Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 21, 2017

Welcome and thanks for stopping by to see what's "new" at Jubilee Furniture this week. Have we got a show for you! Haha - my kids LOVED watching Veggie Tales!

Let's take a look at SOME of our current inventory!

AMAZING sofa and two chairs from the showroom of a high end casual/outdoor furniture manufacturer at the Merchandise Mart! Covered in the latest sunbrella RAIN upholstery (so cool). Love the boxy shape of the pieces. Our prices are half the showroom/designer prices and their prices are half the retail prices (got that?). Sofa is $595 and the chairs are $265 each. Behind the sofa is this wonderful, large, framed reproduction of a Venetian tapestry which is priced $145

fabulous Mart "dining" chair also covered in Sunbrella Rain upholstery. Priced $125

cool, large side chair - very good condition - priced $65 (throw pillow are priced separately)

our Heywood Wakefield pieces are starting to blur together (we've gotten in a number of gorgeous Heywood Wakefield furniture in the last month or so) and I don't remember if I've shown you this incredible buffet before. Even if I have, it's worth a second look. It's beautiful! Original finish that has great patina and original hardware (which is super simple and fantastic!). Priced $425

another amazing mid-century modern buffet this time by Century. Some scratches 
on the top but overall a really beautiful piece! Priced $225

GORGEOUS cherry wood drop leaf table (with gate legs). Excellent condition. With the leaves down the table measures 44" across by 28". Each drop leaf measures 23" long so 
fully extended this table would be 44" by 74". Priced $225

INCREDIBLE Plunkett leather sofa - excellent condition. Priced $395

lovely coffee table in excellent condition - priced $75

great side chair in very good condition for $135

wonderful tan/brown corduroy sofa - both sides recline. I THINK the back on the side you see in the second photo has come off the track - definitely check it out before buying (donor told me NO issues with either recliner so it should be a simple fix but it's wobbly the way it is now). Priced $165

FANTASTIC Crate & Barrel slip covered sofa. I noticed two places where the upholstery is coming apart at the seam (the one shown in the last photo and on the other side - almost in the same place - a spot where it was pinned) otherwise this is a gorgeous piece! Love the red color! Priced $245

very nice red floral sofa for $75

I love, love, love this leather sofa and it's now marked down 
25% to $243.95 (or is that $243.75?)

sweet round side table with beautiful inlaid wood design on top - 
excellent condition - priced $95

UNBELIEVABLE Lazboy leather recliner - so, so comfortable! There is some darkening of the leather at the top where your head would rest (but not bad). Priced $150

another wonderful red floral sofa - this time by Harden. Looks pristine! Priced $325

fantastic LARGE (measures 4' by just over 5') solid wood coffee table. In excellent condition. I have a coffee table almost as big and LOVE IT! We play games on it and there's plenty of room for snacks and drinks (as well as a bunch of plants!). Priced $95. Pier 1 vase is $10 and the red square plate is $4

very good condition red and yellow striped chair for $125

H. M. Richards, Inc. green micro-suede sofa and matching chair. Both are in very good condition. Sofa is priced $265 and the chair $125

super duper tufted ottoman by Walter E. Smithe! Measures 29" x 4' and is priced $95

cool oval coffee table made in Italy with another amazing 
inlaid wood design. Excellent condition and priced $85

wonderful Dixie brand four drawer dresser for $75

lingerie chest for $145 - good condition (though I think it's 
missing a shelf that would go in the top space)

two identical Dixie brand three drawer dressers with an attached small hutch (not sure what the purpose of the hutch is and they don't have a light in 'em). Part of Dixie's Campaigner Collection (which is highly desirable). Priced $85 each and one of them has some dings in the wood (that shouldn't be a big deal to make "disappear" with some cleaning/wood stain)

here's more of a true lingerie chest - by Ethan Allen - and in excellent condition and priced $175. I found the matching dresser w/mirror in another part of bedroom land 
and have photos/pricing later in this post

this is a way cool cedar lined wardrobe with a clothing rod (that's a "fake" drawer 
at the bottom - the inside space is all open). Good condition and priced $95 

Drexel brand five drawer chest with protective glass on top. 
In very good condition and priced $145

queen size sleigh bed - includes headboard, footboard and side rails. Price tag mentions there are no "slats" but I THINK a box spring would offer all the support you'd need (there's a "lip" on the side rails that would support the box spring and there's no indication there ever WERE slats). 
Priced $225 and in very good condition

it was hard to take photos of this wonderful Henredon piece (plus lots of sun shining in through the windows!) - so let me try to explain. This is a fairly big piece - LOTS of drawers - both large and small - and a center space with an adjustable shelf. Some dings 
but overall in good condition. Priced $125

retro American of Martinsville long dresser with protective glass top. In 
very good condition and priced $395

here's the Ethan Allen long dresser with a triple mirror that matches the lingerie chest I showed you earlier. Excellent condition and priced $225

this Stanley Furniture six drawer, white dresser is from their Young America Collection. Some dings and some scribbling on one side (it's been painted over - but with a flat paint so a different "finish" than the rest of the dresser - you can faintly see marks in the last photo). Priced $95

this is a LARGE wardrobe - measures 88" tall; 54" wide and is 26" deep. Spot for a rod - though no rod there (easy to purchase one). The top is a separate piece - making moving it easier. Some dings in the wood but overall a very cool piece (if you got the room for it). Priced $85

very "interesting" solid oak table with two leaves - I found the matching china cabinet in another part of the store and will show you in a bit. Table measures 42" wide by 6' long and the leaves are each 18" wide. Priced $225. Chairs sold separately

four solid wood chairs - need to be cleaned up - priced $35 for all four! 

I absolutely LOVE this Pennsylvania House sideboard! Love the classic lines. Love the hardware. Love the wood color. Love the $85 price tag. Ha - love it all!

Made in Canada table with four chairs (designed to have a leaf or two though none
were donated with the table). In very good condition and priced $195 for the set

two identical teak bookcases. Measure 22" wide by 85" tall by 12" deep 
with lots of adjustable shelves. Priced $75 each

wonderful table/desk - measures 30" by 5'. Some dings and scratches 
but overall in good condition (I love the legs!). Priced $95

sweet as pie child's teak desk! Priced $55

WONDERFUL two piece black floral curved sofa. Such a beautiful sofa! Unfortunately there are a number of snags in the fabric but not super noticeable because of how "busy" the upholstery pattern is (and if you take a pair of nice sharp scissors and snip off the loose threads - 
it should all be good!). Priced $275

so here's the matching china cabinet (to that cool table I already showed you). It's two piece and has this amazing "antiqued" gold foil on the back of the hutch. There's one "dangle" that's off (but it's there and ready to solder back on - ha!). Priced $95 

wonderful tufted bench with rolled arms - some tears in the fabric - priced $95

fabulous pine, lighted, corner cabinet - love the hinges! - priced $125

two matching storage/clothing armoires. Lovely white-washed finish. One is priced $195 and the other $185 due to one door that needs adjusting (currently doesn't close all the way - see middle photo). Some wear and dings but overall both are lovely pieces

Speaking of my kids - I do have to wish my daughter a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY since TODAY is her birthday! Yay for Abby!

Thanks for stopping by, dear reader! I'll see you next week!