Friday, February 26, 2010

Here's what's new-to-us at Jubilee Furniture

Hard week. Dave Buckson, our warehouse manager, has decided to pursue other job opportunities and gave his notice. Dave has been a key part of our success and will be missed. Already looking for his replacement - though Dave leaves big shoes to fill (both figuratively and literally - Dave's 6'5" and has big feet!). Know anyone who has his CDL - class C - license and a strong back? Tell him to contact me. It's a full time position with benefits.

Dave's still working for the next week and great donations continue to come in, so let's get down to it:

Gorgeous black oval pedestal table for $175 (no chairs)

This is a full size sleigh bed with under bed storage (huge drawer pulls out from under the bed) for $135. I don't remember what I priced the mattress ($45?) but the bed is the type where no box spring is needed

Another beautiful pedestal table - again, just the table no chairs - for $195 (the top is split - fairly easy repair and this table is solid and heavy)

Oval table and four chairs for $65

Chair and a half and it reclines - how cool is that?! - for $125

Sweet Lexington end table which has been painted for $45

This is a gorgeous six piece Drexel sectional - low, clean lines - loose pillow back for $240. Lots of configuration options - each piece small and easy to move

Beautiful black table, one leaf and EIGHT chairs (chair fabric is gray) for $450

Super clean, versatile love seat for $225

Curio cabinet (not new but it's as you come in the front doors and I keep forgetting to take a photo and I think it's very nice) for $85

This is a gorgeous (how many times I have used that word this post? A lot!) Smithe sofa for $245

I'm just realizing a lot of the "new" stuff that came in this week is super nice and the price reflects the quality - but which might give the impression that everything in the store is sort of expensive - and it ain't so! We still have a wide spectrum of furniture at various prices - so come on in either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 and see for yourself!

God's peace be with you.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lots to show you at Jubilee Furniture!

I have many new-to-us photos to share with you today - but first want to give you an update on the bake sale that Kat and her family held at the store last Saturday where 100% of the proceeds went to help rebuild the Maranatha Orphanage in Haiti. Kat and her daughter, Zoe, ended up staying the whole day and when we closed at 4:00 p.m. had raised $509 through the selling of some amazing baked goods and people simply making donations to the cause. I already knew this - but you once again confirmed it - Jubilee Furniture customers are truly the best, most gracious, most generous people! Thank you.

Moving on. Michael asked me if I show photos of everything new that we've received that week on the blog and the answer is, "No." I try to give you a taste of what's "new" and target the items I think might be of special interest, are unique or someone has asked me about.

Speaking of which, Gillian e-mailed me asking about our current selection of dressers. Truth be told, by the time I get over to - what we refer to as - bedroom land, I've already taken quite a few photos and written down the description and price and am tired and the lighting is poor by the dressers and they're displayed in a boring line and I usually stop. But since Gillian asked - here are a few dressers that we currently have (though by no means everything).

Young Hinkle maple dresser for $125 (first deeper drawer on the left is missing a handle which is on top of the dresser and just needs to be screwed back on)

Stanley dresser with mirror $135

White/yellowish stain on this pretty dresser which is priced $85

Solid maple dresser (I know it was marked with the manufacturer's name but for some reason I didn't write it down) with mirror for $175; matching solid maple nightstand for $75

Suede sofa for $60 (pretty worn); matching love seat $50; and ottoman for $35

I'm happy to report we received several nice dining room tables and chairs this week and "dining room land" is filled up nicely. Why we would add the word "land" to the different areas of the store is a mystery - but most of us who work there regularly do. Go figure.

White tile table and six chairs (the chairs, you will note, are mismatched) for $150

These gray chairs aren't new but I wanted to show you the table which is. Gray, retro table with one leaf for $75; five fabric dining chairs for $95 for all (if I'm remembering correctly, there are two chairs with arms and only three armless ones)

Again, this table isn't new, but the four slip covered chairs are. Table w/two leaves (though I didn't see the leaves by the table, hope they didn't wander too far) for $50; four chairs for $85 (I peeked under one of the slip covers and the chairs are fabric - actually similar to the gray ones above - and looked pretty stained, whence the slip covers)

Futon, with very nice futon mattress and extra cushion for $175

Baker sofa for $145 (very expensive originally and still in great condition - though there is something a little funny with the material used inside the back of the sofa and the arms - hard to describe and not uncomfortable - but a little like leaning into bubble wrap - that's pretty off-putting, isn't it?)

