Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Caroline's lovely living room!

Happy March 1st! It's a sunny, beautiful day in DuPage County and though chilly - there's a hint of spring in the air (okay, maybe I'm making that up). The last week or so, I've been seeing and hearing geese and they're flying NORTH - so that gives me hope! I can remember a time when the honking of geese was an "event" and you went running outside to see 'em and their cool "V" formation in the sky! Now geese stay in the area year round and are messy and rather aggressive at times. Uh-oh, I better stop before I go any further down the "good ol'days" road again!

Today I have the pleasure of showing you some of the things Caroline has purchased from Jubilee Furniture over the last few months and how lovely they look in her amazing home! Caroline writes: It did occur to me that I have quite a collection now {of Jubilee Furniture furniture} and that I have only photographed a few of my treasures. That means that there is certainly a second email yet to come! I can't thank Jubilee enough for helping me decorate my new home! {Woot - for a possible second email down the road!}

In the first picture was a dresser that was originally white with purple butterflies stenciled on it....I loved the wheels and turned it into a sideboard for my dining room! The chair (I bought 3) was oak with a different (not pleasing to me) fabric on the seats. Just $12 in paint some new knobs and about $12 in fabric from Hobby Lobby and I couldn't be happier! {Wow - both pieces look fabulous, Caroline! I can't believe the dresser is the same piece!}

In the next picture is the wonderful chair and table that I purchased (sorry that it's fuzzy) an Ikea sheep skin hides a small tear. I am just crazy for the hob-nails on this chair! {I totally LOVE this chair and love your solution for covering the rip! Though a little hard to see, the lamp, and especially lamp shade, are fantastic!}

The next picture shows my living including one of my crazy cats (TJ short for Toe Jam). {What a great mix of furniture/patterns/styles - but they work! I love it! Can I pretend that TJ is short for Thomas John or Trader Joe's or something OTHER than Toe Jam? That's a little gross.}

The last picture is of the wonderful couch that I purchased. It may not be the fabric of my dreams, {the sofa looks great with the rest of the room, Caroline!} but it works and at an incredible price! {The wall of artwork behind the couch is really, really nice! I seem to remember the wooden chair by the back window - did you buy that at Jubilee too?}

Caroline, I love how you've mixed textures and patterns and have angled your furniture in a very welcoming and warm way! Your wall color is also a great back-drop as is your white trim and curtain-less windows! Great accent pieces add interest and are fun and shiny!

What a lovely home! Can't wait to see part two!

But until then, maybe you've purchased something lovely from Jubilee Furniture and would be willing to take a photo (or two or three) and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org so that you can inspire others!

We have great donations coming in this week so I'll see you back here on Friday for a sneak peek!

Here's to geese flying north, sunshine, March 1st and you, dear reader!

Take care!

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Kim at Yellow Brick Home said...

Love, love, LOVE the mustard/olive chair!