Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's customer inspiration - my living room!

I received a wonderful email from Alice with - I'm sure - equally wonderful photos of some of the wonderful things she's purchased from Jubilee Furniture! Alas, the photos did not come through and Alice won't be able to resend them until later this week. So, my back-up plan was to show you my living room which contains many, many wonderful purchased from the store!

Let the wonder continue!

We purchased a pre-lite tree several years ago and loved it - for a while. Last year when more and more of the pre-lite lights went out (and they were a royal pain to replace and one bad bulb made the whole string go out) we happily pitched it after Christmas and decided to buy a real tree this year (insert very excited 22 year old daughter who loves real trees). However, when I saw this wonderful fake tree at the store a couple of weeks ago, I liked it so much I took a picture of it and asked my husband what he thought. Factor in the $20 price tag and it made sense to buy used instead of real (though Abby pointed out that by not buying a real Christmas tree I've denied a tree - which was planted for the sole purpose of becoming someone's Christmas tree - of fulfilling its potential! You gotta love a kid who thinks like that!).

I love, love this wonderful rocker which I bought from Jubilee Furniture a couple of years ago. I call it my "happy chair" since you truly can't rock in it without smiling!

There are many things in this photo which are from the store. Let's zoom in a little:

The four botanical prints are from Jubilee as is the wonderful table lamp (which I love!). The round table I purchased from the Discoveries Resale Shop which is also under the Outreach Community Ministries umbrella and located in Warrenville (at Rte. 59 and Batavia Rd. in the Family Food Store strip mall). Discoveries has a furniture annex a couple of doors down from their resale store and it really is wonderful!

The living room/dining room are a "L" and here's a shot of the dining area. the only thing from the store in these photos is the stool in the corner. It's only semi-wonderful (just being honest!).

The photo on the left was taken from near the dining room table. I had a blue and white candle holder that we bought when we were on a wonderful family vacation in Maine a good ten or twelve years ago. Jubilee Furniture received a wonderful donation of a ton of blue/white pieces and I fought the urge to buy anything for weeks. Finally, I gave in (especially since most of the pieces were priced around $2) and the wonderful collection of blue/white candlesticks on our coffee table is the end result of that purchase.

This smiley snowman stands guard by the candlesticks and my mom made it for me (and I think she made one for each of my sisters and my brother) many Christmases ago and is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments. Isn't it wonderful?

I must confess that I've - again - reverted to the old way of inserting photos and am trying not to feel like a failure. I received a wonderful offer from Amanda who is willing to help me convert to Windows Live Writer and I'll happily take her up on her offer - if it'll make it easier to use lots of photos with my blog posting (Amanda - did you receive my response to your email?).

And that ends this week's wonderful customer inspiration! If you've purchased something (translate - ANYTHING) from the store and would be willing to take a photo (or two or three) and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org with details, I would greatly appreciate it and it would be really, really wonderful!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day, dear reader!


Chicagoalleycat said...

Very nice photos of your home, Susan. It looks so cozy and comfortable and ready for Christmas. Love the blue and white candlesticks. So pretty. They'd last two seconds at my house (flying destructo cats). Sigh.

Peggy said...

What a gorgeous room - looks like it's all ready to host a Christmas gathering!

The Dutchess said...

Oh! Yes, I got your email - but I completely forgot to respond! I guess that's what happens when I get sucked in to working OT.

Let me go respond now :)