Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Customer Inspiration - Kim's skirt-less - and fabulous - club chairs!

Wow - two weeks in a row I have something to share with and inspire you!

Here's Kim's email:

Hi, So excited that I had to share what we did with the little club chairs that you and I knew would be too costly to reupholster!  ($450 for labor alone, no skirt and would need 6 yards of fabric each.)  The following are photos of how we modernized these cute little chairs.  Our son is a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner and he cleaned them up very nicely!  He persuaded me that I didn't need to reupholster them...he likes the retro look!  My hubby finally bought into it too.  See captions below the photos for what we did.  Our 15 year old daughter was the one who said right at Jubilee, can't you take the skirt off?  They have nice black legs.  I hope you can use these photos to inspire some of your other customers!  See you soon!  

God Bless,


 carefully removing the staples from the skirt without tearing the fabric

 using a seam ripper to remove the welting from the skirt (my poor hubby doesn't really know how to use a seam ripper...I just said pose for this photo!

 stapling the welting back onto the underside of the chair

 Nicely finished edge.  You can barely see where the original skirt was. :)

Now aren't these a cute pair of chairs?  Thanks Jubilee Furniture!

Yep, Kim - they are extremely cute chairs! 

Have you purchased something from the furniture store that you've transformed (a lot or a little)?  Take a couple of photos of what you've done and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org so that you - like Kim - might inspire others!

Thanks so much, Kim!


Chicago Alice said...

Wow, what a transformation from such a simple tweak. From frumpy to fab! Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow fun! I am inspired--:0

teak furniture said...

great, very great idea for your concept reselling old furniture.

Sofira Hinai said...

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