Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday's customer inspiration - a day late - welcome to Kim and Scott's wonderful home!

Good morning and thanks for coming back to take a look at Kim and Scott's amazing Chicago apartment! Though Kim and Scott have only purchase two pieces from Jubilee Furniture (a lamp and a filing cabinet) their whole apartment is well worth the time to virtually wander through it. They have a fabulous website ( chocked full of thrift store finds they've turned into masterpieces as well as great posts on how they've turned their 650 square foot apartment into a gorgeous, color-filled, I-wish-I-lived-there home for themselves; their dog, Jack; and two kitties, Maddie and Libby. Sigh. Envy.

The first time I met Kim and Scott was several months ago when they stopped in and purchased this great table lamp. Kim writes, "We love the design and shape, and we think it fits pretty well in our living room."

(don't you love the orange elephant too?!)

Then in mid-September I got an email from Kim with this subject line, "Jubilee to the rescue?" in which she asked about our current filing cabinet inventory since she needed a specific size. I was happy to measure and email back with a description and photos of what we had available (and am happy to do the same for anyone, just call 630.337.1467 or email Scott stopped in the following Friday to see for himself if any of the couple we had that met their size requirements would work and - yay! - one did.

The one Kim and Scott selected was donated from an area design firm and wasn't your typical two-drawers-for-hanging-files filing cabinet, yet was perfect for their needs. I love how organized each drawer is! It makes my heart go pitty-pat!

Kim writes, "We heart Jubilee, and we're always telling our friends that it's worth the drive from the city. There is so much potential in your store, that often times Scott and I wish we had a whole room to devote to 'future projects'...sort of like a furniture graveyard that we can revive when we have the space and time!"

Kim, you know the love is going both ways!

And dear reader, I heart you too!


Kim at Yellow Brick Home said...

Aw, thanks Susan! We were actually just raving about you to some friends the other night. We need to get out there again. And soon!

Susan said...

Thanks for your continued support of Jubilee Furniture, Kim!

Hope to see you and Scott real soon!