Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, October 27, 2016

On this deary, gray, cool day what would be better than a trip to Jubilee Furniture? Nothing! The store is warm and well lit (which for those of you who remember our old building is something I still marvel at! Haha!) and there are always friendly folks waiting to assist! We're open Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm!

What follows are photos of a few pieces that caught my eye last night when I was there. Let me show you.

when I first saw these two matching leather side chairs I thought they were recliners. They aren't (and never were designed to be). They're a beautiful, deep chocolate brown color and in very good condition. I did notice some pet hair UNDER the seat cushion. Priced $195 each

really amazing library table (measure 7' long, 30" wide and stand 30" off the ground) - 
some minor scratches. Priced $275

two matching cool metal lamps with fun red trimmed shades priced $25 each 
(and sitting on top of the library table)

gorgeous leather sofa - a super dark brown stain on the leather 
and in excellent condition. Priced $345

really fun wood and upholstered side chairs - some minor wear. Priced $95 each

we received a number of beautiful, Asian inspired pieces for donation this week. 
The first is this four panel screen and it's simply gorgeous! Priced $295 

there are six matching chairs (two with arms as shown, four without arms) that we're selling as a set and they aren't new BUT when I first showcased them a number of weeks ago we were selling them with a table (you might remember because I said the table was taller than normal and a bit awkward for dining). Anyway - we're selling these six stunning chairs, in pristine condition, for $595

these next four pieces are just incredible! I don't know a lot about this type of furniture (I'm not even sure what to call this first piece) but it's lacquer with mother of pearl inlay. I can't even image the work involved in creating it! So, this first cabinet (for lack of a better descriptor) has drawers and doors with shelves behind them and is beautiful! Priced $245

then there are TWO of these benches/storage pieces (some wear on the top) and they're priced $425 each (there are four doors which open for storage and four shallow drawers 
along the bottom for more storage). Truly the craftsmanship is stunning!

lovely coffee table with protective glass on top which is priced $225

gorgeous three piece sectional in a beautiful gray micro-suede. A few spots on a couple of cushions but I was able to flip them over and the other side was spot-free! There's a Pottery Barn AND West Elm label on this sectional and a quick google search turned up the following: "Originally founded in 1956 Williams-Sonoma operates more than 600 retails stores internationally under a portfolio of brands including Pottery Barn....and West Elm." Priced $395. The fantastic coffee table in front of the sectional has two big drawers on either side and unfortunately wasn't priced yet (sorry!)

if I had the space I would totally buy this Wellington Hall sofa/entry/hall/whatever table because I love the lines, the three deep drawers, the hardware and it makes me smile simply by looking at it (and, truly, could you ask for more from a piece of furniture?). Some wear on the top which adds to its beauty (in my opinion). Priced ONLY $95! Fabulous retro table lamp is also $95

we received quite a few really nice dressers this week. Here are two matching. The first photo is a six drawer dresser (wood base, laminate top) priced $55 and it's backed up to a nine drawer dresser for $65 (and then as I made a circuit around the room I found another nine drawer dresser which is identical to this one - I'll show you further down in this post)

retro five drawer chest for $95

beautiful dresser with two mirrors for $75

seven drawer Thomasville dresser for $125

cool retro dresser with mirror - Showers Furniture out of Bloomington, IN 
(Hi Maggie! My niece is in graduate school at Indiana University which is Bloomington - 
but you probably knew that. Not about Maggie but about where IU is located - okay, I'll stop now)- for $115 and the matching chest of drawer is $145

excellent condition nine drawer dresser with mirror for $55

and then here's the other nine drawer dresser that matches the first two I showed you 
and it's also priced $65

beautiful - if a bit wobbly - 3' x 3' wood table (would make an excellent game table) for $45. 
Four GORGEOUS (though they need new fabric on their seat cushions) 
Hickory dining chairs - priced $95 for all four!

five World Market (Cost Plus, Inc.) dining chairs - super comfortable! One has a piece of the "X" broken off (see last two photos). Priced $125 for all five

sweet round table with pine top and four chairs for $125

AMAZING retro dining set by U. S. Furniture Industries out of Chatham County (wherever that is!) that includes: table with two leaves and six chairs (everything's solid, table top is laminate). Wonderful "harvest gold" color on the chairs and legs of the table! Priced only $95 for the whole set!

at first I thought the glass from the bottom shelf was missing but then I realized both pieces were on the top shelf. Some minor damage to the glass but this is a cool metal and glass piece that measures 46" wide and 16" deep and is priced only $35 (needs some cleaning up - there are cord "managers" attached to one of the metal legs - actually depending on where you used this piece - 
they could come in handy for keeping a table lamp cord hidden)

I'll end by wishing my brother-in-law, Jim, the happiest of birthdays (he doesn't read the blog but his wife, my sister, Peggy does) as well as a shout out to the CUBS! Go Cubbies! (I was raised a White Sox fan but - come on - it's the World Series!). Peace out, dear reader!