Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - the tale of Veronica and Jacob's warm and welcoming home and how true love and Jubilee Furniture go hand-in-hand!

I love Veronica's email and as I was reading it thought it would make a sweet story...something along the lines of this:

Once upon a time Veronica and Jacob met, fell madly in love and married in 2009. Due to having lived out of state prior to moving to picturesque Illinois and upon arriving both moving in with roommates who had plenty of furniture - once they tied the knot, neither Veronica nor Jacob owned much in the way of home furnishings. Almost nothing. Alas! Alack! What to do? Thankfully, the newlyweds quickly found Jubilee Furniture and their furniture woes became a thing of the past!

And since every good story - especially those that begin "Once upon a time..." need pictures to go with it, let's take a peek into Veronica and Jacob's lovely home!

Veronica writes: The green chair was the first piece we bought. That's my husband's favorite reading chair. The white papasan chair (my favorite chair) {I can NEVER remember what those round chairs are called! Papasan. Papasan. Papasan.} we also bought at Jubilee. It originally came with a blue chair cushion, but it was pretty worn, so we bought the white one to replace it.

What a lovely spot to sit at the end of the day and catch up with each other!

The desk, the desk lamp and yellow chair all came from Jubilee. {LOVE that desk. Total heart it. Wish it were mine.}

The plant stand also came from Jubilee. The top of the stand was originally a light wood painted with butterflies, but I covered it with some blue fabric. {Butterflies would have made an excellent addition to our story, but robin-egg's blue is also good!}

(Excuse the glare in the picture with all the furniture. Our apartment is pretty small so in order to get far enough to capture everything in the photo we had to take that picture from outside; the glare is from the window.) {What a snug, inviting, wee little space! Well done, Veronica and Jacob!}

P.S. We look forward to stopping by soon! We always love stopping in because you're always so welcoming {ah, thanks!}. Thank you for all you and your staff {yep, they're amazing} do and for providing excellent customer service {we aim to please}. Also, thank you for the free cookies...my husband loves those cookies {he's not the only one! - and you're very, very, welcome!}.

Have you purchased something from Jubilee Furniture that you'd be willing to take a photo or two (or seven like Veronica) and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org so I could showcase you (please know I'd never share your last name - I'm just careful that way) in the future?

And so Veronica and Jacob became regular customers at Jubilee Furniture due to both the endless inventory of fantastic furniture and free cookies and they lived happily ever after.

The end. *smile*


Kim @ Yellow Brick Home said...

The desk and yellow chair are to die for!

Anonymous said...

where can i find a white papasan chair cushion like that?

Susan said...

Anonymous - if you google "papasan cushions" or "papasan replacement cushions" you'll find a bunch of places where they sell them. After just a quick search - the cheapest I could find was about $65 (fyi).

Thanks for checking out the blog!