Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue moon, Neil Armstrong and Jubilee Furniture?

This evening you’ll have a chance to see a blue moon.  Though the moon won’t actually be blue – when there’s a second full month in a calendar month it’s called a “blue moon.”  The last time this occurred was December of 2009 and – after tonight – it won’t happen again until July 31, 2015.  This infrequency is where the phrase, “once in a blue moon” comes from.

Since the moon itself will not look any different than any other full moon we typically see (except for those gorgeous huge, yellow, full moons often seen in the fall – a harvest moon – those are amazing) – what’s the big deal?

It’s a sweet coincidence – and worth mentioning since today is Neil Armstrong’s memorial service.  He died on August 25th from complications following heart surgery.  He was 82.  For you younger folk – Neil was the first person to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969 (“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,”).  Remarkable.

Though I regularly see the courage and fortitude of a Neil Armstrong in my position at Jubilee Furniture (from donors as they dismantle a home after a death to customers facing illness and job loss) our clients at Outreach Community Ministries are often facing overwhelming odds which make them feel hopeless and despairing.  Olga described herself as “being up against a wall” until she connected with our center in Carol Stream.

Knowing every purchase at Jubilee Furniture is helping to support programs and services for Olga – and hundreds of other Olgas – is one of the best parts of shopping at the store.  Of course, the amazing furniture – and never knowing what you might find – is fun too!

Speaking of which – let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us items donated this week.  Remember, the store is open today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4!

JFC 08-31-12 001JFC 08-31-12 002

gorgeous Hekman Repertory rectangular dining table with two leaves – never been used but came from factory with a couple of scratches – retails for $1,998 – Jubilee Furniture price is $595

JFC 08-31-12 003

very nice leather sofa for $165

JFC 08-31-12 004JFC 08-31-12 005JFC 08-31-12 006

cool church pew – there’s a cross carved into the wood sides (can see it faintly in second photo) – rip in plastic-y seat fabric – priced $175 (it’s actually fairly comfortable to sit on)

JFC 08-31-12 007JFC 08-31-12 008

large round coffee table priced $35

JFC 08-31-12 009

here’s another large round coffee table (also $35) and then a two piece micro-suede sofa/chaise – which needs to be cleaned – priced $85

JFC 08-31-12 010

great lines on this chaise – but it really needs to be reupholstered (lots of fading and stains) priced $105

JFC 08-31-12 011JFC 08-31-12 012

we got in a number of store fixtures that would make cool industrial looking furniture for the home – these are two separate pieces (the frosted middle glass is a crackled glass – all cracked looking) the taller piece would be a great kitchen island – it’s counter height – you could even pull stools up and under one side and is priced $125; the lower one a great rolling coffee table (?) priced $75

JFC 08-31-12 013

fabulous rolling storage piece – nice and narrow (sorry I forgot to measure – maybe 12 inches?) would be great for your flat screen TV – those are frosted glass doors – priced $275

JFC 08-31-12 014JFC 08-31-12 015

here’s a couple more photos of the taller rolling piece that I thought would be great in a kitchen (or family room?) – there are three of them total – all are used but one has wood trim that’s damaged and is priced $95 while the other two are $125

JFC 08-31-12 016

this is a different piece – wood top with a metal shelf – tons of storage – priced $150; on top of it are three or four folding wooden shelves (legs fold in) priced $20 each

JFC 08-31-12 017

finally here’s a rolling wooden table that’s coffee table height – priced $75

JFC 08-31-12 018

wonderful pedestal oak table with one leaf priced $155; four oak chairs all for $100

JFC 08-31-12 019

gorgeous queen-size headboard, footboard and side rails priced $275

JFC 08-31-12 020

great older Ethan Allen sofa – orange and blue plaid – perfect for any U of I students! Priced $45

JFC 08-31-12 021JFC 08-31-12 022

Worth brand chest of drawers (in great condition) priced $95; matching dresser with two great mirrors (dresser is missing one drawer pull) priced $125 (there are two matching nightstand too and I think I priced ‘em $40 each?)

JFC 08-31-12 023

nice sleeper sofa – but rip on side of the arm (the side you can’t see) priced $75

JFC 08-31-12 024JFC 08-31-12 026JFC 08-31-12 025

amazing retro pleather sofa and chair – some issues of missing buttons and tears in the pleather – sofa is $50; chair is $20

JFC 08-31-12 027JFC 08-31-12 028JFC 08-31-12 029JFC 08-31-12 030

super sweet French Provincial bedroom set includes: desk priced $65; twin head board, foot board and side rails priced $50 (there’s a second head/foot but no side rails and is priced $30); dresser with mirror for $125; nightstand (only one) priced $45

JFC 08-31-12 031JFC 08-31-12 032

nice gold velvet side chairs priced $35 each

JFC 08-31-12 033

neat older upholstered rocker priced $65 and there’s a rip in the fabric on the seat

Neil Armstrong’s family said recently, “While we mourn the loss of a very good man, we also celebrate his remarkable life and hope that it serves as an example to young people around the world to work hard to make their dreams come true, to be willing to explore and push the limits, and to selflessly serve a cause greater than themselves.”

