Friday, October 29, 2010

Lots of new-to-us furniture to show you at Jubilee Furniture this week!

How wonderful to have you stop by! This is my third (gasp -wow!) post this week (if you didn't see John and Deanna's beautiful new-to-old china cabinet or read about Outreach's newest website Hearts of Grace found at - then fill up your coffee cup and scroll down and investigate!) and since I have over 40 photos (another gasp and loud cheers) to show you, I think we need to get right to it!

But first I want to introduce you to five volunteers who regularly serve at the store - and many of you have already met - but whom I haven't showcased on the blog before (though have mentioned by name).

Over the last year or so I have three volunteers who help every Friday starting at 1 when we open (remember our store hours are Fridays 1 to 8 and Saturdays 9 to 4) and stay for about three or four hours. Seriously, unless they're out of town or have a major conflict, they're there every Friday. Unbelievable and for that I'm extremely grateful. My Friday team consist of:

(from left to right) Barb, Ward and Joan (insert a round of applause here)!

With the exception of the second Saturday of the month - you'll find this husband/wife team in the store from when we open until we close. Yes, you read that correctly - every Saturday each month, except one, from 9 until 4 (seven hours). You'll find Mitch back in the shop area working on whatever furniture needs repairing while Nancy will either be helping customers or moving furniture (that woman knows how to use a dolly and isn't afraid to do so!) or cleaning or emptying boxes of knick-knacks and pricing and putting them out or...get the picture? When I'm thinking through if I have enough volunteers on a given weekend and remember Nancy - my thought is this: "Oh yeah, Nancy is on for this weekend. She's like three volunteers in one!"

Here are Nancy and Mitch (second round of applause and some whistling for good measure)!

You often hear me say/write this and it's true - Jubilee Furniture would not exist without three key groups of people: my donors, my customers and my volunteers (insert crowd going absolutely wild - maybe some confetti raining down - you know the whole nine yards!). Thank you.

Ready to continue? Good so am I!

you might think this is a photo of a vacation shot taken at the New York Public Library - but it's not! - rather it's a glimpse of the shelves and shelves of books that we recently received for donation. We sell hard covers for $1 and paperbacks for 50 cents

this is a beautiful - but a little unusual piece - I would call it a lighted curio cabinet, glass across the front, mirrored back (see me waving at you in the mirror? what a geek I am!) with five glass shelves (four of 'em adjustable) and you access the things in the interior through doors on either side - know what I mean? - priced $235

it's interesting (at least to me) how each week there is a furniture "theme" that sometimes surfaces and that might be because the same donor - who would have a specific style and taste donates a lot of furniture - though it's often random. This week's theme would be glass and metal pieces - all of them gorgeous - all of them in excellent condition. Here are the first round of pieces. There are two end tables - and I tried to take a photo looking down through the glass top to show you the design of the metal - and are priced $145 each. The coffee table is $195 and since they're so beautiful and part of me would love to keep the set together (though might not be possible, I know) have a buy-em-all-and-save price of $425 (saves you $60). I would have guessed the doubled beveled edge to the glass is called just that - double beveled - but in a quick google search the edge is actually called ogee edge (you think that's because you would look at it and exclaim, "Oh gee - how pretty!"?). Oh, and the lamps in the photo are priced $35 each and there are two of them

here are some pretty Drexel retro pieces: the ONE piece china cabinet (a lot of china cabinets are two pieces which make them a little easier to move - this happens to be a one piece - fyi) is priced $125 and the matching buffet is $85

here are the next glass and iron pieces that I wanted to show you. There's the table which has a greenish marble (I think marble) center that supports the glass top and four chairs and the whole set is priced $325. The set is both gorgeous and heavy!

I love this green floral Smithe chair which is priced $60

our third glass and metal - this time brass - piece is this beautiful sofa or hall table and is priced $135

these amazing leather pieces are handcrafted by Hancock and Moore and are a dream to sit on! The chair is priced $225 and the sofa $325

these pieces are also nice though showing much more wear and I'm not sure they're real leather - so priced accordingly - sofa $85 and matching love seat $95 (love seat is in much better condition than the sofa)

another theme this week could be "beige" since here's our third set of tannish/cream/neutral furniture - these fabric Crate and Barrel pieces have great "bones" though both need to be cleaned - the sofa is priced $75 and the over sized chair and ottoman is $85 (and again in better condition than the sofa)

extremely pretty two piece china cabinet for $115

I first looked at this gorgeous sofa in one part of the store and thought it was green - then it was moved to another part of the store it looked gray - so I'm not sure what color it is! - but it's in excellent condition, has nice firm seat cushions and is priced $245

nice sofa for $85 and matching love seat for $65

here's our fourth and final glass and iron piece and I would call it a plant stand (a little high for an end table - but could be used as one) and is priced $45

beautiful - if a bit dated pattern - on this Marshall Field's sofa for $125

excellent condition wing back chair for $85 (and it looks really nice with the Marshall Field's sofa though they were not donated together)

really nice plaid Flexsteel couch for $95

this photo does not do credit to this beautiful drop leaf table with four chairs priced $155

this mint-condition counter height table and chairs are great - the only problem? - there are only two chairs (donor kept the other two) so is priced only $125 for the set

coffee table $25

eight drawer dresser with mirror for $50

retro nine drawer dresser with mirror for $45 (some damage to the top of the drawer)

