Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Customer Inspiration - Melissa's comfy, lovely, up-scale, CLEAN chair and sofa!

Melissa's email is so fun, so wonderfully captures our "attitude" at Jubilee Furniture - I think I'll just shush up.

I came in to Jubilee the beginning of December, after seeing a picture of what I hoped was the couch of my dreams on your blog.  I wasn't able to get there until Saturday morning and was sure the couch would be gone (all the good stuff usually is) by the time I got there.  Imagine my surprise seeing it there front and center as I walked in the door.  I debated long and hard between it and another retro couch that was there. I sat, I lounged, I chatted with the ladies as they sorted through some toys they were packaging.  I even lied down on both of them (the couches, not the ladies!) for a while.  You see, I had made the mistake of purchasing a set from craigslist last spring and had only briefly sat in one of the chairs before deciding.  After getting the set home and trying to sit on the sofa through an entire movie, I discovered it was not comfortable at all!  Not only that, but the material was seriously sun-faded in several spots.  And I paid $500 for the set!

After nearly an hour of testing - with the ladies being not only patient, but encouraging - I decided to purchase not only the couch (a steal for $115) but also the chair I found lurking in a dark corner.  I wish I had a true "before" pic of the chair.  The one I've sent is after I took it apart, cleaned the frame and washed the cover.  It was D.I.R.T.Y!  It washed up wonderfully and with a fresh coat of black paint and a stylish pillow, looks brand new.  The couch was great "as is," but I do think it looks decidedly up-scale with the addition of my french script pillows, don't you?

And, I'm happy to report, the couch has hosted many a movie marathon and various comfortable lounging positions for the entire family since December.  Thanks Jubilee!

 top photo is of the sofa Melissa ended up buying while still in the store
bottom photo same sofa in Melissa's lovely home boasting some cool french script pillows 
(love! Yes, very up-scale, Melissa!)

Melissa wasn't kidding when she said this chair was dirty!  It was!  I think it had a $15 price tag on it (do you remember what you paid for the chair, Melissa?) because I didn't know if it would clean up or not - obviously it did!  Add a coat of black paint and another french script pillow and can you say, "Ooh la la"?  (French script pillow, ooh la la - I crack myself up sometimes!)

It also makes me laugh that Melissa said she found it "lurking in a dark corner"!  Truly you never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture (partly because our inventory changes so quickly, partly because you can't see some of our stuff!).

Remember the purpose of my Tuesday post is to inspire you to view used furniture in a new and creative way!   A huge - THANK YOU - to Melissa for doing just that! 

We have another big week of donation pickups so plan on spending some of your Easter weekend with us at the furniture store!  We WILL be OPEN Friday from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4!  Remember to hop back here on Friday for my weekly update post!

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