Dear reader - may we choose to live courageous lives – regardless of our age – at all times and not just during a blue moon!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post…

In the past month, five people I know have received news they have cancer (two family members, one colleague and two friends).  Thankfully, most have been caught at an early stage and are very treatable – though the treatment is hard both physically and mentally.

Additionally, my sister-in-law’s mother dead and we put our house on the market (not to imply these things have similar weight or importance – but more things out of what’s the normal stream of my life).

All of these things make me feel out of control and my response is – typically – to then busy myself by creating order in another part of my life where I do have control (cleaning, yard work, organizing the store better…).

Though keeping the house and yard tidy are an important part of selling your home – I’m intentionally also allowing space to connect with friends and family (which I tend to ignore in my frenzy to feel better about disease, illness, death and possibly moving to smaller house/condo/apartment).  Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting in my role as general manager at Jubilee Furniture almost six years ago – ultimately, “stuff”, and how clean it is, doesn’t matter.  Relationships do.

Not to say we don’t NEED “stuff” – since selling “stuff” (specifically furniture and some household items) is what we do at Jubilee Furniture.  That said, you should also notice that connecting with our customers is as important as selling things.

So, what “stuff” might you find today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4 if you stopped in?  Excellent question – let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us furniture donated this week:

JFC 08-24-12 003

gorgeous sleeper sofa in excellent condition priced $275

JFC 08-24-12 004JFC 08-24-12 005JFC 08-24-12 006JFC 08-24-12 007

Eames management fiberglass shell chair with black leather? seat covering by Herman Miller (dated March 22, 1972) in excellent condition priced $395

JFC 08-24-12 008JFC 08-24-12 009

these are mint-condition pieces by Alexander Julian At Home – oval marble top small dresser is priced $245; matching armoire with tons of storage is $445

JFC 08-24-12 010

this retro dresser is 6’6” long and 18” deep and in fabulous condition and is all around amazing and I love it – priced $375

JFC 08-24-12 011JFC 08-24-12 012JFC 08-24-12 013JFC 08-24-12 014

here’s another super fantastic vintage piece – used to hold a record player (no longer there) and, I think, a radio – it’s 8’ long and 21” deep and has sliding doors (in a cool basket weave pattern) that open to reveal a place for your records and other stuff! – priced $395

JFC 08-24-12 015JFC 08-24-12 016

don’t let these lanterns fool you – they are extremely heavy (won’t blow over in a wind storm) there are four of them and they’re priced $55 each

JFC 08-24-12 017JFC 08-24-12 018JFC 08-24-12 019JFC 08-24-12 020JFC 08-24-12 022JFC 08-24-12 021

it’s hard to separate pieces in this vignette – but I’ll try – starting top left photo – a deep blue camel back loveseat by Bauhaus priced $165; fabulous table lamp for $65 (and there are two of them) which is sitting on an amazing glass, metal and wood end table which is priced $100; matching Bauhaus camel back sofa priced $195; glass, metal and wood coffee table for $145; oversized Bauhaus camel back chair for $125; up close photo of the glass, metal, wood end table (again – there’s only one end table) again priced $100

JFC 08-24-12 023

wonderful super comfy rocker/recliner in great shape priced $135

JFC 08-24-12 024

gorgeous Barbara Barry chaise – one small spot but otherwise in excellent condition – priced $395

JFC 08-24-12 025

lovely painted entry table priced $95

JFC 08-24-12 026JFC 08-24-12 027

super sweet painted side table for $125 (and the Barbara Barry chaise again – remember it’s priced $395)

JFC 08-24-12 028JFC 08-24-12 029JFC 08-24-12 030

Dan – Jubilee Furniture Warehouse Manager and a man who knows his woods – informs me these pieces are made from crotch mahogany.  We have a gorgeous king size head board, foot board and side rails priced $895; matching chest of drawers for $595 – both in excellent condition

JFC 08-24-12 031JFC 08-24-12 032

two night stands priced $95 each

JFC 08-24-12 033JFC 08-24-12 034

lest you think everything in our inventory is priced super high – here’s an okay blue sofa with loose back pillows priced $40; matching love seat for $25

JFC 08-24-12 035

this is a fabulous child’s size wingback (I could fit in it but it was a tight squeeze just to give you an idea of size) priced $45 (there’s some fading and some spots on the seat cushion)

JFC 08-24-12 036

amazing camel back sofa (cat claw marks on both back corners) priced $175

JFC 08-24-12 037JFC 08-24-12 038

Morgan Stewart fabulous plaid chairs – one is priced $125; and the other $110 due to how dirty the arms are (otherwise in great condition)

JFC 08-24-12 039

the Hampton Inn in Carol Stream donated a bunch of ironing boards (with covers) and we’re selling ‘em for $3 each

The reality is there are always things that are going to upset the normal flow of life – some of them major, some not.  Through being in community (and early detection – have you had your mammogram and/or colonoscopy, dear reader?) – we can better handle whatever comes our way.

People – even with the mess that comes with relationships – trump clean bathrooms and organized closets every time.