I love, love, love this vintage bedroom set which includes: one nightstand for $45; dresser with two mirrors for $65; and armoire for $95. Look at the detail! Sigh. Love.

here's another nice set this time an armoire for $95; night stands $30 each

ANOTHER nice dresser with a mirrored hutch for $85

You still with me? Seriously, you deserve some kind of prize if you are!

I'm truly grateful to you, dear reader, for faithfully stopping by each week. Thank you. I hope you have a frightfully good weekend (Happy Halloween!)!

Remember to email me ( your photos of how amazing your Jubilee Furniture furniture looks in your home and stop by again on Tuesday for my customer inspiration post!

Blessings and peace!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hearts of Grace - women helping women and their families

One week ago, Outreach Community Ministries (of which Jubilee Furniture is a division of and where the proceeds of what we sell - minus our expenses - help support the programs and services offered through - whew that was a mouth full!) launched a new website ( with the purpose of offering women a chance to join forces with other women to help women and their families. Not that men aren't welcome - but the point really is to unite women in an empowering way to create change in other women's lives.

What I love about the site are the real life stories of women who have been positively impacted by Outreach - and by Outreach, I mean the people who are working extremely hard day-in-day-out offering everything from foundational help (physiological needs - the basic needs we all have - as in Maslow's hierarchy of needs) to social and spiritual needs. The whole enchilada you might say. Once you've read Jessie's story or Guadalupe's or Carol's or Megan's, you'll see how an organization like Outreach - in conjunctions with others - can have an amazing, life changing impact on others. You and I can be a part of that change.

There are many definitions for the word "grace" but a couple I really like are: a disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill - a favor rendered by one who need not do so (from The Free Dictionary by Farlex) and to have a generous heart, a heart which overflows with goodwill and favor is exactly what I want for myself and how I want to live my life. I'm guessing you do too.

So, when you have a chance, dear reader, head over to the new site (again, and take a look around. See if joining other women - women with hearts of grace - women desiring to make a difference in other women's lives - women who understand that each of our contributions, no matter how small, together can help create real change.

Women helping women and their families. Simple concept. Powerful results.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Customer Inspiration - John and Deanna's beautiful, from new to old, china cabinet story!

When John and Deanna stopped in at Jubilee Furniture a couple of weeks ago, they really didn't think they'd find anything since they were looking for something pretty specific. They were so sure we wouldn't have what they wanted that neither of them brought in their wallets! Can you tell where this story is going? You're right! They did find a beautiful piece, but I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's back track a bit.

John and Deanna will soon be receiving John's grandmother's beautiful old dining room table and chairs, but Grandma is keeping the matching china cabinet. Knowing they would not be able to find an exact match to the antique table, they were simply looking for something that would compliment it. After a quick glance, they walked right by a very contemporary looking china cabinet we had in the store. As they shared with me what they were looking for I suggested they circle back and see if it might work. The clean lines, gorgeous wood, beveled glass and mirrored back might make a nice backdrop for the antique table and chairs - didn't they think? At that point I left them to mull it over (no one likes a pushy sales person - even a friendly one like me!). John asked me for a screwdriver to see about removing the hardware and after more discussion they decided to take it.

(in place at John and Deanna's home still with the original hardware)

The rest of the story goes like this. Once they got the piece home and removed the original hardware, John and Deanna remembered a box of old hardware they had in their garage - sorted through it, cleaned up the pieces and - wonders never cease - they fit PERFECTLY in the china cabinet!

The old hardware "aged" the china cabinet and will, I've no doubt, make a gorgeous companion to Grandma's dining table and chairs!

A beautiful ending to a beautiful Jubilee Furniture purchase - wouldn't you agree, dear reader?!

Do you have your own Jubilee Furniture story you want to tell? If so, email me ( with the details and photos.

Take care and I'll see you back here Friday with my weekly update post (but I'm telling you now we have amazing donations coming in this week - so make plans to head out to the store either Friday 1 to 8 or Saturday 9 to 4!).