Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Mike and Sue's TV!

Do you remember the Britney Spears song "Oops I did it again"? Well, apparently - oops I did it again - and by that I mean I thought I could update the blog from home with photos Sue and Mike emailed me when I couldn't (I don' t know what's missing on my home laptop that allows me to open the photos just fine - thank you very much - but then doesn't allow me to save them). So, if you were waiting all day yesterday for my Tuesday customer inspiration post - I'm so sorry!

What I love about this week's post is it's nothing fancy, but a creative solution to how to store a large TV that weighs around 250 lbs. It also showcases a TV - which is something we sell a fair number of but not so much what Jubilee Furniture is known for. When someone asks me what we accept for donation it's quite a list I go through and included is TVs that are fully operationally and 10 years old or newer (there's a manufacturer's month/year on the back of every TV).

So, Mike and Sue stopped in on Friday looking for a desk chair which they happily purchased and as they were heading out the front door they spied our row of TVs along the front wall. You see they had a TV in their basement that had died and since it was the one their kids and their kids' friends most used - they were tripping over each other using the one remaining working TV. For a mere $70 they took this monster home - and with a little help - got it down into their basement (I told Mike when he was first looking at this set that it weighed 1.5 billion lbs. and that was only a slight exaggeration!).

Sue writes: "Our basement isn't finished but we have some furniture and rugs and an area for the kids and their friends to hang out and watch tv or movies. So, we've been fighting over the one big tv in the family room and knew this would not work over the course of an entire Chicago winter when we'll be inside a lot more! We'd love to be able to go out and buy a new fancy plasma tv but that's not a reality right now so we ended up at Jubilee and found this tv."

"We needed something to put it on so we found this old trunk and a piece of plywood around the house but it was really distracting to leave it like that. So, I ran out to JoAnn Fabrics and bought an inexpensive piece of black material to cover all the ugly stuff and voila!"

"You'd never know what was underneath the tv. The tv is great and the kids watched it the first night we brought it in. Thanks again and we love your ministry!"

Aw shucks, Sue and Mike - thanks!

And that, dear reader, is this week's customer inspiration - I love the inexpensive, creative way Mike and Sue made their Jubilee Furniture TV looks like it was sitting in a black entertainment center! Well done!

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