Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Romy and Jeremy's gorgeous dining room!

Good morning and welcome to Romy and Jeremy's beautiful home (well, one room of their lovely home - though I would love to see the rest of your place, Romy -hint, hint :-)!

Romy called me on Friday asking for more information about the stack of Room & Board rugs I had mentioned in my post that morning. Two of the ones I described to her sounded like they might work, so Romy and her husband, Jeremy, decided to make the drive out to see 'em for themselves. The rest you might say, is rug love history!

Here's what Romy wrote: As promised, here are a couple pics of the fabulous Room & Board rug we purchased from your equally fabulous store! We wanted to lay it out just to make sure it worked before taking it in for a cleaning...and it does! We think it works perfectly and are still just as thrilled about the find of a liftetime today as we were when we picked it up! The trip out from the city during a rainy Friday rush hour was well worth the white knuckle trek!

This Room & Board rug is called "Shadow" and I might have used the word "mottled" in trying to describe it to Romy over the phone - and yet she still came out (though truth be told, she did go to the R&B website to get a better look of it online)

I am totally in love with everything in this photo. The angled furniture. Mismatched chairs. Fabric on the chairs. Bird artwork. Table, especially the stacked wood bases. Dark hard-wood floors. White trim. Soft gray wall color. Interesting little curio cabinet thingie. Clean lines of the open shelf china cabinet. Spot of green from the plant. Color of the granite counter top. Piece of driftwood on top of the china cabinet. And last but not least - their new Jubilee Furniture shadow rug! It looks amazing!

Romy and Jeremy - thank you so much for allowing us into your gorgeous dining room!

And you, dear reader, I hope to see you back here on Friday! Until then, have a good week!

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