Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, November 24, 2016

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25 - OPEN from 10 am to 8 pm 
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26 - OPEN from 9 am to 4 pm 

Okay now that we got that out of the way - I'm writing this very early on Thanksgiving morning - which feels appropriate because I'm grateful for everyone who takes the time to stop by the blog. Truly, it's because of you - our customers and our donors (and there are many who fall into BOTH categories!) that Jubilee Furniture is the success it is today.

So, on this day, specifically set aside for giving thanks (and eating too much! haha), I'm thankful for you.

I'm also grateful for quirky traditions that make Jubilee Furniture different from other places and Olga's afghans certainly falls into that category! I'll try to be brief since I do have a boatload of photos to share and as much as I love you all I don't want to spend the whole day on this post!

I wish I could remember the exact year Henny (a volunteer in our Friendly Visitor program - click here and scroll down to learn a bit more about our Older Adult Program - but the purpose is to connect volunteers with area seniors who don't have family close by and could use a visit from a...wait for it...friendly visitor every now and then) approached me about selling Olga's afghans - but my best guess would be 7 years ago.

Henny wondered if Jubilee Furniture would be willing to set up a table and sell the afghans Olga made. You see Olga loves to crochet but the cost of yarn was more than her budget allowed and she'd run out of friends to give the afghans to. Almost more importantly though is how therapeutic crocheting is ESPECIALLY during the long, cold, gray winter months. It keeps her busy and watching an afghan come together is very satisfying.

I was happy to do so and the tradition has continued every year since!

I'm pretty sure the first few years Henny would bring in at least two dozens afghans but Olga's slowing down and this year we have eight of her creations that we're selling. FYI - ALL the money for the afghans goes back to Olga.

Speaking of money, the afghans are priced $35 for the smaller ones and $40 or $45 for larger. Cash OR a check payable to Olga Brunzo are acceptable. We have a special envelope at the register so it's easy to keep everything straight.

Henny's husband always takes beautiful up-close photos of each afghan that I post here - and this year was no exception - but when I just tried to access them, they've disappeared (oh technology! I have a love/hate relationship with you!) so the following photo which I snapped last night will have to do (sorry!).

Okay - and what else is currently in the store? Let's take a look at some of our inventory!

beautiful glass, wood and metal coffee table for $65; matching end table for $50

lovely Bernhardt sofa for $225 and matching loveseat for $125. Both are in very good condition 
(the seat cushion on the loveseat just need to be adjusted)

I love the shape of this end table (it's exactly how I wish my body looked going from my shoulders to my waist instead of the straight line it is! Ha!). Excellent condition and priced $65

the donor told me this is a Chinese alter. It's simply gorgeous! There are little "tricks" for 
opening the drawers and doors (and the center support bar between the two 
doors can be removed to store larger items) and is priced $295

cool, old platform rocker (you'd never have to worry about rocking over 
your cat or dog's tail with this rocker!) for $65

this is a GORGEOUS Calico Corners sofa! I LOVE the colors! Needs to be 
thoroughly vacuumed (I spy pet hair on it). Priced $165

fantastic green side chair for $95

wonderful writing desk! Has outlets on the side and protective glass on top! One corner (the corner by the outlets) is missing some veneer and - it looks like - someone covered the raw wood with black marker (sorta does the trick but I'd use wood stain). Priced $65

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this green ladder back chair with rush seat! Priced $85. 
Sweet needlepoint pillow is $8

AMAZING light tan micro-suede sofa in very good condition for $225

lovely painted small cabinet for $85

so sweet "forget-me-not" small shelf for $15

Don's Home Furniture mission style chair - remarkably comfortable and 
absolutely gorgeous oak frame! Priced $75

this drop down writing desk is from The Original Lillian Russell Collection made of solid cherry - by the Davis Cabinet Company from Nashville Tennessee - American's Oldest Furniture Design in Continuous Manufacture (the company is still around and still making furniture! Here's their website which includes a cool quote from founder, Lipscomb Davis Sr. Lipscomb isn't a name you run into every day - is it). ANYWAY - this reproduction piece is really lovely! 
The key is hanging from a large ribbon. Priced $225

two matching side chairs - both in good condition - priced $65 each

cool table lamp - priced $25

Drexel Heritage sofa in very good condition - priced $125

Drexel two drawer chest in good condition (some scratches on top) - priced $95

beautiful three panel metal (wrought iron?) screen for $125 and it's in 
excellent condition (and super pretty too!)

I LOVE this round, small, pedestal side table (has protective glass on top - 
which is so nice!) priced $25

how fun is this PURPLE side chair? VERY FUN! It appears to glow - in a lovely way 
(not a weird, possessed way). In very good condition too! Priced $65

there's a wonderful ripple pattern in the background of this floral side chair that adds 
depth and character (in my opinion). In very good condition and priced $75

I've not seen many (any?) Room & Board SLEEPER sofas - but that's exactly what this is! It's in very good condition (though I did NOT open it up and I highly recommend you do if interested - 'cause, you know, all sales are final at Jubilee Furniture). R&B doesn't seem to manufacture this exact sofa any more but here's something similiar and it's priced just over $2,000. Our price? $395

this is a GORGEOUS American of Martinsville lighted curio cabinet. What I especially love, but I can't see in these tiny photos, is the chicken wire that's behind all the glass! 
I LOVE that look! Priced $245

fantastic old trunk for $75

here's another gorgeous, painted cabinet - priced $125

lovely, painted and distressed one piece china cabinet (originally purchased from Jubilee and then generously donated back BETTER THAN WHEN THE CUSTOMER PURCHASED IT! 
You gotta love that!). Priced $75

I LOVE (sorry, there's a lot I love today!) the shape of these two lamps! 
One with butterflies, one with birds. They're priced $20 each

this two piece - sofa and chaise - sectional is a combination of real and faux 
leather and in excellent condition! Priced $295

if you had these two Smithe-Craft chairs professionally cleaned - they'd be amazing! 
Priced $20 each (but lots of overall dirt on 'em). Great colors. Love the plaid

fabulous swivel bar stools! We're selling two for $65 (and selling them as a pair only)

you really have to see this gray metal twin size bed frame in person. Clean lines, Built like a tank. No box spring needed because the mattress sits on a great support piece that has claws that fit directly into the head and foot board pieces (that's probably NOT the technical term but they 
LOOK like claws). We have two of them and they're priced $125 each

we received a large donation of artwork this week. All nicely framed and I really like a lot of the prints! Due to the volume we're selling 'em cheap! Most pieces are priced either $3 or $5! Wow! 

and then I'll end with just a few snaps of the festive Christmas decorations you'll find in the store (and they're all for sale). One of our board members, Debby, does an amazing job of pricing and displaying most (all?) of the knick-knacks you see in the store. She really has a great eye for styling! Thanks, Deb - the store is so visually lovely because of your work! 

I understand Olga isn't feeling well and I thought it might cheer her if you would (and could - my mom says she can't leave a comment and I'm not sure why) leave a comment for her here and I'll pass our greetings on. Or you could email me at

Blessings on you, dear reader! And I do really appreciate you stopping by each week.