ottoman priced $135

JFC 11-30-12 023

oak table, one leaf and five chairs – all for $125

JFC 11-30-12 024JFC 11-30-12 025

gorgeous desk priced $175; matching credenza for $125

JFC 11-30-12 026

there are FIVE of these swivel stools – priced $125 for all five

JFC 11-30-12 027JFC 11-30-12 028

funky and fun blue micro-suede sofa for $145; matching chair for $70

JFC 11-30-12 029JFC 11-30-12 030

this is a really neat glass and oak coffee table (I don’t remember the glass being “smoked” but it sure looks like it in these photos) priced $60; matching end table for $40; amazing side chairs are $45 each

JFC 11-30-12 031

unbelievably gorgeous antique buffet – not original hardware unfortunately – priced $235

JFC 11-30-12 032JFC 11-30-12 033JFC 11-30-12 034JFC 11-30-12 035JFC 11-30-12 036JFC 11-30-12 037

these photos are just to show you how decked out Jubilee Furniture is!  Lots of holiday pieces to buy!  The gold and sparkly NOEL letters are priced $25 and the large Father Christmas in the last photo is $35

As I’ve thought more about my somewhat cranky attitude towards the upcoming holidays I began to see it had a lot to do with a lack of gratitude on my part.   Gratitude for having a warm home – filled with the people I love most on this earth – that I have the privilege of decorating.  Gratitude for friendly neighbors who want to turn our street into a twinkly, welcoming spot that makes you smile when you turn onto it.  Gratitude for amazing family and friends shown through the giving of gifts wrapped with care and love.

And what happened then, dear reader?  Well my family might say, that my heart grew three sizes that day (apologies for mixing my fictional characters and somewhat ruining one of the best movie lines ever!).

Friday, November 23, 2012

Yessiree, Bob (and everyone else)–Jubilee Furniture is open today (and tomorrow-like always)!

Hope you’ll find time in your black Friday shopping frenzy to swing by Jubilee Furniture today between 1 and 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 – ‘cause we’ll be open and have tons of fantastic furniture for sale!

What follows are photos of just some of the stuff Dan and Chris picked up from our amazing donors this week:

JFC 11-23-12 001JFC 11-23-12 002JFC 11-23-12 003JFC 11-23-12 004

beautiful dining set which includes: table with two leaves, 6 chairs and table pads all for $245 (some issues with the caning and set needs to be refinished)

JFC 11-23-12 005JFC 11-23-12 006

this sleeper sofa is a wonderful orange color and in great condition, priced $265; fantastic solid cherry coffee table for $125

JFC 11-23-12 007JFC 11-23-12 008

speaking of solid maple; this is a sold maple dining set that was just completely refinished – includes: table w/four leaves and eight chair – it’s gorgeous -  priced $1,495 for all

JFC 11-23-12 009

this Room and Board sofa probably needs to be re- upholstered, fabric is faded and showing wear – but it’s still an amazing piece and priced $165

JFC 11-23-12 010

IKEA chair and ottoman – in great shape – love the color of the cushions! Priced $65

JFC 11-23-12 011JFC 11-23-12 012JFC 11-23-12 013

four – in fabulous shape – chrome and caned chairs priced $160 for all four.  Retro tile top table is $85

JFC 11-23-12 014JFC 11-23-12 015

I am totally in love with this Plunkett sofa which is in fantastic condition – note the nail-head trim which goes around the whole piece, the wonderful curved back, the textured fabric in a great color!  The sofa is priced $775

JFC 11-23-12 016JFC 11-23-12 017

here are some more pieces that are in almost “like new” condition – this time it’s a Pottery Barn Shayne table with SIX chairs – we’re selling the set for $825

JFC 11-23-12 018

wonderful sofa for your Florida room (what?  You don’t have a Florida room?) priced $45

JFC 11-23-12 019

sweet desk priced $20

JFC 11-23-12 020

comfy loveseat for $95; oak end table for $25

JFC 11-23-12 021JFC 11-23-12 022

great dresser w/mirror priced $65; matching chest of drawer for $50

JFC 11-23-12 023JFC 11-23-12 024

fantastic leather sofa (it’s browner looking in person) for $265; wonderful large coffee table w/protective glass on top for $145

JFC 11-23-12 025

Early American style sleeper sofa for $45

JFC 11-23-12 026

we received around 20 sets of NEW queen size mattresses and box springs from Serta and are selling them for $250 a set

Most of you are aware that the proceeds of what we sell at Jubilee Furniture help support the programs and services offered through Outreach Community Ministries.

One of my favorite programs is called “Friendly Visitors” and matches a senior in the area (often low-income with little or no family around to help) with a volunteer who commits to regularly checking in and visiting.

Three or four years ago one of our friendly visitors – Henny – approached me about Olga, one of the seniors in the program.  Olga loves to crochet.  It’s also hugely beneficial in that it keeps her busy and occupied during the long cold months each year.  Yet the cost of yarn was becoming too much for Olga and she had run out of friends to give the finished product to.  Would Jubilee Furniture allow Olga’s afghans to be displayed – and sold – in the store with a minimum price tag of $25 (which covers the cost of the yarn)?  My answer?  Absolutely.

Even though illness kept Olga from creating as many afghans as she has in the past – what follows are 14 photos of the beautiful ones she did crochet.  Remember, Olga is asking for a minimum donation of $25 per afghan – which pays for the yarn.

Olga 1Olga 2Olga 3Olga 4Olga 5Olga 6Olga 7Olga 8Olga 9Olga 10Olga 11Olga 12Olga 13Olga 14

And on that colorful, beautiful note – I’ll end my Friday post, dear reader!

Thanks – as always – for stopping by!