Pine corner shelving hutch for $65

Okay. I'm hoping you - or someone you know - are into Royal Doulton character mugs because we received six of them as a donation. According to my go-to volunteer about all things china and such - these originally sold for between $80 and $85 a piece. We're marked them $40 each.

This is also not a new piece, but it got dropped over in an area of the store that isn't well visited (behind the line of metal bookcases) and never priced. We moved it into - you guessed it - living room land and I priced it $25. It's actually a super cool, vintage sofa - that needs a good cleaning - and made of herculan or teflon (were either of those things ever used to upholster furniture or am I making that up?)

This is a way cool coffee table and one side of the top opens and the whole thing can be used for storage (can you see where the top piece on the left is slightly opened?) for $145

Truly huge greenish/brownish four piece sectional for $165. For that price here's what you get: one piece opens to a full-size bed and the two end pieces each have wall-hugging recliners - how amazing is that?!

Sleeper sofa for $85

Bauhaus beige/gray sofa for $65

Craftmaster upholstered chair with wonderful nail-head trim for $125

Oval glass top table with six brushed chrome chairs for $245 (alas there is one quarter size chip in the table top)

Glass topped end table for $55 (there are two of them); matching coffee table for $65 or all three pieces for $150 (you save $25!)

Nice dark blue sofa for $195 and matching love seat for $145

Would love to have you stop in either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4!

Take care!

Friday, February 12, 2010

What's new at Jubilee Furniture? Good question!

Happy Friday dear readers! I hope all is well with you.

I have lots to share with you about the "new" things Dave picked up this week, but have to be honest that if you're in the market for dining room tables and chairs - we don't have a lot of options. We still have the following two sets that we had last week, but otherwise it's slim pickins.

Cherry drop leaf table, three leaves, table pads and six chairs for $235; French style oval table and six chairs for $650

Our inventory - on the other hand - in sofas remains high even though we sold $8,000 worth of furniture last Friday and Saturday. Yes, you read that correctly - we, for the second weekend in a row, hit $8,000 in total sales! Amazing. I remain extremely grateful to all of you who make the trip out to Jubilee Furniture each Friday (from 1 to 8) and Saturday from (9 to 4). Thank you.

So, let's take a look at what's new-to-us this week:

Alan White sofa for $110

Super clean fabric rocker for $115

Two piece sofa/chaise for $135 (it's hard to tell if this is brown, dark gray or greenish)

Again, I can't tell if this is super dark brown or black (sorry, the lighting is truly awful in the store) - anyway it's a great retro leather recliner and ottoman for $95

Okay, now this I know is a very red, micro-suede Lazboy sofa with two reclining elements on each end for $145

Peachy (as in the color not as in great, cool) velvet sofa for $35 (pretty faded)

Peachy (again as in the color, just in case this time you thought I meant great/cool - though it is a nice set) rattan furniture: chair (off to the left can hardly see it) $35; sofa $55; love seat $45; coffee table $25 and end table (glass is missing from the end table) for $15

Nice plaid sofa for $75

This might be my favorite piece this week - a 90" long retro sofa in absolutely mint condition for $135

This would be my second favorite piece because, hello?, it's plaid! Chair and ottoman for $195

Beautiful Smithe sofa for $145

If you come in the store on Saturday between 9 and 1, you'll have the opportunity to purchase some amazing baked goods (can baked goods be anything but amazing?) with 100% of the proceeds helping to rebuild the Maranatha Orphanage in Haiti. The idea to help the orphanage through a bake sale came from one my of volunteer's daughter and her family. Kat got the whole family involved and her six year old, Audrey, helped with the poster (if you look carefully at the photo to the right, Audrey drew a picture of what the orphanage looked like before the earthquake and then the destroyed building - see all the rubble? - afterward).

I'll close with a photo I took yesterday from the window by my desk which shows a train zipping by and some buildings in downtown Wheaton. Not that either the train or the buildings are that interesting - but rather that it was a sunny day in DuPage County, Illinois and isn't half bad today either! Since I feel like I've been moaning about how cold and gray and snowy it's been - I thought I should show you that we do occasionally see the sun!

Take care and I hope you have an excellent weekend!