Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Jack's bedroom!

Welcome to my Tuesday segment where I showcase Jubilee Furniture furniture in a fantastic customer's amazing home to help you see how wonderful things look outside of the dreary warehouse where the store is located.

Today the amazing home and fantastic customer is none other than me! Yep, apparently with a massive blizzard bearing down on Illinois my customers have other things on their minds than emailing me photos! I'm sure once the storm passes, I'll be overwhelmed with emails filled with fabulous photos (sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org - in case you forgot!).

However, until then - my son, Jack's room will have to do!

Jack's room is painted this great shade of blue and he and his dad mounted narrow piping along the ceiling so Jack could hang tons of posters and other stuff (from wire) and rotate 'em out whenever he wants without leaving holes in the wall! Plus they move in the breeze and create great shadows and movement. I didn't purchase anything from the store in this photo - but wanted you to see it.

As you walk into Jack's room this is what you see:

I love the pattern of the fabric on this chair and I did buy it from the store.

This is a great retro end table that works well as Jack's night stand. The artwork is also from the store and I have another - up close - photo of it to show you.

The desk is from the store and it's a great large work surface, but no drawers so we purchased a fun, red set of metal drawers from IKEA and slid 'em under the desk. The desk chair is also a great retro piece - but it actually came with the house!

Here - as promised - is the artwork. It's hard to describe exactly what the picture is, but it seems to be roly-poly Asian people all jumbled together (it's very fun and quirky).

Beethoven sits on Jack's desk and he was also purchased from the store.

This fella is on top of one of the two IKEA bookcases in the room and there is something about him that appeals to me (which is why I bought him after he'd been hanging around Jubilee Furniture for a while!).

So, that's a look into Jack's bedroom where many wonderful Jubilee Furniture pieces live!

God's protection, love, peace and blessings to you, dear reader!


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

How do you get him to keep it so clean?
-Beth Ann

German said...
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Susan said...

Beth Ann - Jack's away at college, thus the clean room! Trust me, when he's home it isn't clean!