Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, April 27, 2017

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at some of our current inventory! Each Thursday (unless I'm off - as I was last week) I showcase some of the pieces that have recently been donated (so "new" to the store) or anything that catches my eye and I think someone would be interested in seeing.

Our furniture is ever changing! Both "new" pieces coming in and furniture being purchased so the following photos are a snapshot of some of our inventory for only a brief moment when we open today at 10 am. Not to say everything will sell immediately! Additionally, there are a lot of pieces that I don't take photos of (simply too much to show every piece). Does that make sense?

How about I stop explaining and show you what I got this week? Great! Let's take a look!

GORGEOUS Thomasville dresser with custom protective glass for the top. Excellent condition. Unique color (has pink overtones). Priced $235

at 5' long and 19 1/2" deep this amazing bench could be used at the foot of a bed, in an entry or mudroom or at your dining/kitchen table! Actually, you can do whatever you want - who am I to tell you what to do with it?! Ha! Solid wood. Some dings and scratches. Priced $145

really cool rolling cart with mirrors galore! Will bounce light all over the place! Two of the small round mirrors have a crack in 'em (last photo). Priced $95

I'm looking for chairs for a new dining table that I'm also looking for and I really like these three. Seem well built and fairly comfortable. Clean and simple lines. Need some cleaning/freshening 
up. Priced $30 for all three. Fabulous pedestal table with protective round glass. 
In good condition (could also use some cleaning/freshening up). Priced $85 
(table at one time had leaves but they, apparently, got misplaced along the way)

really lovely small chest by Butler - from their Heritage Collection (that's a photo of the original pamphlet when purchased). Excellent condition. Priced $245

did I show you this chair two weeks ago? It looks familiar but I wasn't sure and I like it so much I figured it wouldn't hurt to show it again! Excellent condition and priced $145

I swear I had a chair covered in almost this exact upholstery! I love the muted paisley and the colors! In very good condition though one seam (last photo) has come undone. Priced $145

sorry for the bad photos! This is a GORGEOUS drop leaf, gate leg table with two leaves. It's in excellent condition and truly is a stunning piece (classic and simple). Priced $295

beautiful Henredon retro dresser. I should have taken an up-close photo of the hardware - it's amazing! Our design team styled it with a large (fake) TV on top to show that pieces like this aren't just for the bedroom. Priced $275 and in excellent condition

I took photos of some of the fantastic lamps we currently have in our 
inventory starting with this one! Beautiful metal base table lamp for $45

and then here are two matching table lamps - excellent condition - priced $30 each 
(I just purchased a couple of new lamp shades from Home Depot and paid 
$20 EACH just for the shade - and they were one of the cheaper options!)

in between the two lamps quietly sits this majestic looking lion and I 
couldn't resist taking a photo of this handsome beast. Priced $10

whenever we receive a smaller size recliner for donation - especially one that doesn't scream RECLINER - I'm drawn to it. This is a very nice rust color recliner. 
Some wear but overall in good condition. Priced $65

sweet Early American style side table/nightstand 
priced $30 and in excellent condition

I love the wavy glass in this secretary! Very good condition and priced $195

one of my screening questions when a donor calls with leather furniture to donate is what kind of shape is the leather in? Has it aged in a good way or a not-so-good way? This, my friend, is leather that's aged in a good way. A very good way. I absolutely LOVE this leather recliner. It's the perfect brown. Perfect wear on the leather. Super comfortable. Will only get better over time. 
You do need space behind it to recliner. Priced $245

two identical Hickory brand sofas. Both in excellent condition. These also look sorta familiar so if I showcased them on a previous post - I'm sorry. Priced $275 each

faux suede chair and ottoman by Broyhill - both in excellent condition - priced $165 for the two

elegant Lazboy brand sofa - looks pristine! Priced $295

cool, red corduroy retro side chair - some wear but overall in good condition - priced $85

wonderful two piece sectional! Dark brown corduroy upholstered - minor wear. Priced $425

we have LOTS of cool blue and white pottery pieces currently in the store (my last photo shows you a whole cabinet full of 'em!). This gorgeous piece has it's own stand and is priced $75. I've shown you this square coffee table before and I love it and it's now 40% OFF! 
Currently priced $39 (started at $65)! Such a deal!

FABULOUS Eastlake chest with bookcase (two pieces). There are three adjustable shelves in the bookcase piece. Priced $195

Thomasville black TV stand in excellent condition. Priced $85

I absolutely LOVE red furniture. We used to own TWO red sofas and I loved them! So it's no surprise I think this red sofa is amazing! Some minor wear and a little fading. Priced $165

AMAZING needlepoint stool. In very good condition. Priced $65

here's another cool secretary! Good condition - a number of places where the finish has come off (see second to last photo) but overall a really pretty piece! Priced $165

so, both of our mid-century modern wall storage pieces are now 40% OFF the already low Jubilee Furniture price! Both pieces are now $237 (from $395)! What a deal!

Hello?! LOOK at these two matching table lamps with BEADED shades! 
Excellent condition and priced $45 each!

AND THEN LOOK AT THIS TABLE LAMP! It's got a metal base with a ram (goat?) and a really beautiful shade that probably looks amazing when it's lit AND it's priced only $30!

excellent condition light blue side chair - priced $75

set of three nesting tables - cool antique gold finish. Not the sturdiest tables I've ever seen 
(actually pretty flimsy). Priced $25 for the set

okay - stay with me on this one. This is a cool orange upholstered futon. Nice solid base. It would appear either the protective plastic was never taken off (from the manufacturer) OR the owner put some protective plastic over the seat part. It'll take a little work to remove it BUT you can AND the fabric looks like new (and there's no sticky residue left). Priced $125

interesting side table that folds up! Priced $45

excellent condition micro-suede sofa! Both ends recline 
(I didn't test 'em so make sure you do). Priced $75

so this $25 "dresser" caught my eye because it wasn't in "bedroom land" so I checked it out. Well, I'm not sure what it was originally designed for (a weird old TV?) but the top three "drawers" are fake and they lift up and slide back to reveal ??? Bottom drawer is a real drawer

this hand-crafted cabinet is made of old barn wood and I think it's really cool! 
Inside is a little rough (both literally and figuratively). Priced $45

wee little table with one leaf and two chairs - priced $30

nice oak pedestal table with one leaf and four chairs - very 
good condition - priced $165

wonderful five drawer chest for $75

Henredon dresser with mirror for $165 
(top needs some work but otherwise in good condition)

lovely dresser with mirror priced $75 (and include protective glass); matching taller chest of drawers for $125 (and that piece does NOT have protective glass - fyi)

Lexington brand twin size headboard, footboard and side rails for $95 each; matching nightstands are $35 each and my guess is the blue/pink part can be switched around (so one side is pink and the other blue - but that's a guess. It had been a long day and I didn't investigate. Sorry!)

gorgeous chest for $225 in excellent condition

brass table lamp in excellent condition for $35

cool standing desk/podium - priced $65 and in excellent condition

fun three piece bistro set (table with two stools) - in good condition - priced $65

wee little table lamp (it's in the front foyer section) for $25. 
There are some beads missing from this lamp shade (alas)

in addition to some fantastic blue and white pieces scattered throughout the store - 
there's this whole cabinet full of 'em! I LOVE this look! 

Did you make it to the end, dear reader? Wow - I'm impressed! Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next week! Take care!