Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Customer Inspiration - my bedroom

Several weeks ago I mentioned I would like to begin to showcase Jubilee Furniture furniture in your home. Either simply how it looks in your space or what creative thing you've done with something you purchased at the store (before and after shots would be great - but not necessary). I asked that you email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org with a brief description and a photo or two (or three or four).

In order to get the ball rolling - and since I've purchased many things from the store over the years - I thought I would show you my bedroom and identify all the Jubilee Furniture treasures in it.

But first I want to share a little about me and used furniture. Until I started working at Jubilee Furniture (fall of '06), I was not a resale shopper. I was a huge sale shopper - never paid full price for anything (or almost anything) - but not a resale shopper, not even garage sales. One of my husband's favorite stories to embarrass me with is from when we were first married (1984) and the two of us stopped at a neighbor's garage sale because I spied four dining room chairs that I wanted to purchase. I don't remember how much they were asking for the chairs, but I offered them more than the asking price because I thought they were marked too low. Now I know a lot of Jubilee Furniture shoppers are avid garage sale shoppers, but I have a really hard time walking up someone's driveway, pawing through their stuff and then bartering for a lower price on a pair of brass candlesticks they've priced 50 cent. I'm sure we could unpack that and determine all sorts of weird thing about me - but let's not.

How surprising that I've gotten off course! Well, my aversion to resale shopping all changed when I started working at Jubilee Furniture (though I still don't like garage sales)! Man alive, do we have some amazing things for sale! So, over the last four years I've purchased quite a bit from the store. I do believe you could find a piece of Jubilee Furniture furniture (or artwork) in every room in my house! But where you'll find the most is in my bedroom - so I've taken some photos to show you how my Jubilee Furniture finds look in that room.

I should also tell you that I am one of the least crafty/handy people you will ever meet - so when I buy something it pretty much will show up in my home exactly as it looked leaving the store.

Okay - enough blabbing, welcome to my bedroom!

Michael and I have never had a headboard but when I saw this retro framed print at Jubilee Furniture I though it would look great over our bed and it does! I also purchased the trunk at the foot of our bed from Jubilee.

We recently turned the other corner of our fairly large bedroom into a reading/TV watching corner (the desk that used to be in that corner was donated to Jubilee Furniture, of course!) and both the chairs, the table in between them and the lamp on the table were purchased from the store. The cabinet the small TV is sitting on is also from the store and the bookcase is too! Some of the baskets on the shelves are from Jubilee Furniture as well (hello? - you never know what you might find at the furniture store - how many times do I have to tell you that?!).

Would our bedroom ever be showcased in a design magazine? No, but it's fun to see what Michael and I have done with some of the pieces we've purchased over the years from Jubilee Furniture.

I know most design blogs would provide sources for everything in a photo - and I can do that for most of what you see - but will wait and see if anyone really wants to know where something, other than what I purchased from Jubilee Furniture, is from.

So, what about your Jubilee Furniture treasure? How does it look in your home? I'd love to see photos and hear how your space has been enhanced/redefined by something you bought at the store.

Super bored? Count how many times the words "Jubilee Furniture" appear in this post - just for the heck of it! I counted 14 but I might have missed one or two!

Gorgeous day in DuPage County - hope it is where you are too!



Amanda said...

Good information here. I really enjoy reading them every day. I've learned a lot from them.


Nicole N Rienstra said...

Looks great! I love reading your comments every week, and I love your enthusiasm for Jubilee Furniture. It's a great service!

Betsy said...

Haha! If you're not featured in a magazine spread, you should be! What a great advertisement for the store. Your bedroom looks just gorgeous. Come on down to Champaign and do a makeover for me.

Susan said...

Thanks for your wonderfully kind words, Amanda, Nicole and Betsy!

Bets - you know I would do a makeover any time for YOU!


Joo said...


You may have seen these older posts from Apartment Therapy already, but I'll point them out for reference sake:




Bunch more photos of great finds placed in homes...


Susan said...

Joo - I knew about the older Apartment Therapy posts but not about Jarrett's place - so thank you so much for sharing!

Hope you're having a great day!

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